Outnumbered 11/6/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS NOVEMBER 6, 2022

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Outnumbered 11/6/22 FULL HD
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    Elişi Krallığı says:

    Thanks for Watching

    Please Like video & Subcribe channel ! Thanks all

    Roxie Olemeda says:

    C'mon Dr 0z and Hershal Walker we need those 2 seats. Please heavenly Abba put your hands 👐 on this election and go red sunami 🌀 in the house as well

    Rick Pollard says:

    Reporters keep getting locked up if they don't tow the border tow the line the narrative line you mean yeah and communism quit siding with Communism if that's what you're saying so put your money where your mouth is Obama and do what's right don't side with them call me Lefty pieces of garbage

    Jeogenes Biongcog says:

    Obama means people being saved from communism by sending them away from where they live. like in that island!

    Dee Hart says:

    Biden is only the President of a few people

    Daniel Quinn says:

    I can’t believe the race is this close ? It tells you where this country head is at …what exactly does “our democracy is at stake “ mean ? we’re voting right ? isn’t that democracy ?

    Derek King says:

    What a stupid old fool Joe Biden is.

    Derek King says:

    Joe Biden always struggles.

    Tony Davis says:

    He’s kinda been in and out of the closet too

    Dra Williams says:

    Keep the Democrats in there any longer and you're going to have a communist Run Country and you won't be able to fight back

    Derek King says:

    I don't believe some of those polls.

    Gillian Perry says:

    Biden is insane!

    Jody Bundrant says:

    Biden hasn't a clue how electricity is made, we will have zero power for any thing soon if nothing is done about him!

    Bennie Knape says:

    Why ,why would anybody want to vote for the left, why? What have the DemacRats done to make our lives better at all.

    Derek King says:

    Nothing is going to keep me from voting on Tuesday. Im voting all Republicans.

    Rob From Ogden says:

    The banned books are only vorbidden in public schools. If the left want to bring back all books, lets talk about bringing the Bible back into schools….

    outspoken says:

    What kind of "president" calls his people, the people that pay him and those people(under and working for him) idiots, stupid and numerous other insulting names? Insulting southerners trying to speak with our accent but sounding more like a drunkin useless moron. Not one that can convince me or anyone I know, no matter their economic background, race or birth nationality to vote for them. As far as obama, oprah, hillary clinton…they need to crawl back in their closets, in obamas case, under his desk with his little tictoc friend that we're all laughing about, giving us yet another reason to laugh about bill "not having sex with that woman" clinton, another moron that thought the citizens if the US are stupid. And yes, mr wonderful womanizing clinton wasv impeached and he wouldhave been more than once had he notbpaid those other women off. They are all has beens with the 3 of them only speaking out because they need the attention and they love the money they get paid to endorse and speak out for. Poor hillary is so old she's forgotten how Kennedy threw her to the trash like oprah with Dr Oz, just to stay in the public eye.

    Patrick A says:

    Democracy, democracy, democracy. The United States of America is not a democracy. it is, however, a Republic. A Constitutional Republic at that. Quite simply, we use a democratic process to hire employees. "Democracy is on the ballot" Bullshit! The ballot is our republic in action hiring new employees. Something most learned by the third grade of primary school.

    Troy Crews says:

    Protect your children voters vote for America !!!

    Stephen Reynolds says:

    Shut up about Democracy Brandon. Brain dead idiot.

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