King Charles made Prince Andrew 'cry' during tense meeting

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Prince Andrew was “tearful” and “totally blindsided” when King Charles told him he would never return to royal duties during a tense in-person meeting between the brothers.

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  • King Charles made Prince Andrew 'cry' during tense meeting

    Prince Andrew was "tearful" and "totally blindsided" when King Charles told him he would never return to royal duties during a tense in-person meeting between the brothers.


    Ella Mae Loftus says:

    Interestingly, Charles banned Andrew due to accusations in a civil lawsuit. No criminal case has been brought against Andrew. Yet, by the Sussex's own words of lies, deceit, betrayal, and hypocrisy they haven't been stripped. Perhaps Charles knows more than what the public is told.
    (just an American observing)

    Dottie Hardage says:

    I don't think Andrew is any worse than his big brother, King Charles. He and Camilla set a record for disgraceful behavior back when he was still married to Diana

    carolyn allen says:

    I believe prince Andrew was set up by that group of people Epstein people. He should be allowed to work as he wants.

    Andy Wells says:

    About time that arrogant oaf was brought back to earth. Respect to King Chales.

    Toni Fox says:

    That’s how arrogant he is. He is tainted.

    Angie Esparza says:

    So is Harry next. Let's hope Andrew let's the truth come out. And exposes his real relationship with Harry's wife. And maybe Andrew letting the world he paid Harry's wife to be a weekend bedmate. ( Alledgedly, IMO that's why she snitched and brought JE GM, Andrew and others down. So they couldn't get to her first. It all started when she entered Harry's life.)
    Alledgedly, and Information out in the Public Domaine. )

    So is Harry next to never comeback in.

    Paul Cheshire says:

    He's a embarrassment n should be in prison,,You or I would be ,,not that I'd do the things he's done…A very sick affair …To hell with them.

    Another Perspective says:

    It would seem that censorship and blocking of comments around this subject have worked a treat. The narrative that is allowed to stay seems to support Charles, but that's only because the logarithms and censorship are stopping people from commenting. And as you follow the narrative, please ask why they are steering you in the direction of despising on 2 royals too distract from Charles' own shortcomings, skeletons in closet and sins he should never be forgiven for, he isn't fit to rule. But steering the narrative, as it says, Charles good, Harry bad, Andrew bad, be grateful that Charles is much better a hiding his truth than these 2 are. A good liar, just we need as a ruler over people.

    Richard Reweti says:

    Prince Harry isn't in the same entitled league as Prince Andrew, but the Brit's have to blame someone to save face so why not hang Prince Harry and the Black Princess out to dry, Oops she's not allowed to be a Princess. 🤣

    fattymoko says:

    There’s no coming back for his crimes against women. Now that his presence is pointless you want to know what I predict will happen? He writes a tell all book. I can smell it coming.

    fattymoko says:

    The fact that Andrew couldn’t predict his fate (even as all the rest of us did) shows his utter contempt for the crown and blind narcissism. To think that he would expect anything different show how little real world insight and involvement he has with sensible, honest, humble people. He’s lucky he wasn’t thrown out of his house and I hope the cash cow of a brother doesn’t pay his “royal” pain in the arse brother anything he doesn’t deserve.

    RIGHT 4 MIGHT says:

    Gee, he should have asked for being treated like Clinton. Britt’s have a lot of grit.

    Astray Agin says:

    They both love children.

    sweet hee-haw says:

    What did Andrew expect??
    His daughters were openly and outwardly resentful and jealous of our future Queen, Catherine too.
    William learnt the Royal game of Chess from HMQ.
    Andrew, this all on you and your greedy expectations for your dimwit daughters and yourself
    The fool you are.

    Terri Clark says:


    Lyn says:

    Andrew is his own enemy. Open mouth insert foot. Imagine the money that has been given to bail him out on the Epstein case and the Swiss Chalet debt.

    carl berg says:

    This generation of royals has no stature and no charisma. Charles sashays around town with bags stuffed with cash from the Bin Ladens; the Queen gave Andrew money to avoid a trial for sex crimes; Camilla and Charles used, abused, and destroyed Diana; Meghan’s claims of racism. The royal family has become a vulgar melodrama.

    Lilly says:

    He's rich, has daughters who love him, grandchildren to spoil. He should just take a vacation and relax.

    joanna tam says:

    Andrew either cried because he was truly repentant or cried because all the privileges will be taken from him and he has to start earning a living 😅 all these entitled royals like andrew and Harry never really understood the Importance of the RF to keep a certain standard of morality and ethics and values

    Aspen Hill says:

    Interesting that Andrew does not understand the concept of "consequences". Bravo to King Charles for prioritizing the good of country before an (apparently) unrepentant sibling.

    carol King says:

    Good on King Charles 😊

    Another Perspective says:

    Yesterday's news minus a person telling the story. Did you need more clickbait for today, the other story didn't get enough views. Well done, the rehash of the same story will make you money.

    Let's hope Andrew does a Harry now, and writes a book telling his truth about Charles and Jimmy and 50 years of protection because of royal protection. He was only imitating his older brother.

    George says:

    He's a parasite.

    MK Jackson says:

    Well done, King Charles. Very Well Done!

    Jenny Hohmann says:

    He should have thought of that before he started fooling around with underage girls and associating with Epstein.

    Human 2.0 says:

    Corrections: he didn't settle, the late queen did. And the so called undisclosed amount is $13 000 000 (thirteen million dollars)

    1msrene says:

    When decisions are made like this one wonders what is going on behind the scenes that more than likely you will never get to find out about. Never complain never explain.

    Stefanie2530 says:

    'totally blindsided'??? What on earth did you think was going to happen, Andrew??? Business as usual after everything you've done? King Charles did the right thing…he did the ONLY thing that could be done. And I hope he does the same if Hapless' book is as evil as its rumored to be.

    Nyla Sharper says:

    So, I kinda believe that he never forced her. I think guiffre and jizlane are far from innocent and preyed on gullible men. I also think there's far more to the story than has come out so far. Maybe we'll never know.
    He's no saint, sure, but this statement I do believe.

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