Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/09/22 full| FOX BREAKING NEWS Nov 09,2022

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/09/22 full| FOX BREAKING NEWS Nov 09,2022

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    Tucker Carlson
    Tucker Carlson Tonight hosted by Tucker Carlson, features powerful analysis and lively debates with guests from across the political and cultural spectrum. Every weeknight, Tucker takes cable news by storm using his signature style to tackle issues largely uncovered by the media in every corner of the United States.

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    Jessica Turner says:

    I'll never vote again in this rigged a$$ election system we have now🤬It's no coincidence that every since they've changed these election laws and instilled mail in voting that it's swung more in DEMOCRATS favor!🙄

    robert Levine says:

    Thanks for the whole show!

    bad bob says:

    PA electing Fetterman was not the dumest thing they could do, They also elected a guy who died last month. "Informed voters"

    pep says:

    I thought that was a US Air Force lapel pin that Rep Luna was wearing. Aim High!

    Paul Stewart says:

    Too many holes in the video at critical points of conversation. Screen goes black and when it comes back it has skipped a portion of the conversation.

    modoc says:

    I believe in states rights but I’m thinking now that the dems have succeeded in screwing up the election laws in their favor, we’ve got to stop being so apathetic and make all states election laws the same, paper ballots only 7am to 7pm on election DAY only !!!

    Robert Bolton says:

    The new testament bible

    B. Lantz says:

    Yes young lady you got it right on the button your opponents are total imbeciles

    Bob jones says:

    Berry Days …you are the absolutely worse site on the internet

    Connie Koehler says:

    My Governor DeSantis is, IN FACT, GOD GIVEN. He is a man of integrity with common sense. Because he is who he is, courageous, intelligent, compassionate, and what I’ve already mentioned, he won! I thank GOD for my Governor DeSantis. Keep up the GOOD fight in defending our constitutional rights and integrity. I pray you and your beautiful family a long HAPPY LIFE. I ask GOD to grant my prayer in Jesus’s Holy Name. Amen (So be it). ❤

    357 MAG says:

    End cheat by mail today.

    Frank Pittman says:

    Kari needs to put people in jail for treasonous acts

    Zalzalak J says:

    Tucker, please read what I wrote about Fetterman; besides, why didn't he want to show his medical record if there wasn't anything serious, there should be a reason to hide his medical records.

    sh ea says:

    Ron DeSantis full of shit

    nikki wroten says:

    kari lake is also easy on the eyes and a competent person !

    Chris Welder says:

    The Democrats don't want a fair and honest election. They want yo win.

    Phil Salley says:

    It's really sad to see Tucker and the rest of the Fox commentators ignore the reality of what happened in the midterms. Unless they cut their support for Trump and thinking abortion is not an election deciding concern for voters, they will bear serious responsibility for Republicans losing decisively in 2024.

    Mike Longwell says:

    Unacceptable that results of our election are not known on election night!!! Florida is the only state that fixed this crap!! We have to do better before 2024!! It should be #1 on everyone's mind in America!

    mxzyK says:

    They are all brain damaged, imao.

    tangobayus says:

    8 minutes in and no mention of obvious shenanigans.

    nikki wroten says:

    dang Desantis has a good looking wife ! could we also see some more of melania trump ?

    Diane Dorney says:

    YouTube censoring

    douglas gempel says:

    CNN is honest..thats laughable

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