Pakistan PM gives emotive speech after devastating floods

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Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, has given an emotive address to the COP27 summit this afternoon in the wake of devastating floods.

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  • He said: “This COP rings an alarm bell for humanity, it is the only platform where the survival of the human race as a goal still holds promise.

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    NOTION... says:

    Pakistan should start exporting donkeys to earn some cash….only product they good at creating😂😂😂 heard during covid they wore face masks made from used Chinese bras and underwear……crazy man

    Denise Chetwynd says:

    Does any other Country help us do we receive money of anyone just asking.😡

    preston23 says:

    as the UK is being turned into a third world country, our leaders say that diversity is our strength! Well let's send all our great immigrant communities to Pakistan so they too can benefit from diversity

    Ravishing Riz says:

    Why the west don't ask him to sell Sharif's London properties which worth millions of £ . And help the people of Pakistan who are suffering from economic crises because of the loans they took from west and ate all of that money.

    Freedom Dreamer says:

    Pakistan: God is great, God is responsible for all things and Osama bin laden hiding in Pakistan is just a coincidence and the taliban just magically disappeared over the border into Pakistan every time western troops came near and now we have a natural disaster that has nothing to do with Allah and the west must pay for it all

    🙄 lol

    james rashbrook says:

    I don't understand how Pakistan can afford nuclear weapons but gets international aid,same with India and space program, I feel west is being mugged off,India does not have low carbon footprint

    Adi Dutta says:

    Budget for 160 nuclear bombs, ISI, Terror camps, Luxury houses for Osama bin Laden, Hafiz Said, Daud Ibrahim,, and no budget for flood victims,,

    sourav jaiswal says:

    He is shaming the entire sub continent, India and Bangladesh also get flooding, never blamed others.

    sourav jaiswal says:

    CC is just a scapegoat. Almost every year in 21st century atleast 1 south asian countries has flooded.

    raj kapoor says:

    This guy does not represent people of Pakistan, he is an army puppet.

    Ravishing Riz says:

    An ongoing investigation into money-laundering charges against the Sharif brothers has unearthed several suspicious money transfers in their accounts, ARY News reported on Friday, citing sources.

    Sources said that a huge amount was laundered abroad through telegraphic transfers (TTs) in the names driver, currency dealer, mobile seller, and clothes seller.

    Ravishing Riz says:

    The TT scandal of Shehbaz Sharif and family is probably the best documented scam in the history of Pakistan, record of each and every transaction, every fake company and ghost depositor.

    Kelly Stuart says:

    Seeing all these world leaders come together and working together for the sake of our plant and everyone on it is… Priceless!!! These are the kind of leaders we so desperately need in today's world!!!

    ElizaUK Samad says:

    World tied off feeding these 3rd countries, while their leaders made themselves millionaire and their country Candy Caves for their recycled dynasties.

    S M says:

    The weather/climate changes for all sorts of reasons. What is this fuss about. No UK taxpayer money to Pakistan or anywhere else.

    Hua Thai says:

    And that concerns us because??? Believe skyfakenews your best source of PROPAGANDA

    Vijay Mujumdar says:

    Biggest contributor to climate change is horrendous population growth from 2.5 billion hundred years ago to unsustainable 8 billion now. Responsible are lawless third world countries, principles
    among them is Pakistan. That country had population of 35 million in 1947 which has now ballooned to 220 million. Will the PM of that country enforce strict birth control measures instead of performing fake drama at climate change jamboree?

    Barney Barnfield says:

    Absolute news .Absolute bullshit

    Ravishing Riz says:

    DAILY MAIL REPORT Penthouse pirates: How the mega-rich former prime minister of Pakistan and his sons have ploughed millions into London's swankiest addresses to amass a vast property empire !!

    Mahabir Yadav says:

    International bhikhari, country Pakistan🤣

    Ravishing Riz says:

    Pakistan's no. 1 investigative journalist ARSHAD SHARIF is been assisnated in kenya because he was working on this CORRUPT PM corruption. Arshad was forced to leave country.

    Mina says:

    Correction he's not the prime minister he's a imposed western puppet

    S Kim says:

    Imran khan is the prime minister of Pakistan not shabaz he's an American zionist puppet.

    Ravishing Riz says:

    The day he became PM, that was the day he was about to convicted on money laundering charges. He is the biggest crook and money launderer. And giving emotional speech to get some more money from the world.

    A A says:

    It's great they come together but please why don't we work on Russia and Ukraine so we can have money to pay for every day things

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