US to step up efforts to seize Russian oligarch superyachts – BBC News

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  • The United States has promised to step up its efforts to seize superyachts and other assets held by Russian businessmen with links to the Kremlin.

    Andrew Adams is the director of the US KleptoCapture Task Force – which enforces American sanctions on Russian oligarchs.

    He said that there would be a new wave of arrests and seizures.

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    Jesse Torres says:

    There are men in my family who would be happy owning just a basic 12 foot/3.7 meter fishing boat.

    Jiggly Jack says:

    Yeah well they better start working for it

    Angela Rac says:

    What? Why would u do that?

    Pennsylvania DC says:

    Please sell it and support Ukraine 🇺🇦.

    thomas holland says:

    Nope!! Give me all of the money!

    Andrew "WindMind" Dutton-Topper says:

    Turn it into a profitable cruise yacht and sell tickets to fund the rebuilding effort in Ukraine. Make a reality TV show about it. Seriously. Andrew Adams, do it.

    Frances Banks says:

    @RiSKeY ! Why don’t you??

    earther vs earther says:

    ha what to you think the Democrat govermin will do with the money feed the poor or give back to their taxpayers ? they are going to grab what they can for as long as possible and distribute to themselves

    Andrew "WindMind" Dutton-Topper says:

    @earther vs earther call up your English tutor and demand a refund

    Andrew "WindMind" Dutton-Topper says:

    @RiSKeY ! I’m way ahead of you. I applied to the Army. Got a 92 on the ASVAB, learned all the good Ukrainian and Russian cusswords, I don’t even want to get paid for any of my work, and I have my own kit, so the Army Recruiter said “Go on and give ’em hell, Andrew!” and I’m just waiting on the FBI to release the hold on my passport, it’s like they think I’m a lunatic or something

    Andrew "WindMind" Dutton-Topper says:

    @LB J how is it stealing? Law enforcement going after murderers that profit from the deaths of their competitors is classic justice.

    BBC to vd V to cc th says:


    Elizabeth R says:

    Well done, USA!

    ericcsn says:

    If King Charles needs a royal yacht, there are plenty to choose from these oligarchs’ and probably better

    nino di ioia says:

    wow! they should make a movie the russia godfather mafia putin and oligarch

    The Deno says:

    Who will buy such a yatch knowing the Russian oligarch will come for it or hijack it.

    Μαριάνθη Ζάβαλη says:

    Ευχαριστούμε!!!Ο Χριστός μαζί μας!!!+++☦️🛐🤍🙋👏🌹💒🇬🇷👍

    Imraan Pahad says:

    Instigators became peace makers.What about the American oligarchs we will soon go for them as well.

    claude poulin says:

    I truly hope this is for real , and the money actually goes to the Bravest Ukrainian .

    S Hodson says:

    I am not understanding how seizing their property is justified. They are/were leaders in their country but what have they been convicted of? If old Nancy had a yacht out there somewhere would/could Russia seize that? Any chance they would seize her too. 😜😜


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    Barbara Lindhjem says:

    325 million dollars? Do the Russian people know how rich their elite are?

    Sahijro Yiaht says:

    Fulfilling your promise on Budapest memorandum or returning nuke to Ukraine.

    ModestMajor Video Editor says:

    Cant they move the boat near Russia or China and be completely safe?

    Christoffer Sinding says:

    The part about giving the sell money to Ukraine is just the cherry on top

    David Getling says:

    Just give the navy seals a little bit of practice. I’m sure they would enjoy it.

    Janie K Carney says:

    Why hasn’t that already been done???? Really!!!

    J Bouchard says:

    How about turning them on “luxury centers” for Ukrainian soldiers on Furlough? Now THAT woiuld be the ultimate !

    Surya Naray says:

    In karnataka state day by day fear of gujarat type communal clashes law and order is totally collapsed democracy in danger peoples are feared please impose the President rule in the state and to protect the peoples in karnataka state

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