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Queen Elizabeth II funeral: Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend Her Majesty’s funeral | Prince and Princess George and Charlotte of Wales stood strong over [More]
Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have an important role in their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral. According to the order of service for the [More]
Prince William and Princess Kate thought long and hard about bringing their children to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. They decided the older children, 9-year-old Prince George [More]
Millions of people across Scotland gathered near television screens as Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest in England.
The Queen's funeral has seen the biggest ever gathering of senior dignitaries, with more than 500 Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and presidents travelling to London [More]
Millions of people across the United Kingdom paused to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.
The death of the Queen will have been felt most keenly in the UK, but the state funeral has also been watched around the world. [More]
Thousands of people gathered in Windsor as Queen Elizabeth approached her final resting place.
Around a million people are thought to have witnessed the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.