Date: 2022-09-19 13:04:31 [aoa id=’0′][dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”AKqwFmrFxg4″][/aoa] The funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II ended at London’s Wellington Arch, where her coffin was then transported [More]
Queen’s coffin lowered into Royal Vault – where she is reunited with her beloved husband Prince Philip. #queen #funeral #shorts
Lord Chamberlain breaks his "Wand of Office", signifying the end of his service to the sovereign, and places it on the casket before it slowly [More]
Members of the public have been throwing flowers on the vehicle carrying Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin as it travels through London. #queen #funeral #shorts
Prince George and Princess Charlotte say goodbye to their great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. #princegeorge #princesscharlotte #shorts
The Queen is in her final resting place at St George's Chapel in Windsor. From Charles being proclamed King, to Princes William and Harry reuniting [More]
Members of the public throw flowers on the Queen's hearse as it travels from London to Windsor. The two hour long journey saw many mourners [More]
Tens of thousands of people have travelled to London and Windsor for the Queen's state funeral and burial service, which will be watched on television [More]
A look at the numbers behind the royal vault at Windsor Castle, and the nearby final resting place for Queen Elizabeth II. ABC News Live [More]
After arriving at Windsor Castle, the hearse will start a new procession to St. George's Chapel. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest updates: Watch [More]