Top Russian general announces retreat from key city of Kherson

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Russia’s Defense Ministry says its troops are preparing to withdraw from a large part of the occupied Ukrainian region of Kherson. CNN’s Nic Robertson has more.
#NicRobertson #CNN #russiaukrainewar

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  • Top Russian general announces retreat from key city of Kherson

    Russia's Defense Ministry says its troops are preparing to withdraw from a large part of the occupied Ukrainian region of Kherson. CNN's Nic Robertson has more.
    #NicRobertson #CNN #russiaukrainewar


    Equa nimity says:

    With the massive anti-war protests erupting on the streets of Europe, many governments will fall before the great Zelenski declares his victory after the recapture of Crimea. The Russians are playing mind games with this fanatical Ukrainian regime. Zelenski is steadily turning Ukraine into a Palestine.

    Blind Fury says:

    Is this a russian theater play?…what goofy characters!

    Jermaine Simmons says:

    Looks like Ukraine is a lot smarter than they thought because they knew the Russians are setting a trap to lure the Ukrainians into an ambush. That's why the Russians retreated from Kherson

    Shamus says:

    Typical CNN spun up optical propaganda. The general knows what he's doing. The withdrawal is very strategic, follows Clausewitz tactics.

    Louis Dugas says:

    Un gros cochon

    Chris Zenko says:

    I wouldn’t trust a word Blofeld says

    Ebie Sahib says:

    This isn't a comedy show people, this is no joke. Zelensky needs more financial support from the US and European countries for food and equipment. 500 billion dollars.

    Antony Tarasova says:

    Don't trust Ruzzia!!! nobody command and order via TV🤣😂😁 that was just a theatre

    Jay spik says:

    Gotta laugh at all the gloating people, especially that news reporter, she could barely contain herself..

    Иван Федоров says:

    The United States is directly involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the side of the latter. Moreover, the United States is fomenting this war. This is a fat bug of the apocalypse, eating the blood of the whole world. Allocating money, weapons, instructors, government-paid "mercenaries" from among its citizens. Therefore, for Russia, any objects under the jurisdiction of the United States are legitimate targets of war. All over the world.

    John Densmore says:

    🇺🇸💪🏻🇺🇦 Respect.

    Jay Kolinsky says:

    All their "advertising" about a withdrawal is definitely overplayed. They've obviously have set up a death trap or two. I think their final act will be scorched-earth in nature. They will either try to level it or "pollute" it, or both. This is the typical Russian military playbook.

    GeeGee says:

    The guys a genious…coy smart determined…ice water veinsV

    Justin G says:

    Is that Russian Dr. Evil?

    BobsArtGallery says:

    I am very disappointed with Putin, for not finishing this war in his favour…What happened to the great strong Russia ? How can they allow a clown to defeat them ?

    5cloudwalker says:

    When has Putin announce retreat before it started??? Why trust this monster???

    Jayhawk_Nation says:


    Dave Martin says:

    Wow… ukraine just won this war……
    Look freedom in the eyes, I dare you!

    KRH007 says:

    Hitler Putin & his Terrorist Ruzzia Orcs are staging this retreat very publicly on National TV means they are planning something very nasty for sure.

    Jane Blog says:

    He looks like he partied all night while his troops were being blown up , he ate all the pies and drank all the vodka while his soldiers go thirsty for water and starving “We will save most, importantly, the lives of our troop” 😏. saving face is more like the truth as they don’t really value the lives of their own soldiers as many have been killed by Russian hands. Everyone should know by now not to trust the word of a paranoid Russian

    57menjr says:

    Check check check , to nice about it ! Somethings in the pot…………………..

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