Why Kenya is turning to genetically modified crops – BBC News

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  • Food security is one of the pressing issues on the agenda at the COP27 summit in Egypt, as developing countries have to find ways to adapt to the effects of climate change on agriculture.

    In Kenya, the government prepares to commercialise genetically modified maize seeds early next year. But there is resistance from some farmers and campaign groups, who question their safety.

    The seeds will be planted on half-a-million acres and will be drought resistant, the country's agricultural authority says, thus helping curb shortages caused by the lack of rain.

    Kenya is currently facing a severe water shortage caused by four failed consecutive rainy seasons, amid one of the harshest droughts the East African region has seen in four decades. This means crops are not able to grow, prompting warnings of potential famine.

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    Emilio Bello says:

    Report more on Kenya often

    My Torment says:

    You have to put the words in proper order

    Jason Devon says:

    Disgusting. Keep food natural.

    Mysterious Stranger says:

    @Rumford Chimpenstein These are important problems, but clearly the answer is not doing away with GMO’s. It would be like banning new machinery because poorer countries can’t keep up.

    My Torment says:

    Your children will be ugly meth heads btw ☺️ don’t offend a stranger, I know you all 🫒

    Rumford Chimpenstein says:

    @Mysterious Stranger It would be more like banning machinery that is used to destroy other peoples’ machinery. I agree it shouldn’t be banned though, just regulated and made unpatentable.

    Mysterious Stranger says:

    @Rumford Chimpenstein I could certainly get behind making it unpatentable. Increase government grants and incentives to ensure that companies continue research all the same.

    My Torment says:

    @Mysterious Stranger Learn from my ugly face stupid woman 😋

    MrMustangMan says:

    she will be forced off her farm for not planting GMO’s just like ‘they‘ have done everywhere else…..

    Rumford Chimpenstein says:

    im gonna bet Kenyans had no say in this whatsoever, just like how natural Farmers in India were forced out by Monsanto using subversive legal practices.

    EstimatingONE DiscoveringTHREE says:


    Khalid Sayf says:

    people in ancient times had better food than this

    Da Starchild𓂀𓋹 says:

    Gmo plants is similar in the sense you’re taking a certain characteristic or traits in a plant and taking the coding of dna that makes that characteristic and putting it in another plant, again, to benefit us, as like you might need it to be more resistant to draught, heat, may need stronger branching etc to support heavier yield also heavy yields in general.. and so on and so on, sweeter flavour or whatever.

    Mia Pulchritudinous says:

    Be very wary Kenya of using GMO’s.
    Gmo’s are patented and come with licenses to use them.
    It’s not the health effects of using them to worry about, it’s the legal side that will be devastating to farmers in Kenya.
    Research what happened to American farmers who use GMO’s. They have been bankrupted out of business and lost their lands.

    Monsanto Vs American farmers.

    Kyle Smith says:

    @Jeffrey Starits “lol” DERP.
    I’m from Texas and I know lots of farmers too, but I also know how to READ. Monsanto has indeed bankrupted farmers whose neighbors spread their seed onto their land. Monsanto lawyered up and sued them to shIL. Use Google to look it up yourself.

    Jeffrey Starits says:

    @Kyle Smith in iowa we had a rather dry year and farmer here got 270 bushels an acre , 40 years ago 170 would have been a good yield in a good year . in the USA we could afford to eat non GMO . but the rest of of the world can not. if you dont care about the poor then nongmo all the way . if you care about the poor cheep food is a must

    Che says:

    Just a current biotechnologist here, this is very true and for those who are worried about GMO side effects, there are currently no reported GMO adverse effects reported so far.

    pm says:

    That’s why the government has defunded KARLO our agricultural research centre that developed our own indigenous seeds. They now require farmers to have licenses to grow potatoes. We are depending on sygenta/monsanto for our seeds. Our leaders are traitors

    Your Quirk says:

    @Che Do you believe in state funded, non-profit GMO research? Because that’s the only help I see could actually be sent people in this situation that just gets worse by the yield

    Guff says:

    Bought and paid for. Lock stock & barrel. Just like the old pre-independence days

    Goldfinga Sliverfinga says:

    In france ppl are fed with there government ripping them off …

    Azz Yyy says:

    It didn’t use to be like that


    Shame on Kenya

    Kathrine Kerns says:

    Look up the agricultural practices of Joel Salatin. He is doing agriculture the way it is supposed to be done. Sustainable, organic, and clean soil, air, and water are the only way to produce the best crops. GMO’s lead to nonviable soil, and the overuse of chemical fertilizes, pesticides and herbicides, caused pollution to water, and pollinators..This agricultural practice is very detrimental. I would hope Kenya would be smarter than to fall for this.

    Jay Cool says:

    I get the farmers point. But claiming strokes etc didn’t exist is a lie.

    Da Starchild𓂀𓋹 says:

    Da child of light has spoken………

    ‘Who told you that?’
    Points to the stars* “the child of the stars told us” 😅🙏🏼👌🏼

    salad-Nach0 says:

    Yeah, during the 1920s people were dying of TB, pneumonia and diphtheria. So take your pick. Without scientific advances you wouldn’t even be here to talk such nonsense.

    Seeyou Seemee says:

    If pests won’t eat it, how sure are you it doesn’t have long term side effects? There’s reason why they won’t eat it.

    Your Quirk says:

    This is so many real problems blamed on something that has absolutely no causation to the problem. Gmo can help get rid of over-use of chemicals and yield more nutritious plants. Look at Sri Lanka and use it as a really strong warning for what rules for organic farming could lead to.

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