Veterans make ’emotionally challenging’ return to Falkland Islands – BBC News

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  • The Falklands War took place 40 years ago – but many of those who fought there are still living with the scars of the 10-week conflict with Argentina.

    Some of the British veterans have returned for the first time to the islands to mark the anniversary and pay tribute to fallen friends.

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    #Falklands #BBCNews

    Veterans make 'emotionally challenging' return to Falkland Islands – BBC News

    The Falklands War took place 40 years ago - but many of those who fought there are still living with the scars of the 10-week conflict with Argentina.

    Some of the British veterans have returned for the first time to the islands to mark the anniversary and pay tribute to fallen friends.

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    #Falklands #BBCNews


    Sean Gregory Gurley says:


    Joe R M says:

    Those silhouettes are haunting. It’s a shame that there are still people in Argentina pushing the narrative that the islands are theirs, and should be forcefully taken again. The people of the Falklands voted to remain with the UK, and that needs to be respected.

    JP Frank says:

    @Gladi CS-GO what’s that got to do with Falklands man?

    JP Frank says:

    Argentina lost even more men. And its one of things where many people in Argentina don’t want to feel like those men were lost for nothing… but the problem is by continuing to promote the “retake falklands narrative” they are just asking for more Argentinian soldiers to die

    Be Be says:

    @Outsider Songs if the island was full of argentinians that might be a valid comparison 🙄

    J D says:

    @MR BOOMBASTIC All five of them?

    1IbramGaunt says:

    @J D there’s nearly 3000 people living there now, still a small number yes but stable, growing and not going anywhere, whether you lot like it or not

    77th Kumar says:

    As a person from India, watching Russia fail right next to their border makes the Falkland War look at the very best.

    Matthew Couchot says:

    @Be Be point taken. always a different alternative history to explore.

    Ted Nash says:

    @Matthew Couchot parents wrapped u in cotton wool did they?

    Gabriel Novais dos Anjos says:

    @Matthew Couchot, if

    Jeremy Alexander says:

    Britain and Russia are two sides of the same awful imperialist coin and they both deserve to burn and they both will.

    Μαριάνθη Ζάβαλη says:

    Ευχαριστούμε!!!Ο Χριστός μαζί μας!!!+++☦️🛐🤍🙋👏🌹💒🇬🇷👍

    Sabiha Hamid says:

    Wars always leave scars, pain and sufferings. when Human tragedy is the Same, why can’t we struggle for Common good?

    Daniel Arcadia says:

    Why ??? …Keep getting History wrong On this most special day Nov 11 ( flags ) …. WWl average per day dead 5000… at peek Ukraine was losing 2000 dead a day …if you can not answer my question , you insult the memory ….Honest question , ..Why is it on Nov 11 , you pretend to remember ? … It is agreed by all historians, England top dog of the day ( 200 years ) was in an Monarchy imperial arms race and at fault …They even use the words “ Empire “ .. All the technology was first used in Bore war (England nasty ) .. Just like today Great powers believing their own BS ….example 1953 Iran … Afghanistan . south America …now .. again Europe 007 blowing pipe …Not only have you not remembered you insult the boys that died ..” never again “

    Yuri Nator says:

    Bcz there are dictators who want to gain military glory🤷‍♂️ Like this small Russian guy rn

    Sabiha Hamid says:

    @Daniel Arcadia Iam really sorry for you, as you got me wrong. I deeply repect the men who laid down their lives on the call of their duty. They were sons, husbands, fathers, brothers and friends of so many who must still be suffering in thier loved memories. Its for the Planners and the people at the helm of affairs to shun wars to their best. I had not a bit of thought the way took it. For me “Human Being” is the Most Imortant to be saved and respected on this earth. We should be understanding and accommodating and rise above insanities. I love and respect all those who gave their lives. But do realize that it is only inflated resposes that always cause injury to mankind. I believe in Humanity and Once Again I renounce and denounce all wars, no matter where ever they are being fought and have been fought. Human Mind should not be so fragile as not to resolve crises on negotiation tables. I feel realy hurt that you took me wrong, the way I can never think of.

    Ted Nash says:

    Gets the men out the house

    Hot Rod94 says:

    “Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed” – Mao Zedong


    Congratulations you have been selected among my lucky winner’s dm to claim your prize now telegram only!

    Jeremy Alexander says:

    Not really the best dirtbag to quote and certainly not an original thought.

    Public Public says:

    I’m really glad you survived.


    I watched a documentary of this war, brave men on both sides, I hope they are living happy lives.

    Alejandro Macias says:

    What was it called?

    gsmontag says:

    @Alejandro Macias Yes, I’d very much like to watch it my self.

    Jeremy Alexander says:

    They’re imperialist colonizers and they all should have died on those islands.

    Frank Sharpnack says:

    Buried at sea, they should at least have some kind of marker on the island acknowledging that he died there due to that war . ⛪

    Christina Lynn says:

    These people seem so sweet, tenderhearted. May The Lord strengthen them in their moments of grief.

    theluggage says:

    In the recent queue to pay respect to the late Queen, I got chatting to a Gurkha who had served bravely in the Falklands. Would have been lovely to see someone like him included in this report.

    Tyler Durden says:

    Nothing sadder than a man’s tears.

    Jeremy Alexander says:

    The tears of the men and women imperialists like this raped, murdered and stole from are much worse.

    RCAFpolarexpress says:


    jan jan says:

    Whenever I hear the name Falklands I think of all of you who fought and your bravery. I also think of Margaret Thatcher who I think did her upmost to ensure you had all you needed
    Bless you all on Poppy Day

    Jeremy Alexander says:

    Thatcher was an imperialist pos and so were the people that served in this colonial war over territory they had no right to inhabit. Britain will fall and England will earn it’s rightfull place as the sewer of the world.

    matty is back says:

    Many more lived shattered lives afterwards.. 😞😓

    21SMAC says:

    The Falklands are, sadly, too easy to armchair judge from afar.

    The troops involved were military members. Who swore to protect their country’s interests. THEY didn’t decide to uphold a 200-year old colonization tradition.

    They chose to honor their vows to their line of work, where you sacrifice your life for your country and your fellow soldiers.

    The Argentinians, did, too. Just saying.

    Whether to enforce 1800s colonial policy comes from their own hearts, or just a tradition/obedience to their country’s military orders, is up to them.

    Nobody deserves to lose friends or (at least in my case) friends who mean more than family. That’s true for both sides.

    War is hell. Everyone knows that. But only a few stand up and serve.

    My heart goes out to all who lost their lives… but also those who survived and also lost.

    There will be a day when we ALL shake hands and say… “Are we finished, now?”

    Pretty sure. Mostly sure.

    Probably NEED to be sure, nowadays, haha

    سودانى شديد says:

    I feel very sorry for the agressors and the accupires and the killers of argentine people well done bbc

    Rab says:

    Wild Argentina managed to take out 2 British frigates, 2 Destroyers, 24 helicopters, and 10 fighter jets with loss of life under 700.

    1IbramGaunt says:

    And they also lost the actual war, kinda a major factor that outweighs all the others don’t you think?

    Scoot Jockey says:

    I shame myself for being part of thas war.

    Sam Davies Aviation And Football says:

    Thank you to you all , Rest in Peace all those who passed away not only at the Falklands but in all wars, RIP also to the young Argentinian soldiers who were brainwashed by an evil military junta to fight here. 🇬🇧❤️🇫🇰

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