The Ingraham Angle 11/10/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS NOVEMBER 10, 2022

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The Ingraham Angle 11/10/22 FULL HD
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    KAFA ÇILGIN! says:

    Thanks for Watching

    Please Like video & Subcribe channel ! Thanks all

    Brad Pitts says:

    This is beginning to stink to high haven with tampering and corruption.. The Presidential election didn't take this long.. Better keep a close eye on all these lingering races… Somethings wrong here….

    Jon Esqueda12 says:

    Cheat counting…..takes time. 😂

    Natalie Janvrin says:

    Cheat count something is wrong …

    Julieta Lenogon says:

    Watch out Fox Evil Madness Completely by The Holy Spirit Powerful Holimess May God Bless President Joe Biden May God Bless America Transform into Light Shadow America Would be Change Freedom and Democracy Prevails Congrats America The Lord Jesus Christ Abundant Blessings from The Land of America by The Holy Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Victory for Freedom and Democracy ♥️

    Carol Hafer says:

    Ms. Davis is wonderful. young people like this encourage me!!

    Ivan Samardzic says:

    Democrats new Republican winning,they start printing ballots same store like before .

    Lance Cahill says:

    Why can't the United States, one of the most advanced democracies in the world, have an election system like Afghanistan or Iraq, where once people voted, their finger will be marked with a blue ink, that won't come off for a few days, to ensure that people can only vote once?

    Misty Violet, Conservative. says:

    .Whatever happened to mark meadows of California?? He disappeared soon after January 6 LOL 😂

    John Doe says:

    Kevin McCarthy is a RINO ! Freedom caucus needs to elect a serious representative as Speaker of the House !

    huh says:

    Brandon knew he could t cover the school loans that's why he promised them

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