'This is all a sham': Biden slammed for pre-midterm address

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‘Outnumbered’ slams President Biden’s pre-midterm speech doubling-down on anti-GOP rhetoric.

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    Robert Tietjen says:

    Hey Brandon, America is not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic!

    Don Alves says:

    His words ARE the threat. Or his words are THE threat

    Proud American says:

    Who wants to tell the President we are not a democracy?

    BXM Gaming says:

    Can we please put this mofo on trial along with his son

    I. H. says:

    Joe Biden and the Democrats are SCUM!

    Travis Dean says:

    Joe and his administration are the sham. He is right….That’s why I’ll be voting against anything he puts forth. How he acquired this job, I’ll never understand.

    Al Horn says:

    Joke biden is full of CRAP!

    MLA says:

    What does Joe think democracy is?

    Michael Burr says:

    If this an end to democracy I don't see that as a bad thing since this country is a republic

    ted kite says:

    Divider in chief

    KTM CC says:

    Decency from a president that brings drag queens into the white house.

    Chris Philhower says:

    Stacy Abrams had Masked Kids In her commercials

    Clem Yoakal says:

    Biden puppet is operated by absolute morons.

    Philip Brown says:

    Have I been missing Shows or is Kayleigh Pregnant, She is such a Beautiful Person. May she always be Blessed.🙏

    George Woodget says:

    Brandon speaks like a fool . He never addresses any of the problems like Inflation, high crime rate,unsecured boarders or
    $ 5.00 a gallon gasoline for our cars. Instead he talks about some philosophy about the Democratic Party and he thinks that's good enough I'm voting red and a straight red ticket at that

    MK14mod 78 says:


    Claude Dubé says:

    bla bla

    D.A.S.D. says:

    One would have thought the democrats would have learned that trying to shame voters into voting for them doesn't work. It didn't work for Hillary and it won't work this time.

    Deborah Camaille says:

    Prosperity and progress, when have we seen that in your administration?

    delija67717 says:

    If you think for a second that democrats care if is Biden or anyone else on their list, YOU ARE WRONG. They are voting for their ideology .

    Donald Jones says:

    And now we going to run out of diesel fuel which means no foods in stores and the railway system gonna strike why would anybody in their right mind vote for these people ?

    Jeff 222 says:

    He’s saying you have to vote one way, it’s illegal!

    Julian Dancingshadow says:



    Walter 1408 says:

    FJB, I'm voting straight red.

    ash stander says:

    Biden is a massive TNUC – that's right Mike Hunt

    Jossie James says:

    If you all really cared about our country you would learn that the only ways to get our country back to normal is this .
    We absolutely must wage war on consumerism. We have to control what we spend ..we are making them more and more powerful with everything you buy .stop e-commerce spending . Stop buying from global corporations. Stop buying two and 3 and 4 of same items ..you don't need that many choices .. buy only what you need buy it from moms and pops build your local and small community.
    Number 2 vote in every election..
    Know every candidate in your area .
    Consumerism must be forefront it's every day elections are not

    Arthur Kuntz says:


    simbad909 says:

    Anything joe biden and his party is depressing…so staying away from a toxic party like his is fresh air

    Matt Marzula says:

    He's not wrong. He's just thinking in the wrong direction on it.

    catherine MASAK says:

    Thank God we are a Republic. I don't want Demon-crats democracy! Vote Republican and save the Republic!

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