US Midterms: Concerns in Mexico about the outcome of Tuesday’s vote

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  • One big issue on voters’ minds in the United States is immigration.
    But in Mexico, organisations that cater to an unprecedented number of US-bound refugees and migrants are worried about the effect these midterms will have on US immigration policy.

    Al Jazeera's @Manuel Rapalo reports from Mexico City.

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    jarosław bielski says:

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    and look for her like a hidden treasure,

    Jason Lucas says:

    Why don’t they stay in their home country to make a difference? Poverty is everywhere in Asia, and we don’t see the migrant at this scale.

    Jihadi Mullah says:

    @Desi StarkTM India lol 😂😆 I don’t think Bangladesh and Pakistan have 100 million hindus if you know you know

    Jihadi Mullah says:

    Mf YouTube is deleteing my comments looks like there is no freedom of speech in this platform

    Nkosana Sefike says:

    Remove the sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela ull see the difference.

    Desi StarkTM says:

    @Jihadi Mullah no bro. peacefuls will cross into India.

    Wanderer says:

    @Nkosana Sefike So the reachest criminals can become reacher and the poorest people are poorer? Sounds like a plan.

    TheMagicJIZZ says:

    Why does it matter what Mexico wants for a US election??

    Fatty Populista says:

    Because we live in a globalized world

    Juan Cenobio says:


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