UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless DESTROY Dak Prescott 2 Int perform in Cowboys' 31-28 loss to Packers in OT

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#Undisputed #skipbayless #shannonsharpe #Theherd #colin
UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless DESTROY Dak Prescott 2 Int perform in Cowboys’ 31-28 loss to Packers in OT

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  • UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless DESTROY Dak Prescott 2 Int perform in Cowboys' 31-28 loss to Packers in OT

    #Undisputed #skipbayless #shannonsharpe #Theherd #colin
    UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless DESTROY Dak Prescott 2 Int perform in Cowboys' 31-28 loss to Packers in OT


    T Gordon Mayhall, Jr says:

    No one in cowboys country cares what skip has to say. That's why I'm not even watching this stupid video. I care more about what Shannon has to say, but I'll never see it cause he works with skip.

    Fernando Saldivar says:

    This will be tha same guy praising dak Sunday if they beat Minnesota 😆 skip an iddiot

    Schuyler Butler says:

    We all are tired of, “I told you.”

    Big Zee says:

    Dak gets murdered for miscommunication picks schultz & CeeDee wasnt on the same page on those plays ,they said live on tv those picks wasnt Daks fault. Josh allen threw 2 red zone picks & nobody cares lmao Cowboy hate they hope we lose

    Eric Kerr says:

    Love seeing Skip so distressed about his Cowboys at the hands of GB. Thus all of his bias against Rodgers over the years.

    Mike Thaxton says:

    Quit blaming Dak for NO DEFENSE. We went up by 14 after the Int. The defense literally disappeared. 2 SACKS ? The RB ran for over 200 yards. Yes it's fun to blame Dak but this ain't on him .DQ didn't have the defense prepared. I suggest in the next draft we draft 10 RUN STOPPERS since we can't fix it !!

    roger lance says:

    If Dac does not come up big in big, important games……why worry about the play-offs…….or The Super Bowl???

    bob sloan says:

    Both of Daks interceptions were because the Wes ran the wrong routes

    Gary Eckel says:

    More Power to the Packers, Cowboys need a Wake Up Call….to the House Dogs, get better or Get Burned, Dak n Crew from
    a die hard Dallas Fan. Im all for Cooper Rush. in with the new out with the old, even Jerry." bye!

    Jermain Murry says:

    Big Mike sold that game

    Mona Lott says:

    He is literally about to cry! Lol.
    Dude, it's a football game! Yikes

    Michael Galvis says:


    Blade Brown says:

    Skip said dallas can beat philly with dak back.
    Now he saying they needed cooper rush

    Betty Smith says:

    The monsters of the midway was the best defense I've ever seen and even they had one bad game

    Say Cheese says:

    Rodgers own the cowboys 😂🤣😂

    JayNice says:

    I think Aaron Rodgers steps up for all Cowboy games, he could be on the sidelines in a wheelchair and he'll go out and throw 5 TDs for 600 yards 😂

    Tommy Mobley says:

    The defense really lost the game Dak gave them a 14 point lead and the defense didn't stop nobody

    Byron Wright says:

    Josh allen threw 2 redzone picks no one says a word

    Ray V says:

    Yes the defense played poorly but they've been playing good all season long they can't have a perfect game every Sunday all season long they're going to eventually slip up. I will tell you what went wrong Dak throwing interceptions, throwing over receivers head, throwing down at their feet. The other thing that went wrong is McCarthy going for it on the 4th down, I'm OK with going for it in regulation time but not in overtime. If we would have kicked the field goal and our kicker has been money all season long, we would have kicked off to them and they would have probably started at the 25 instead we went for it and they immediately had good field position because we didn't get the 1st down.

    JayNice says:

    Pleas bring Cooper Rush back….Dak has disappointed us in multiple big games

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