Rubik’s cube world champion solves puzzle in seven seconds live on air – BBC News

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  • A speed-cube champion has set a new world record for solving the most Rubik's Cubes in 24 hours.

    George Scholey from Northampton, England broke the record for solving the most rotating puzzle cubes in 24 hours by completing 6,931.

    The student at Queen Mary University in London also set a record when he solved 500 puzzle cubes while riding a skateboard.

    Now he's shown BBC News how quickly he can solve one.

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    Vice.Nor.Virtue says:

    Holy moly. when he solves his hands look like some kind of algorithmic spider. Absolutely bananas! I haven’t been this riveted to the screen in ages!

    Sergio Saunier says:

    That was really impressive.

    uceumice says:

    I’m truly amazed by George, but what makes this interview so great is the excitement coming from the host. She’s hooked on it and I love it!!!

    Mark says:

    @D S And I guess there are those who criticize others online anonymously. I was just talking patterns in order to explain.

    D S says:

    @Mark It’s YouTube, big fella. Take a chill pill and look on the bright side of life. Get well soon xo.

    Mark Lloyd Scott says:

    @Dima Dima up

    Mike Gill says:

    Right? You can tell she interviews him only to learn all the juicy tricks. 😀 😀 😀

    Tomorrow We Live says:

    hooked on him more lile. tryna smash later maybe

    Niko Kapanen says:

    I remember I was about 7-8 years old when we got these cubes in our home and soon after that I learned to solve them and that was when my interest ended.

    Chris Bodum says:

    In a similar vein, It took me about three years of playing chess with my older brother before I was able to beat him.
    He sent the board and pieces flying and neither of us have ever played the game since. That was about 1974.

    Simon Simon says:

    You can tell just listening to him that his brain works at a million miles an hour. His mouth is running to keep up like a little kid trying to keep pace with his dad.

    Eli Rogers says:

    it doesn’t require any intelligence

    BlownMacTruck says:

    That’s now how speed cubing works. In fact, I know a lot of people who are extremely slow and relaxed who do this.

    v3le says:

    and his hands are working at trillion miles an hour!

    Attack Man says:

    Memorising algorithms is a very specific ability, to presume that he must necessarily have a quick mental monologue is a non sequitur logical fallacy. In short: it doesn’t follow, the mention of fallacy is to indicate the argument can be wrong when substituted algebraically.

    apl175 says:

    I love that the BBC spent more than seven minutes on this so that it didn’t feel like watching-bait, or click-bait – and it was a bit more respectful to the guest. A US news programme would allocate about 45 seconds to something like this with the host talking over it all.

    Calvin Saxon says:

    I agree. With 90% of the time composed of clever jokes, word play from the newshost, ad nauseum. This was a really good piece.

    ashleyj722 says:

    @apl175 I am afraid we only get one ad free channel. The others all have ads.

    Seguro Sincero says:

    @Knocked Out Loaded Splendid point. I guess everything is relative. Thanks for the reminder.

    Seguro Sincero says:

    @Pxndaz How much faster can he be? World champion or not solving the cube in under eight seconds? It is pretty impressive. No?

    Pxndaz says:

    @Seguro Sincero the best averages are at 5 seconds and best singles are at 3 seconds. Yes it is impressive but it’s still clickbait

    Thi Huynh says:

    🤘💪 He did great despite her not giving him 15 seconds to inspect the cube each time. 15 seconds is the official competition inspection time.

    Greenpoloboy3 says:

    Mine currently is 14 years, 7 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes, 17 seconds, and still going 🙂

    Area69employee says:

    You broke my record

    Del says:

    take it to your grave

    Sergio Saunier says:

    Haha almost made me spill my drink mate!

    Pedaling Prospector says:

    I knew a guy around 1980 who could do it in about 20 seconds. He was a graduate student at CU Boulder in some kind of theoretical math and took large amounts of acid. Always wondered how that guy’s mind worked, lol.

    Sergio Saunier says:

    And the acid actually slowed him down, I suppose.

    Joe Warriner says:

    I imagine the Rubik’s cubes back then weren’t so slick

    patmac1100 says:

    What an absolute top gent this young man already is! Well done parents, George and the ‘system of society’ in general! Amazing. This young man should be made an ambassador for all teenage youth everywhere

    Sis Fantasto says:

    that’s a bit over the top, isn’t it! you have absolutely no idea who that chap is in reality. he could me a serial killer for all you know.
    oh my God, the afore mentioned society is always falling for the optics and never thinking at all.

    GreatFoxGodOniKitsune says:

    Forget what sis f. says. They are obviously a negative person.

    patmac1100 says:

    @GreatFoxGodOniKitsune Sis f clearly along with his ‘close friends’ has one of those left-over beliefs that that kind of negative talk still works (even today). Great balance though between click-bait and “look, I’ve got something radical to say”

    Steven Whiting says:

    He did it quicker than 12 seconds but they took ages to stop the clock.

    Johnny Anda says:

    Yeah I noticed that, but he did do it in 7 seconds after, so there’s no point giving af

    Rubik's says:

    This is awesome! Well done George amazing!

    Ed E says:

    Got the official approval!

    Leo Borromeo - Speedcuber says:

    Cool! Congrats, George!

    CubingCarrot says:

    Hi Leo! Im the first comment and first like

    George Scholey says:

    Thanks Leo!

    Doc James Burton says:

    He actually did it faster, they stopped the timer when he was already done with it

    Ben G says:

    Outstanding interview! Great job by the interviewer – and what a wonderful young man! Everything about this is restores and builds hope. Brilliant!


    Congratulations you have been selected among my lucky winner’s dm to claim your prize now telegram only!

    Yamz says:

    The host is so genuinely interested and the young man is so polite and humble. Such a wholesome interaction

    Jefferson Ibileke says:

    I’ve got this cube I’ve been trying to solve for weeks now. Now I’m frustrated, now I see George solving his in seconds. I’m amazed

    Agentcookie says:

    Bless him for explaining however it went right over my head when he did a few twists and completed half of it 🤯

    Ben Duxbury says:

    The reaction of the host is a classic “child in awe” moment 😂- great fun to watch.

    FungeHucker says:

    I saw this yesterday and developed and instant like for George. He seems so chill and normal 😂 it’s refreshing to see someone like this on BBC news. Plus, she’s so excited about it all! Great interview!

    BitsBytesBobs says:

    Amazing. What an exceptional young man in many ways. The interview was a delight to watch.

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