LATEST UPDATES I More Russian missiles strikes

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  • Energy facilities targeted as Kyiv sees snowfall
    Latest update from Kyiv with Assed Baig

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    LATEST UPDATES I More Russian missiles strikes

    Energy facilities targeted as Kyiv sees snowfall
    Latest update from Kyiv with Assed Baig

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    Pilot Paulie says:

    Winter is going to tough.

    Dan Warsaw says:

    Russia depleted that missile stock back in April though.

    Sam DL says:

    Must be Ukrainian missiles then. Let’s ask Biden

    Targe says:

    Ukranian is now start to bomb themselves ofcourse! 💪😎🇺🇦

    Zafir Zakaria says:

    Yes. These are Chinese missiles.
    Copium 112 missiles.

    Mulondo Solomon says:

    They said precision munitions were depleted in march

    Bushy Netshidaulu says:

    it was the propaganda from west media, they have been saying Russia is running out of high precision weapons since the beginning, and they are now still deploying 100 of them like its nothing

    Ahmed SHIRU07 says:


    Vector says:

    Hope Ukraine doesn’t strike Poland again

    Ehis George says:

    She will aim Romanian this time.

    NatsM says:

    @Ehis George Hahaha

    Rod Camp says:

    I guess it is harder to pretend that 2 missiles happened to land in the wrong country. Remember it was 2 missiles. Now they say it was 1 missile. Lol

    adeline rojas says:

    they want to start WWIII.

    Ken Irawadi says:

    and hit exactly Polish tractor.

    JCElzinga says:

    huh i thought they were out of missiles


    😂😂😂 🤡🤡🤡 zelensky oh zelensky

    gangmei gaingam says:

    Aren’t you reporting earlier they were out of missiles?

    alan yosores says:

    @Lordcool Ukrainian trap to western media propaganda 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ahmed SHIRU07 says:

    Believe those UkroNazies apologists at your own peril lol 🤣😂

    Shannon says:

    isn’t Iran supplying them with weapons?

    Ryan Davies says:

    Well done Iran 👍👍

    Dogapart says:


    anthony duckworth says:

    What goes round- comes round.

    FIRE FOCUS says:

    Happy winter season for ukraine 🇺🇦💖

    Toji says:

    @Edward Valivonis maybe you will.. but many other wont survive.

    Kevin says:

    Pol forgot how ppl lived without heating back in the day when it was even colder💀

    Vladimir Ipotzky says:

    @Edward Valivonis ukraine will survive, its just a country! But not all people will, they will die in the winters to come!

    Hello There says:

    @Vladimir Ipotzky Same with Russian people.. The ones getting drafted to fight for putin that is…

    Contractor Vegas says:


    General Eric says:

    It’s going to get brutal with winter on their doorstep and Russia stepping up their operations it will be harsh for Ukrainians with little energy available.

    jack jones says:

    The humanitarian crisis could have been avoided if US/NATO would have kept their noses out of Eastern Europe.

    Lum Yerre says:

    Wake up man. There is absolutly no crisis. It’s only what you hope. The ukrainians aren’t colder that the russian army.

    D STONE says:


    tehui says:

    Russia acts like an angry and jealous ex-husband. “If I can’t have her, nobody can”.

    D STONE says:

    @tehui obviously you only listen to western media . Do some research

    Ehis George says:

    Thought Al Jazeera was in league with Western media!! You were promoting how weak Russia is and how Ukraine is winning! Thought the Russians has been chased off by Ukrainians because there was huge celebrations in Kherson and breaking news on Western media.

    Kodjo G says:

    I always blame everything in the comedian in power. Lesson learn for every country never put anyone like zelensky in power. Negotiations is the key . US and EU are not concern about Ukrainians.

    Zafir Zakaria says:

    Russia still has missiles?
    I thought they ran out of missiles in May.

    Red Raptor says:

    The Ukrainian missile that hit Poland was an S-300, which is an anti-air missile. The only way it could have gone 20+ miles the wrong way, and the only way it could have taken a ballistic trajectory, is if it was aimed in that direction and the radar signature was manipulated.

    Summary: Ukraine fired that missile at Poland, hoping to incite an article 4 or 5 reaction

    D STONE says:

    @Love Spoils . It was Ukraine. Move on

    cbel888 says:

    @Red Raptor 👌🤌👍🤜🤛

    NatsM says:


    Jim Barthol says:

    @Love Spoils yeah that’s what you’re going to get

    Dogapart says:

    So sad for ordinary Ukrainean citizens, suffering hard becoz of that comedian. Winter is coming stay safe all Ukrainean people.😪

    zahir hussain says:

    But comedian safe .

    Love Spoils says:

    We suffer because of the comedian called putin because it was HE who attacked us.

    Au Gr says:

    General winter and Russian missiles keep it going Russia. 👋 Hello darkness my old friend I come to talk to you again. 🎶 this is what Ukraine will be singing for a long time. No heat, no electricity freeze to death. Keep working Russia 🇷🇺.

    Hatty xD1 Youtuber says:


    stephen weber says:

    As Comedian Dave Chapelle said, “Ukraine versus Russia” is like “Colorado versus The United States”.
    Ukraine = 233,090 mi² Colorado = 104,185 mi²
    Russia = 6,602,000 mi². = 28.3 times as big The US = 3,797,000 mi² = 36.4 times as big

    iQ- Ride says:

    I hope Zelensky is happy. If he was to enforce the agreement mediated by Germany years ago, there wouldn’t have been a war.

    World News says:

    When USA rain rockets and missiles on Iraq, it was hailed as a brilliant military tactics of air superiority and many countries took this as a military strategy worthy of military tactics.

    When Russia do same in this war, hyprocritically the same countries that praise US rains of rockets are now screaming foul.

    So who determines When and Who is qualified to use similar tactics?

    GirlFriday says:

    The war in Iraq was a total, utter ham-fisted fiasco, just like the war in Ukraine, though a very different situation. It was unnecessary and wrong. The Iraqis were well on their way to getting rid of Saddam themselves, and only needed us to continue with the support we were giving them.

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