Portugal vs Ghana 3 2 All Gоals Extеndеd Hіghlіghts HD 2022

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Fuerza y Fe@ says:

Minuto 4:07 se escucha unanime en el estadio el Siuuuuuu👏👏👏😎

indosoccer says:


this cat so angry, when his team failure winning the game..

HijodelMR says:

Celebrating it second goal while loosing 3 what a pr…

nuryanto channel 85 says:

CR7 is the best

Zhuned Slow says:

Diego costa males loncat

Yadiowlpang5tempur Yadixixi says:

Mlh selebrasi ronaldo bangke🤣

Zarkasi N says:

Awokwokwok mancing cok


Ghana did great, Ronaldo don't deserve that penalty. He flopped lmao

부로콜리TV :: 돈버는 마케팅 전략 says:

마지막 낙시 ㅋㅋ

Kuty na 4 nogi says:

ronaldo is a rag

mamun razaq says:

cristina penaldo

Ika Roman Nurhidayat says:

Siuuuuu cr7

Arturo Daniel Pacheco Ruales says:

Penaldo strikes again

Wisdom Nzube says:

That was not a penalty.

Mishan Shrestha says:

Ayew’s celebration tho😂

Fauzi Aliakbar Siregar says:

your fishing skill is awesome!

Raihandi Al Khalifi says:

channel mantap

Ahmed Saim says:

sell deba chanal

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