What are Russians being told about the war in Ukraine? – BBC News

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  • The Ukrainian army said it has made major gains over the last day around the port city of Kherson, after Russia announced its withdrawal from the southern city.

    Ukrainian troops have reportedly taken back the key town of Snihurivka, 50km (30 miles) to the north of Kherson.

    Kyiv has also claimed big pushes on two fronts near Kherson, including advances of 7km in some places.

    Russia said it has started to exit the city – its top gain in the invasion – but the process could take weeks.

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    #Russia #Ukraine #BBCNews

    What are Russians being told about the war in Ukraine? – BBC News

    The Ukrainian army said it has made major gains over the last day around the port city of Kherson, after Russia announced its withdrawal from the southern city.

    Ukrainian troops have reportedly taken back the key town of Snihurivka, 50km (30 miles) to the north of Kherson.

    Kyiv has also claimed big pushes on two fronts near Kherson, including advances of 7km in some places.

    Russia said it has started to exit the city - its top gain in the invasion - but the process could take weeks.

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    #Russia #Ukraine #BBCNews


    John 17:17 says:

    Putin is retreating from the regions he vowed to protect by “all means at his disposal.”🤣🤣

    Cameron says:

    “Kherson will be Russian forever!”, he said 🤡 🤣

    North Atlantic Treaty Org says:

    NATO have watched the incompetence of the Russian forces involving logistics, strategy and professionalism and been greatly upbeat about any outcome of further Russian expansion into NATO territory.

    Gareth Murray says:

    The incompetence was a significant amount of Russians walking away from slaughtering innocent people. Now Putin has remorseless killers fighting for him. He’s paved over the weakness. If he upgraded his equipment he’d probably be unstoppable.

    Adam Waterhouse says:

    Russia has no wish and clearly no ability to expand into NATO territory. Their actions, whilst clearly wrong, are aimed at shoring up their vital security interests as they perceive them, including and especially their control of Crimea. This war would not have happened if it wasn’t for the fateful combination of NATO expansionism, anti-Russian Ukranian nationalism and US efforts to establish Ukraine as a proxy state on Russia’s border. Having lost 13 million in WWII the Russian’s are deeply fearful about the prospect of a further invasion through Ukraine and missiles pointed at them from close by Eastern European countries. However, rather than taking their legitimate security concerns seriously the West carried on dismissing them and undermining their security interests, and this war has been the tragic consequence.

    Watch “Why Ukraine is the West’s Fault” – a lecture by Professor John Mearsheimer of 7 years ago which correctly predicted the current tragedy and read How the West Brought War to Ukraine: How US and NATO Policies Led to Crisis, War and the Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe by Benjamin Abelow. The facts are there for anyone with a sufficiently open mind to consider them.

    oldbloke135 says:

    I’m sure China is taking careful note of the incompetence of the Russian army. The one thing China needs more than anything else is land and Russia has more of that than anyone else. If China can develop a defence against Russia’s ballistic missiles, it has nothing else to worry about.

    Stephen De Zouzsa says:

    You are going to look really foolish in the coming weeks when what’s left of the NATO Ukraine army is destroyed

    45641560456405640563 says:

    Pretty much.

    tanek tan says:

    Huge respect to the resilient Ukrainian fighters..
    8 months on, still fighting so bravely & tirelessly to drive the evil invaders out of their beloved motherland…
    Slava Ukraini..
    Stay strong Ukraine.

    Lena Hill says:

    @Alex Perez Do you really think i will be open yours rubbish 😂😂🙈

    selvam maniamawasi says:

    @Alex Perez BBC fake news don’t show videos evidence,go watch Telegram channel videos majority of dead Ukrainian Nazi hohol. Some videos shows runaway pigs eating dead Ukrops corpses.🤣🤣🤣

    Alex Perez says:

    @selvam maniamawasi
    Lol. https://youtu.be/mp5_YMt7N28

    77th Brigade says:

    The fact that Russia lost fifteen years of their economic gain in such a short time and lose the respect of nations would take decades and generations to heal.

    Elena R says:

    many ruzzians do not even realize that are prisoners in their country . They continue to live in the alternative reality built by Putler for them. I do not even pitty them , as we live in era of technology and information, not decades back

    Zain Zoala says:

    🤣 And what do you call, Foodbanks shortage of food and not able to turn heater on. This is NATO vs Russia war and the world certainly is suffering from created crisis, particularly the western world.

    Elena R says:

    ​@Zain Zoala is Putler and his fascist regime war. Russia does not want or need this. Russians want development of their country, not senseless wars and dictatorship. Many do not have jobs, 1/5 were living near poverty , before sanctions, poor education, lack of infrastructure. Most of the Russians do not even have gas through pipelines, asphalt. Go 150-200km from Moscow to see the real face of Russia.
    many Russians live in the alternative reality built by Putler for them

    Cog says:

    @Zain Zoala oh believe me it hasn’t, the worlds still the same. Other than Russia has vilified itself, looks stupid, looks incompetent, is flaccid, has lost 80,000 troops not including the injured, has retreated 3 times in as many months, has lost two capital ships of the Black Sea fleet, has lost 1,000’s of Tanks, 1,000’s of Transport Vehicles, 1,000’s of artillery pieces, 100’s of planes, 100’s of helicopters, its economy is going to crash more than any other country when it’s reserves run out, approximately 700,000 people have left Russia this year. It’s isolated itself globally. It’s friends it’s leaned on are Iran and North Korea. It’s loosing a war it started. Should I continue?

    emmett.francis says:

    @Vector M the Ruble has gone up has it? Ha ha ha ha hilarious. So tell me against what international benchmark, the financial sanctions haven’t been lifted; they can’t buy foreign exchange
    No won will pay them in Rubles except for China, N.Korea & Iran. As for GP did you mean British Pound Sterling? Seriously forgot about a ittle pandemic or the global hit every country took fiscally. Britain’s problem is of its own making. Brexit mayhem Tory leadership of fools and witless policies that actually worsened their economic recovery by at least a decade. Please don’t try to appear smart when all you do is show your lack of insight as pertains to why the World is at this juncture. Reality is Putin needs the World to buy gas & oil to refill their coffers. You do realise that when all is said & done, Russia will be paying billions in Reparations to Ukraine.

    Joseph Biden Junior. says:

    I apologize to any logistics personnel I ever bad mouthed while I served. Seeing Russia fail to keep their troops supplied in a country right next to them make me realize our guys back home doing their job.

    MAXSuicide says:

    @Pogo for troops just a couple of tens of miles into another country from their own border.

    Vector M says:

    @Pogo Oh, the US is a Saint lol. You should ask Vietmaees and Koreans, and those from the Middle East about the US help to them. Here, in London, whenever I speak to the representative of the countries mentioned above – they all turn out to be fans of Putin and curse the St US.

    alex silent says:

    @Pogo American troops didn’t participate in any combat.

    Jake Rolfe says:

    They make movies about the combat troops, but it’s the POGs that win the wars.

    I love CNN news says:

    For being an influential nuclear military power, I am shocked in the incompetence of Russia. The piece missing in this viewpoint from a knowledgeable serviceman, is the political posturing behind Putin’s invasion. From what I understand, Putin didn’t expect resistance. The column was an intimidatory measure that didn’t expect to be caught up in a fire fight. Like many authoritarian leaders before him, he let his arrogance rule his decisions. Yes men in Ukraine were telling him his army would be welcomed as liberators and the government would flee to exile. Now with a reputation of the uncompromising tough man, Putin has no easy out, except from a well placed bullet, or polonium smeared on his toilet paper. I’m sure he’ll find sleep uncomfortable.

    Über Trooper TV says:

    It’s their own propaganda that has created this image of strength, what the leaders haven’t lent enough time to think about is how their vision for “The Old Ways” can’t fit into the westernised culture that Russia now has. With their online video games, Netflix and retail chains. The Russian people will entertain this so called special operation until it really starts to affect them on a domestic level.
    I suspect that the Russian economists and chancellors or their equivalent has patched over the sanctions, robbed from St Petersburg to Pay Paul. Essentially covering up any damages (if any are being done) by the sanctions.

    Ultimately Russia will lose.

    XT 71 says:

    @Cameron I thought your punchline would say “CNN”! Don’t believe the people that profit from bullets!

    TheWoodIsPoo says:

    I still think if Russia mobilizes significantly rather than what they have done so far, that the Russian people are prepared for high casualties and Putin has enough support – Russia can win this war.

    However, I don’t think Putin has the option to do what is needed.

    If you look back to the American Civil War – the Union army faced setbacks and politically the Union was close to losing at various points. Many historians say had the Union lost at Gettysburg then support for the war would have collapsed.

    This is all despite the Union having clear economic/military advantages, significant advantages but Lincoln managed to maintain the political support to engage a protracted war to the point of a winning conclusion.

    Yes – the confederacy did not get the support that Ukraine is getting from the west, e.g. Great Britain joining on the side of the Confederacy but that was political. Western Support isn’t guaranteed for a protracted war, if that was ever to collapse Ukraine would find this much tougher and if Russia does decide to mass mobilise to execute the war how much money will the west need to counterbalance the huge manpower coming to bear across the frontlines.

    Lets not count our chickens.

    Brexistentialism says:

    Russia’s military is outdated and they don’t train or exercise a lot because it costs money. Now Putin sees what he’d be up against if tampering with the West.

    cat says:

    As an American, it’s extremely odd seeing Russia, the one unique country we civilians were told are supposed to be on the same level/have been competing with for the past 80+ years tirelessly expanding and developing our own military to counter for, is struggling so terribly just on basic military tasks regardless of invasion status.

    Aurelio-Rey milaor cabal says:

    @Jay Kay Europe will recover, Russia will be a PARIAH STATE for decades to come , only India and China will buy its Oil, Western companies will shun business in Russia and its Civil aviation and travel will die as sanctions take hold

    Indra Gunawan says:

    @Y MK  Then Taliban shouldn’t have beg for Afghanistan frozen money.
    They already got their gift, such as warfare capable Helicopter that crashed and killed more Talibans.

    US can always bombs Talibans, Al Zawahiri can testify that.
    Oh wait, he’s dead.
    Which proves Taliban doesn’t have any air defense that could have protect Al Zawahiri.

    Aurelio-Rey milaor cabal says:

    @Jay Kay Afghans and Muslims that don’t want to be helped cant be helped let them live in medieval ages.

    Stephen De Zouzsa says:

    @emmett.francis Intellectually bankrupt ,these are the words a British commander used to describe the US military in Iraq. I think that was a correct assessment

    Mark Hepworth says:

    @Yassin Nekkuri The Taliban could easily have been defeated,but western armies fight under rules of war,unlike Taliban or Russians etc.
    If they had started simply destroying the areas the Taliban were in,took of all uniforms off and killed indiscriminately like the enemy it would have all been over in a couple of years…luckily for the Taliban,they were fighting agains civilised countries and armies.

    Cameron says:

    “We’re not losing, just winning backwards.” – Russia, I guess

    RBAWintrow says:

    “The glorious Armed Forces of Russia are heroically repositioning away from the front, while the cowardly, panicking ukronazis are following in disarray.” Spinning so hard they‘re going into orbit.

    Zain Zoala says:

    🤣 Is the war over and how many year’s is it going on so far ???. Afghanistan one took the US 20 year’s plus, and it was year’s of pushing back & forward, winning & losing . I guess, you don’t know how wars work. But just think of ” Tom & Jerry fighting with guns tanks drones and the destruction they will cause. 🤣🤣🤣

    schloops says:

    @Zain Zoala the Afghan war was a near immediate victory for the US. Russia is nowhere near that stage of having to worry about controlling a country that doesn’t want you there. Stay untruthful, Igor.

    Chris Viking says:

    Science, medicine and humanity are the keys to greatness, not war and aggression.

    Valiadis Vlog says:

    Yes, Ukrainians thought that as well until the russians came and stole everything they could.

    Peter Smith says:

    @Carrisa & Steve Innes ssssh now. Go back to sleep.

    TheBeardMachine says:

    @Lancer Evo Theres a difference between bases that are allowed by the host nation and occupying countries and sending troops in to kill civilians when they ask you to leave, hungry, Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, the list goes on

    David S says:

    @Carrisa & Steve Innes If I came up to you and punched you in the nose because I didn’t like your presence, and you started fighting with me, who would be to blame for the whole fight, you or me? Ukraine did not provoke the war. Putin himself said that he does not recognize the existence of Ukraine.

    Niel Cutter says:

    And rock n roll

    David Sigbi says:

    We cant overlook this retreat. They could be getting ready for heavy attacks and are just trying to get their troops out first

    Steve Osborne says:

    @l am Smiley At best it will free up about 20,000 Russian troops whilst at the same time freeing up almost 50,000 Ukrainian troops

    DM says:

    With what? Sharp sticks?

    Vector M says:

    This is the brightest idea of all the comments to this video, and yet the most obvious one for someone who can actually use their brain instead of believing everything they are told on BBC lol

    Stephen De Zouzsa says:

    Finally someone who seems to know what he is talking about . I think you nailed it David

    Man from Asia says:

    I laugh remembering the times that I used to debate some people about US and Russian armies capabilities, those people always insisted on convincing me that Russian army is the most powerful that not even US couldn’t take them on.

    Zain Zoala says:

    🤣🤣🤣 Are you serious, Stop feeding yourself too much media propaganda & actor comedian show. This is NATO vs Russia war, they even admitted themselves, supplying weapons, training armies, army on the ground. NATO is not only US but most western countries including countries like Turkey.

    Lena Hill says:

    @Squanchy I dont speak with ukranian sorry

    Black Found says:

    @Lena Hill how does it feel watching Russians retreating?

    Cog says:

    @Lena Hill well yes they did, also the US never lost a single person in 7 years leading to the withdrawal of forces. It declared under the presidency of Donald Trump it was withdrawing troops a year in advance not days like the Russians do or for that matter after they are in full retreat and are leaving bodies and equipment behind

    Lena Hill says:

    @Cog Just spent billions taxpayers dollars.Dont want to check how many you lost. No interesting

    Glenn Anderson says:

    “It’s not the enemy leaving. It’s Ukrainians who drive the occupiers out at high cost. We should all remember now and always what this movement means, we should remember that every step (forward has a cost), the lives of our warriors.” – Pres. Zelensky

    Soda Popinski says:

    @Jay Kay Iron Joker vs paper bear

    Star Hunter says:

    Please, share love.

    Star Hunter says:

    @John Riach No!!!

    Star Hunter says:

    @Soda Popinski NO!!

    Jouni Suninen says:

    @Soda Popinski How many knows that Zelenskyi is in fact a lawyer by education? He has also worked as an actor and a director.

    Glenn Anderson says:

    “When have Russians ever lost?” Crimean War (1856), Russo-Japan War (1905), WW I (1917), Finnish War (1918), Lithuanian-Soviet War (1918), Latvian War of Independence (1920), Estonian War of Independence (1920), Polish-Soviet War (1921), Soviet-Afghan War (1989), Cold War (1991), 1st Chechen War (1996), Russo-Ukraine War (date TBA)

    BaumerPaulGefreiter says:

    To some extent, you can also add the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 where the Russian-supported side failed badly… It was actually this war that convinced Hitler that conquering the USSR would be quite an easy task (IMHO)…

    jon says:

    You covered about 5 more than I had thought of. Well done

    Mini-Z Me says:

    Glenn, your knowledge is very good. The Ruskies will try to discredit you with their trollol comments, but smart people will see through it.

    Arselene Bitara says:

    Then coming soon: Ukraine-TerrorRussia war (2022)

    King Dice says:

    Russia is no different than how North Korea are when it comes to giving information to their own people . Russia won’t win this fight . They’ve lost more lives in less than a year than the US did in the whole Vietnam War. Russian people are in for a shock when they finally see the truth.

    David Macmillan says:

    The Russian people will never know the truth except for those who leave the country.

    Bauer says:

    That Russian woman who spoke against Putin had better prepare herself. I admire her for saying what needs to be said.

    Zain Zoala says:

    Same time, you support Russians like her to be sanctioned boycotted discriminated , their wealth illegally taken. 🤣

    Nick Who says:

    Lmao, how brainwashed are you? She will be fine.

    D. D. says:

    @David Macmillan so you like Democrats/Biden insane policies? Sigh!

    Katie Dotson says:

    I, too, noticed this young lady. That was a very brave statement to make publicly. It gives me hope that the people of Russia are beginning to stand up to the authoritarian rule that has plagued them for so long. Until this war, these young people had access to outside media and were getting a better look at the world outside of Russia. The seed has been planted. I hope it spreads.

    Nick Who says:

    @Katie Dotson She is not brave because she is not living under authoritarian rule. Putin saved russia from USA economic enslavement and is geuniely loved by the people of russia as he saved the country from the greedy hands of the USA. Ukraine is a puppet state of the USA (the calls have been leaked go look for yourself) Nato refuses to let russia in. The war is 100%
    instigated by the USA and NATO who refuse to cooperate with russia who is willing to do so, russia gave warnings to defend itself which where ignored and the people of Russia have no plans of returning to USA enslavement and poverty under the rule of someone like Boris.

    You are living deluded, beliving the lies of the media whenever possible never thinking who might be funding it and what that means for the bias. of course you are most likely so deluded that you will view this message as deluded. Yes im sure you are right the media would never lie to you, information is not more powerful than money and therefore is not worth anything and is free to everyone without adulteration or false information being planted by the nice and kind people who are privately funding said media out of the kindness of thier own hearts!

    Endre Soos says:

    “Not a defeat” “Sometimes you need to go back one step to go 10 steps further” 🤡🤡🤡

    Text me on Telegram_@Official_BBCNEWS says:

    You won🎁🎁….

    casey malambo says:

    Fighting for small land and yet you sit on vast land. The best woulld have been to cut part of the existing russian land and give it to separastes who didn’t want to be part of Ukraine. It is just that Russia has selfish and greedy leaders that have a DNA of invading neighbors.

    Savior Nominee says:

    10 steps further from enemy’s forces because they don’t have proper supplies and training XD

    Y v e s says:

    I do hope that person that was interviewed at 2:47 is alright? Aren’t people being put in prison or arrested for speaking out, she’s very brave for doing that.

    David Macmillan says:

    Yes. I , too, was surprised by the way she spoke out.

    Erynn says:

    They are persecuted but selectively. So they may well be or may not. This ambiguity, and each one’s personal bravery, and situation (3 kids? disabled relatives? mortgage? a place to flee in case of trouble?) allow some of them to continue speaking out.

    J Granders says:

    The fact that they are living their lives so normally, so calmly while Ukraine is being obliterated…😢

    Toby Dorman says:

    @alex silent false. these are words from an apathetic and weak people who are controlled and suppressed by their dictator

    R136a1 says:

    @alex silent Russia can withdraw and it’s all over.

    Time to bring an end to the genocide that you appear to support.

    coley says:

    @alex silent lmao u a kid that wants to be different and gain attention saying that stuff 🤣🤣

    Al Kante says:

    It is a peripherical war, a peripherical issue for them, and there is nothing they can do about it, they think.

    Cog says:

    @alex silent why doesn’t Putin surrender?

    Demo 1 says:

    The Russian presenter gives me “we didn’t lose, we merely failed to win” vibes

    Tinashe Muruko says:


    aser m says:

    Here is the recommended clip that say it :

    Winter K says:

    After trying to take Kiev, we just took some steps back from the north

    and than we took the east, but we needed to take some steps back from the kharkiv region…

    …but after that it was fine except for some small steps back in a dozen little towns

    …we are just gonna take a extra step back again now in Kherson, but its all leading to a big step forward somehow… Right guys.

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