Queen Elizabeth lowered into Royal Vault as lone piper concludes state funeral


The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth concluded with her coffin being lowered into the Royal Vault at St George's Chapel.

A lone piper played a lament which marked the end of an historic ceremony.

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    Taymur Roshan says:

    This part was so affecting, the combination with the coffin lowing and the pipe playing was a touching way to mark the queen’s final existence

    Titik Koma says:

    Last fight https://youtu.be/1qq4u5GeGlM

    ellen says:

    https://youtu.be/5VL9LU3onfs It’s here finally!👑

    A J says:

    The piper walking away and the music fading, as the Queens life has faded, was so final and sad.

    Spoonfed says:

    Defiantly a historical moment for us to remember 😢

    Titik Koma says:

    Last fight https://youtu.be/1qq4u5GeGlM

    Emma Philo says:

    @Jul W yes the musician discreetly walking, passing that door… It felt like Elizabeth soul was passing near before going to her final destination…. Such beauty and poetry!

    Isabel Fox says:

    @A J well the Queen and the Duke had separate bedroom suites, so perhaps his highness wasn’t disturbed ☺️

    Battle Cross says:

    Don’t be sad that she is gone, celebrate that she was there in life.

    Omerta Numerouno says:

    Počivala u miru..nikad viĹĄe takve..Ĺžene majke i kraljice…odmori se u carstvu nebeskom…

    P Gordhan says:

    What an era, what a procession and what a poetic end. Rest in eternal peace, ma’am.

    ScholaroftheWorld — Alternate History says:

    The fatty soft regions will decompose within the century, maybe the bones will survive a bit longer

    hey deanie says:

    @Michael C it’s called having respect… Something u clearly lack

    Elaine says:

    The Queen loved Scotland and as her coffin disappeared
    the lone Scots piper played.
    It was so beautiful a touching moment ❤ so stirring.😢🇬🇧

    Diana B. says:

    @jdaze1 That implies resting in peace.

    Diana B. says:

    @hey deanie 👍

    Maria Boyle says:

    This beautiful, poignant service was breathtaking. I applaud the people who carried out this historic event before the world. It moved me deeply and will remember it always. The British people do it right.

    Stewart Giddins says:

    @Stephen Richmond It’s still never been done for 70 years by people who weren’t alive back then. Come on, it’s still an amazing service they executed.

    R$E says:

    @Ant1414 The Queen knew that she will be raised to life again, her faith in Jesus Christ was strong. As evidenced by her funeral, which continually referenced this. Her hope is in the resurrection and salvation that is found in Jesus. She would mention this in her Christmas messages every year without fail.

    Matt O says:

    @GA great use of the military huh?

    Fiona Higgins says:

    @Stewart Giddins Well said Sir . The lone Piper walking away in the distance ….as Scot … excellent. Eternal rest unto Her Majesty , oh Lord . May She rest in peace . Amen.
    God save the King .

    GA says:

    @Matt O Most of them are the household division /the royal guards,who do the ceremonial duties..
    Thats their job.

    Christine Wells-Leddon says:

    It was such a beautiful and poignant moment…she may have disappeared from our sight, but she will NEVER disappear from our hearts and memories. Rest Well Ma’am…God Save the King!

    LaraHennaCroft says:

    @Capricon Cap life goes on!

    Rest in Peace Ma’am!

    denebola83 says:

    @LaraHennaCroft tal vez, para usted es fĂĄcil pensar de esa manera tan simple. No soy de alguna colonia inglesa, aclaro.

    Titik Koma says:

    Last fight https://youtu.be/1qq4u5GeGlM

    John Hutchison says:

    @Capricon Cap maybe your ancestors should have put up a better fight, just saying…..

    Capricon Cap says:

    @John Hutchison at least, we doing it now. Just saying…

    Melvin Partridge says:

    The piper , turning walking away with the sound fading, carried with him the hearts and minds of all those watching, beautiful

    Rose Stevens says:


    J C says:


    Kathleen Cook says:

    @Pamela Morales

    LP Teh says:


    rrr jjj says:

    This whole 10 day period of mourning, with its sequence and ritual, has been moving. I am left feeling that this custom, rooted in history and tradition, gives all those who loved her time and space to realize she is gone, and to come to some sort of peace with the final goodbye. It gives space for transition. The final lowering into the vault, accompanied by the piper walking out, away and into the air, was solemn and poignant.

    Finden says:

    It went from “body tourism” to a truly poetic end, with the piper walking away while the Windsor coat aproaches, one hell of a scene, RIP Elizabeth II

    Kelly Kel says:

    Idk why people think this is ridiculous, I think it’s cool to still have such a clear look at history. It’s like looking through a peephole to the past to see all of these traditions

    Jill Osler says:

    @Ali M As another UK citizen I disagree. 70 years of unfailing service to our nation and the Commonwealth deserves a few days to honour that commitment.

    Jill Osler says:

    @Brian Baratheon Are your own family members buried and no longer mourned within a couple of days? The Queen had 4 countries called Great Britain and Northern Ireland, over 50 other countries called The Commonwealth, and practically all Heads of State from across the world – not forgetting other Monarchs – who grieved for her and wanted the time and opportunity to show it.

    Vicky Ingram Nymann says:

    Proud to be British.

    Torrid Stream says:

    What a mournful sound the bagpipes made. When watching the coffin lowered to the ground, I felt a profound sadness for the Queen and for all the other people I’ve lost.

    Mari Jo O'Neill says:

    Thar music made me weep. I went to a friend’s funeral several years ago and they played the bagpipes at his grave site, while lowering his casket, it was very moving and very sad. They rarely do that anymore, and they leave the casket just sitting there

    Zippy Thekid says:

    Yes, it reminds me too, of losing my grandparents that I never knew. But somehow I know? Isn’t that the Rapture? Grace, upon grace already given.

    Zippy Thekid says:

    @Vera Valadez God will lift her up

    W Leon says:

    Do not feel sad for the dead. For they have had their lives and have now shed their mortal coils. Rather, feel sad for those of us who are still here – who are left behind.

    Astronautical says:


    Madeline Della Mora says:

    A very touching and beautiful tribute to Her Majesty. Makes us all reflect on our lives, how lucky if we live into our 90s also! ❤ truly a remarkable female leader.

    Cami V says:

    such a spectacular and moving service. absolutely heart wrenching and made my stomach drop when the piper faded away. such a beautiful moment and transition.

    Kitteh says:

    The same was done for her beloved husband.

    L M says:

    Lowering the coffin with the lone Piper walking away into the horizon has to be one of the most poignant moments of acceptance and of finality. Spectacular beyond words, perfectly executed with precision. I hope the show of global support warms the hearts of the British nation.

    Rosemarie Perrotti says:

    I will always remember this Piper playing when lowering of the Queen.. 😢RIP Queen Elizabeth..🌹

    mandyinseattle says:

    They really do do it well.

    Abigail Vee says:

    I agree❤

    Nihal T says:

    Isn’t is only for people who saw it on TV? People at the church saw a coffin lowered…..
    The beauty of camerawork

    Catherine Syme says:

    Warms the hearts of many 🇳🇿

    Alexa konstantopoulos says:

    I’m not a fan of the royals but their history just fascinates me so much and I’m not ashamed to say I cried my whole way through this r.i.p queen liz rest well

    RJ404 says:

    Sky News, your coverage was fantastic. Out of many poignant moments the last few days this was without a doubt the most moving of them all. Her crown and other items signifying her sovereignty being removed, her then being lowered into the royal vault with the sole bagpipe and its mournful tune playing will last long into the future memories of so many around the world. Her passing at Balmoral , the royal hearse winding its way thru the countryside and all the events leading up to this day will be here on youtube for the ages. I’m so happy she can now rest in peace with her beloved Prince, Philip.

    I says:

    the respect that was shown this Amazing Queen was truly moving, the lone Piper playing so beautifully for His Queen as she was lowered into the Tombs, broke my heart and I wept

    James Masila says:

    Sorry for that please.take easy.

    Mandy Holzer says:

    I did too

    blue kitty says:

    This gave me chills! To watch the piper play as he walked away from the chapel and the music faded it was as if he was escorting the Queen’s soul from one realm to another.

    Greg W says:

    That’s actually what their doing; walking their souls out. Hence the slow walk and fading away. The same thing was done for her husband.

    Dani M says:

    Me diĂł la misma impresiĂłn

    Catherine Syme says:

    Amen 🙏

    Catherine Syme says:

    @Rhonda Le Breton as did I my neighbour! 🇳🇿🇦🇺🇬🇧🙏❤️🕯

    Bobby says:

    That’s exactly what he’s doing. It is very touching..

    Brutus Barnabus says:

    For those that don’t know, the piper played a tune outside the Queen’s window every morning at 9:00AM. A tradition started by Queen Victoria. It was so very moving.

    The Software Kid says:

    @omar espinosa The Kingdom belongs to the people and the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s sell by date has expired! Up the Republic!

    Diana B. says:

    This time, she didn’t wake up…

    Diana B. says:

    @ItzChickenYall It wasn’t the same piper at Queen Victoria, lol. This one probably played at the castle in the last few years. The tradition was started by Queen Victoria, tho.

    Ali Cuff says:

    @omar espinosa Thats not how it works

    b&srbck says:

    The removal of her tools of power from her coffin, the King placing the Commander in Chiefs marker on her coffin, the breaking of that rod, the lone piper walking away into the distance and fading plus the lowering of her coffin, were the most moving and deeply felt events since her death was announced.
    That was the time our nation fully accepted that our Queen was no longer with us.
    Always remembered.
    Forever in our thoughts
    Rest In Peace.

    SWAMI OHM says:

    That woman had in her crown the KohiNoor diamond. It was stolen from India.

    Christine Lubega says:

    True in life we can have it all but it ends in a different way

    Annapacha Clarke says:

    So true 😢😢

    Elaine says:

    The Queen loved Scotland and as her coffin disappeared
    the lone Scots piper played.
    It was so beautiful a touching moment ❤ so stirring.😢🇬🇧

    Stuart Powell says:

    This was the most moving part of the whole day. That haunting, fading sound as the piper walked away felt like a cruel yet kind way of saying: “it’s time to say goodbye now.”

    Rose Stevens says:


    Dusty Griffin says:

    the queen’s lone piper that she awoke to every day, playing her to final rest, walking away as her coffin was lowered – the very final goodbye to a magnificent queen before acknowledging the new king. what a sweet, personal, and poignant moment. may she rest in peace. there shall never be another british monarch like her.

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