Why did a UK woman kill and decapitate her friend? #BBCNews

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  • Why did a UK woman kill and decapitate her friend? #BBCNews


    Chadimir Putin says:

    Because that’s what bff’s do.

    Gareth Murray says:

    Bff. Putin is beautiful.

    Mr Hater says:

    @Gareth Murray yes thats why he gets 101% of the votes every time

    BBC News says:

    Watch Part 1: https://bbc.in/3DVLtyq
    Watch Part 3: https://bbc.in/3UMZdCa
    Read more on the story: https://bbc.in/3UMGWoT

    Butchers From Beijing says:

    Why not make all one complete video?

    eem says:

    Love of money over life is evil. Money can be remade but not lost life

    Gareth Murray says:

    Sounds like Putin’s life story.

    Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse says:

    Sounds like she made a decision, came up with a plan an executed it. Executive material for any large corporation right here.

    Gareth Murray says:

    British female version of American Psycho.

    astro boi says:

    execute literally

    J. P. says:

    Imagine finding headless body on your holiday!!

    Marcus Train Guy says:

    Worst friend ever like why

    Ram T says:

    All bloody serial killers are mentally ill. Hope that is not discussed. If she deserves sympathy so do all the serial killers and rapists.

    edmund price says:

    Bloody grockles dumping thier problems on us

    Analise Ferguson says:

    Omg evil!

    A. Miah says:

    lock her up. for life. don’t let her out.

    Laura Bustos says:

    Still doesn’t explain why Jemma decided to kill. There’s no reason good enough to do what she did.

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