Unfiltered with Dan Bongino 11/5/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS NOVEMBER 5, 2022

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    Elişi Krallığı says:

    Thanks for Watching

    Please Like video & Subcribe channel ! Thanks all

    Bigdogrisin says:

    Biden lies are just an insult to American people. No one believes he cut the deficit in half. It makes me think he is an ass.

    Chi-ghong says:

    Yes seeing and you can hear it , but you have to be smart enough to notice the big lie(s) goes with the education process , teach what want you to know , learn what they tell you to learn , education led to most of these zero in on fadcimile products of policies and are we all the same clip off the prosperity lineage

    Robert DeShane says:

    "You'll owe nothing" we will feed you crumbs

    John Perchman says:

    The biggest mistake Democrats made was getting in between their children and their parents thinking they can raise them better than their own parents that is sick something sick about that

    hans-galaxy leser says:

    President Biden you are living proof of the 2020 elections. Look yourself in a mirror…shame on you

    Triple A says:

    Man doesn't that character Marvin from Raising Kanan look like a younger Dan Bongino

    Tom says:

    Democrats have no one to blame but themselves , they stepped on their own Dicks. !

    DEEP SAT says:

    Get him away from our flag he is destroying our flag that pedophile is nothing but garbage

    Tammy Kleppe says:

    The scarecrow is a idiot

    DEEP SAT says:

    I don’t see how anyone can vote for somebody that changes their views two days before an election and think you’re going to get votes

    Annet le Roy says:

    I am afraid the evil ones, the elite from the World Economic Forum, know this election is coming, and have taken their procotions to overcome the elections and just go on with their evil agenda. It are the filthy rich who have a lot of power. Never underestimate your opponents, and especially not this ones!!

    Penni Bingaman says:


    sandra haws says:

    People that vote democrat are blinded and are following satan.

    MrRichierich says:

    OMFG that admin is so fkn cringe and EVERYTHING they say is a fkn lie!!! Smfh! A Red Tsunami is upon us!!!!🚨🚨🚨🌊🌊🌊

    Robert DeShane says:

    Mitt Romney and Barracks akward ass fake ass handshake 🤣 i wonder if Mitt Romney is thinking to himself man I messed up big time going woke 🤣 we need politiciams to SERVE OUR great COUNTRY not get rich off of it!!!

    wildbill31 says:

    Dans my home boy,make us proud at utilities M C.

    Bob Mitchell says:

    For Gods Sake, why do we allow that Monster Crazy Clause to Exist.

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