Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral: Prince Harry Not Wearing Military Uniform


Prince Harry did not wear his military uniform for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth's, funeral service. His father, King Charles, and older brother, Prince William, were both seen in their uniforms. Harry relinquished his honorary military titles in 2020 when he and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down as senior members of the royal family.

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    Like Me Or Don’t says:

    When my grandmother died, I don’t even remember what I wore. At a time like this, he might appreciate someone deciding what he should wear, since he’s probably just going through the motions, as one does, when a loved one dies.

    Don’t be ridiculous, Harry’s attire is the last thing I’d like to hear about or see at the Queen’s funeral.

    ronza 3 says:

    https://youtu.be/5VL9LU3onfs It’s here finally!👑

    Cheryl Snyder says:

    Thank you ,that’s his nana he just lost give it a break!

    Jeanie Davidson says:

    It’s about love not fashion wear to me .no disrespect…honor is in the heart and mind .❤️🙏

    Lara H says:

    Indeed !!!

    Jola Niebres says:

    Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby: “Those who serve will be loved and remembered longer than those who cling to power and privilege are long forgotten”.

    Rosalee James says:

    @Sumitera Sumi he’s no longer a working royal .

    Sumitera Sumi says:

    @Rosalee James y ? Ten he upsad

    Rosalee James says:

    @Sumitera Sumi sad because he misses his Granny.

    Sumitera Sumi says:

    @Rosalee James ohh ok thanks for the information sis but hope he be normal

    Akosua Senaya says:

    I feel like crying anytime I see prince harry face.
    Am sure he’s missing his mom
    I pray that their marriage become successful and last forever
    God is on your side and your family

    Pam says:

    His Mother died over 20 years ago, he’s not the only child who lost a parent! He loves being a victim, it pays more.

    L N says:

    Oh come on 😅😅😅😅😅

    Maude Jones says:

    I feel so sorry for him they treat him poorly

    Sandratsouza says:

    Uma verdadeira rainha. Entrou com toda pompa e descansou com pompa merecida! Rainha forte e fantástica. Veio para reinar com grande magnificência👑 e fez!!!

    ronza 3 says:

    https://youtu.be/5VL9LU3onfs It’s here finally!👑

    Rita says:

    It was so nice to see Prince Harry walking behind the coffin. He will miss his grandma

    Lara H says:

    @Square Fame, the absence of paparazzi rules, a drunken driver and no seat belt killed his mother. So sad poor Diana hadn’t live longer. Lots of the mess happening today would have been avoided!

    Anon Anon says:

    Rita, you don’t know that. He most likely blames her for his mother’s death.

    Nymmo says:

    @Square The only one to blame is his adulterous father

    dani q says:

    @Nymmo Diana also had extramarital relationships. If you’re going to use that argument, you have to mention both of them

    Anabel Cowan says:

    Sweet and bitter. Harry shows a lot of resentment tour the family. He said that his father trite him bad went he was a child. He hates Camila, he resent his brother, for some reason he doesn’t have communication with the children’s in the family. He has 2 invisibly children’s, sometimes Harry children’s change the color of hair , Archie is 4 years old and they keep showing the picture that was taken in Africa. The life off Harry and Meghan is so complicated. They will be together for ever, Meghan love all the publicity and Harry keep being a prince.

    ofelia celi says:

    Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth. The well loved Queen.

    ronza 3 says:

    https://youtu.be/5VL9LU3onfs It’s here finally!👑

    La Cucina di Gio e Beth says:

    Rest in heaven queen Elizabeth amen 🙏

    BELLA Johnson says:

    SO SAD. She was loved. In my opinion she never acted ENTITLED, she did her job and did it wonderful! A few in the RF act very ENTITLED and this has turned the Public off. King Charles needs to cut the ones that act GREEDY, take their TITLES!

    MrEnglishman6969 says:


    Itz.Koketšo🖤 says:

    God save the king ! 🌼

    Nymmo says:

    Meh, his adulterous actions led to the death of Dianna.

    sdd mile says:

    Not my king

    MsFlame2000 says:

    I feel like if Queen Elizabeth had not been born or Royal ,she would have definitely been a celebrity of some sort, maybe an actress. She is absolutely one of my favorite people. She had a wonderful time here on this Earth. Good journey Queen Elizabeth!

    Rafael says:

    She would be a housewife if she weren’t queen. She would not be queen as she was always very reserved and reclusive. Actors and actresses love to be the center of attention.

    Perhaps she would pursue a career in the military, she volunteered to be a war jeep mechanic during WWII.

    Delilah Gillis says:


    WB says:

    This has been a very long funeral. I don’t know how it works when your a queen tho lol is it usually about a week long? She seemed so sweet too.

    norma desmond says:

    this is not about Prince Harry or Meghan and whetever they do or arent’t aloud to do because they are not working royals anymore. This is about Her majesty the Queen who served the country for 70 years.

    Wirbelwind Europe says:

    The discussion about Harry’s uniform could be ended. Harry had to give up, and wanted, his royal rights when he left his official duties in Britain in 2020. He is today bound by the same rules as other retired war veterans of his home country. In Britain former military personnel are not allowed to wear a uniform unless they are in an honorary appointment and had been authorized to wear one. Instead, they, like Harry, are and will be entitled to wear their medals pinned to their civilian clothes always.

    Grave Peril says:

    @L N “Prince Harry Not Wearing Military Uniform” did you not ready the header of the video?

    Stephanie Knowles says:

    Gut formuliert.

    Wirbelwind Europe says:

    @Stephanie Knowles Danke

    Adventure Aga says:

    What about Prince Andrew?

    Wirbelwind Europe says:

    ​@Adventure Aga
    Andrew lost his position as royalty due to his own actions. He is not to be compared to Harry who relinquished his position of his own will. The late Queen Elizabeth, as Andrew´s mother, gave before her death permission for her son to wear his uniform alongside his siblings by her coffin at Westminster Hall one more time. Her decision was respected. Like Harry and other retired veterans, Andrew is also entitled to wear his war medals pinned to his civilian clothes, but he will hardly attend very many events in the future where he can do so.


    Stay strong Harry

    Terrence Mbewe says:

    The more Harry is treated like an outcast the more he relates to the commoners and the rest of the world keep doing that Britain you’ll see him on the throne just saying

    Jelly Belly Fun says:

    Are you kidding??? He will never be seen as a commoner, nor will he ever be a commoner. He was born with a Royal title, privileged with millions of dollars, and given a lifetime of privileged life experiences that even money couldn’t buy.

    San D says:

    He’s there for his nana not as part of any royal duty ❤

    frieswithmayo says:

    Absolutely awesome moment of greatness. No empire ever shared such greatness with the rest of the world. Even to foreigners, Elizabeth was to some degree our Queen too, far above our own leaders in Belgium.

    Shannon RN says:

    Harry has decided to live his life outside of all this craziness. He’s paying respect to his grandmother and will go back home to California and live the life he wishes to. Not what he’s told to do. I admire that.

    Matt Davis says:

    A lot of comments clearly missed what it means to be in the armed forces and actually serving in war zones compared to the rest of the royal family, Harry deserves to wear his uniform.

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