PLAYER RATINGS | Man City 1-2 Brentford

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    PLAYER RATINGS | Man City 1-2 Brentford

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    Dwayne Linton says:

    Lb being soft on players some play worst than others but all was bad worst game I ever see city play

    Danzibar says:

    Anyone else feel like when we have the teams with 11 men behind the ball we don’t look like we can penetrate them because our wingers are all cutting in to congested area instead of playing wide and stretching the pitch

    Edge says:

    This one was definitely on pep. Playing gundoghan with kdb.rodri middle. Such a slow 3.Grealish was fantastic against Chelsea and he didn't even come on. Also you can't keep changing the defence. Ortega needs to start after the world cup. Pep needs to fix up and use his subs.

    Geoff W. says:

    Ake need to play in defence if only for his aerial ability, corners and any balls lofted into the box he's the best we have

    Geoff W. says:

    thought we were playing walking football our build up play was so slow

    Catherine K says:

    The early kick offs are a killer but City played into Brentford's hands

    John Holden says:

    No team structure, a square peg in every round hole, substitution treated as an admission of error (can't have that, not even in a CL final). Yet had WE scored a late winner, some would have been insisting Pep got right again, and who are we to question him?

    Blue💙 says:

    Same 11 vs Liverpool Newcastle Villa Brentford, coincidence?🤷‍♂️

    The Mad Hatter says:

    This might be a little negative, but a few things we need to address: 

    RB – Yes Walker is great but he’s been injured most of the season and no telling if he’ll be injured when he comes back. Plus he’s getting on in age. Rico is too young to fully take over so we need a stop gap who is fast
    RW – We need speed down the right. Mahrez doesn’t have it, Silva needs to be in the midfield where he is a magician. Cole Palmer needs to play more or bring in someone with speed
    MID – we already know we’re gonna need replacements for Gundo (if he leaves) and Silva (if he leaves). But must be addressed. Can’t do what Liverpool has done with their mid
    LB – Cancelo is good but his silly errors are beginning to pile up. We need to have someone who is an actual LB instead of relying on chopping and changing the CBs to cover the LB or RB position.

    Thoughts? Too harsh? Missing something?

    Oo oO says:

    Poor performance overall. Maybe Orgeta would have kept one of those out otherwise the whole team was ass.

    Noah Pearson says:

    7:18 😉

    divyeesh says:

    we need a good defend cb besides akanji positions

    Carl R says:

    Horrible match! Were any of the players tired after the game? How the hell can a team get so shitty in such a short time? Last goal 3 ag 1 ? Defense non existing, what a joke! KDB was awful, did he give any good passes? Nope! Haaland receive 0 service, and what was all that slipping all about. Wrong size knobs? Bernardo is no wing.! Grealish – Haaland – Foden with Alvarez alternating in the line is our best offense!

    shanty says:

    Wouldn’t even entertain given these multi millionaires any rating. Stones Body language was a disgrace & dont want to see him in a city shirt again. Think peps days are getting stale, we have 5 subs to make this season & pep just ignores it. We need to to go forward with a new manager ARTETA is the new pep

    sl1ng3r57 says:

    We need a right foot winger with pace

    Roll Mops says:

    Pep : a 2 for playing the wrong players at the wrong places…. why is Gundogan always passing to the back….what was Stones doing so high on the pitch? Is he trying to replace KDB and planning to make some curve long passes?
    The game was so slow, they never launched long balls from the back for Haaland. They always gave the time to the Brentford's team to go back in front of their goal. If Silva came to the left, it's because he didn't received enough ball on the right, just like KDB and so, they went to left side to get more chance to touch the ball. If you don't give some spaces for Haaland to run in, there is no point playing him. City seems becoming like a one's man team now.

    Manchester airport elliot runwy 1 runway 2 says:

    Mancger ciys elliot goles

    Abubakar Khan says:

    I think we should look at Bueno from Wolves. Plays at LWB and was good against Arsenal yesterday both defensively and offensively. Or start to use Wilson Esbrand more because he looks like he could be a really good left back.

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