Karine Jean-Pierre is 'mocked' for 'latest bit of hyperbole'

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is “again” being mocked for her latest bit of “hyperbole,” says Sky News host Rita Panahi.

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  • Karine Jean-Pierre is 'mocked' for 'latest bit of hyperbole'

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is “again” being mocked for her latest bit of “hyperbole,” says Sky News host Rita Panahi.


    Duane Hawk says:

    You are absolutely correct, the LEFT and THEIR hypocrisy knows no bounds. However if anyone asks a question that goes against the narrative of the LEFT, THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!

    Theo Warner says:

    You know you F’ed up when the universe goes blood moon on election morning lol. Let’s see what antics come tomorrow morning. I honestly believe if they only allowed registered dems to vote, the republicans would still win. It would be a fun exercise regardless

    James Wildes says:

    Thou shalt not lie…..her ass will burn in Hell. Ten times over.

    Shaun Taylor says:

    She is an absolute idiot. Only there based on skin colour, not abilities.

    RayRae says:

    The demonrats are trying to ruin America

    chris lamont says:

    Through her vocal donation deceptive body language wrong cadence of speech she can't even fool herself or maybe she has if you notice pelosi AOC they all use this jab step Kamala Harris as well it's like they're trying to bait you with something that's important next out of their words as they fumble making a dumpster salad

    Catherine says:


    RayRae says:

    Mega maga means true American believers

    Brock Lee says:

    My Mega MAGA Election Denier action figure has the kung-fu grip.


    Karine isn't there to be a press secretary, but a dodger who slips and slides or lies. Formerly the White House racist-in-residence, she is a black female liberal; lesbian no less, yet little more than a statistic. Considering the deplorable state of journalism in these United States, another circus clown really matters not a wit.

    James Harmon says:

    it's so funny, you can tell what they are doing, and are going to be doing, by what they are accusing others of.

    Jim Spencer says:

    USA is a banana republic. Look at that freak lying openly as if people are stupid

    Sue Zimmermann says:

    Rita can you please kidnap Keri Lake and bring her back to Australia.

    Dwight Young says:

    She has to go! With all these Dems. Their really sick in their heads. How did this become so weird.

    Terry Sonneson says:

    You two are precious….I love it!!! Great to hear free speech ☺️

    Juan Bedolla says:

    Love the energy guys !! Greetings from chicago!

    Krutchly says:

    She clearly believes that the general public are stupid.

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