Pete Davidson is a GOD Tier THOT 🚧 🐰 | #shorts

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Pete Davidson is a GOD Tier THOT!

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    Bobpob Cf says:

    Good on him but I dont get it tbh. Dude looks like if Meth was a person.

    He clearly pulls but honestly he looks like 👲🏽

    Lou Skunt says:

    Kim K has had thousands of dawgs in her!🤣😂✌️

    Noob Noob says:

    I think you could get more views on ig.

    Lou Skunt says:

    He wishes he had that dawg in him.

    GT-R DADDY says:

    gran dayyyy

    Desert_Yeti says:

    This man on that different type of shit I swear. Gotdamn.

    Skitzomunkyx says:

    Money makes and fugly dude attractive

    IDC says:

    Man had to add a new scene mid video because Pete sliding one after another, inspiring……

    Lad99 Boy99 says:

    Pete’s game never stops

    MorganaDays says:

    his height & status boost him up to a 10 for most women

    FlameBoi 7 says:

    Had to make an update! Game never stops, STUPID!

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