‘It’s significant’: Putin orders troops to withdraw from Kherson

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CNN international diplomatic editor Nic Robertson reports from Ukraine on Ukrainian military officials saying Russia wants to turn Kherson into a “city of death.” #CNN #News

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  • ‘It’s significant’: Putin orders troops to withdraw from Kherson

    CNN international diplomatic editor Nic Robertson reports from Ukraine on Ukrainian military officials saying Russia wants to turn Kherson into a “city of death.” #CNN #News


    Pasparinho Dos says:

    Good job 👍

    Amit Mondal says:

    Russian stargy is worst they have all the military might but they lack good plan form the beginning

    Boon Docker says:

    Putin is going nuke

    Plodus says:

    Yup, Putinski is gonna do it huh…He really has nothing to lose…no one will respond after the bomb short of WWIII. Pop Goes the Weasle.

    miss rayelyn says:

    I don't trust this. I'm sure the Ukrainians don't either. Please stay vigilant and Godspeed.

    Pilot Paulie says:

    It’s a trap.

    verne chappell says:

    It was the biggest loot of all time.Take everything

    Ellen h says:

    City of death? Awwww I thought Putin was saving the good people from the communist government in Ukraine! They are HIS people, right? Putin, I'm starting to think you don't care about the beloved people of Ukraine AT ALL. Your lips say "save" but your actions say "destroy". Just curious, will you be printing Russian maps showing this new name you've given the city? Death City …City of Death. Odd trophy for a rescue mission.

    Joe ROGAIN says:

    A Russian soldier calls home from Kherson & Ukraine Front :

    Ivan, did you take Kyiv yet.

    Nyet, Sweatlana my sweets.

    Did you take Harkiv?

    Nyet, nyet!

    Did you take Kherson?

    Nyet, Nyet, Nyet!

    What did you take?

    Sweatlana, I took a blender, microwave, Sony Walkman, a washing machine and 2 fur coats, my lubov.

    charles cover says:

    republicans did so poorly in the midterms that russia has given up on getting help from them going forward. putin is probably going to use nukes, it will be the end of him.

    Tauhidul Islam says:

    We also know that russia must fall in war,

    FredinToronto says:

    Russia will probably level Kherson with missiles.

    SR71BETA says:

    Putin didnt order his troops to withdraw, his Generals did.

    Wally Vos says:

    Russia has mobilized 300,000 troops and cannot be trusted, deceitful to the core so it is imperative to finish the Keerch
    and completely destroy the Crimea bridge…

    Mouth Cloud says:

    Don't believe Russia or the right wing they are liers

    Dardania Lion says:

    He had to order them otherwise they would go in smoke. Good Job Ukraine. God bless America for helping Ukraine.

    Joe ROGAIN says:

    KGB was the main Security Agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 to 1991.

    A direct successor of the dreaded Cheka, OGPU, NKVD & MGB.

    It carried out Internal Security, Foreign Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence & Secret Police functions.

    In 1991 the KGB was dissolved and was succeeded by the FSB.

    Tim Rogers says:

    Poisonous snakes can NEVER be trusted, not until they are dead and burned. Thankfully the Ukrainians and the world know that. Leave Kherson be, by-pass it and continue killing Russian soldiers, their mercs and their destroying their re- supply lines. Keep the bastards running away at a pace in-line with your re-supply. Kherson stinks of a booby-trap.

    Make Ukraine Russia Again 🇷🇺 says:

    US General Mark A Milley has admitted that 100000 Ukrainian troops have been killed on the battlefield since the start of the war. Read WAshington Post. This admission signals that the US is pushing Ukraine to negotiate and the Russian withdrawal from Kherson is part of a planned agreement ahead of a negotiated ceasefire.

    Bobby Kimble says:

    Protect Ukraine borders, but don't protect American borders…Interesting how that works

    Joe ROGAIN says:

    "When you are born, you get a ticket to The Freak Show."

    "When you are born in America, you get a front row seat to The Freak Show."

    George Carlin

    Laura Walker says:

    I'm not American but I've always thought America was a great country and never get the credit they deserve sometimes. Standing up for Ukraine and the brutal invasion, the torture, looting, murder, and horrific sexual violence of toddlers, the elderly, and even men have suffered. America has made mistakes but also has done a lot of good in the world and I'm thankful the U.S exists. It's actually really sad to see people in what was considered the beacon of democracy, vote for election deniers. Russia has even admitted on their state tv they actively interfere. The host on election night even said and boasted "happy interference day"
    They want distrust of elections.

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