Iran admits to supplying Russia with military drones in war against Ukraine

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After repeatedly denying its involvement in the war in Ukraine, Iran admitted to supplying Russia with military drones. Despite the military aid, however, Russia is continuing to experience heavy losses on the battlefield. Holly Williams has more.

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    Chasse au Sanglier says:

    Thank you IRAN 👍👍❤️❤️

    Sidney Tambunga says:

    Putin wants to launch 🚀 a nuke because he can’t get his way with half a land and so it will work out 💪 for Putin trust me.

    Sidney Tambunga says:

    Putins cause is unjustified . Pearl Harbor was deliberately attacked and countless life’s lost so the nuke we dropped on Hiroshima was life being returned. To the families that were destroyed during the attack.

    Sidney Tambunga says:

    He will remain there everyone else will be set free and given time space and tools to build back their families.

    Sidney Tambunga says:

    That’s why Putin named his nuke Saton 3 because if he uses that to destroy more homes and lives he will find himself knee deep in nuclear ☢️ fire and mess and the families that have been destroyed on his words time and leadership will judge him on his Deeds and give him back what he has given them. 🕊

    Matt26 says:

    Is Israel sending any weaponry to Ukraine? Anyone wonder why not ?

    Joe Weis says:


    Janie K Carney says:

    Sanction Iran 100%.

    Meat Head says:

    And for some reason my YouTube page is different…🤷‍♂️..I don't like the all new..

    Meat Head says:

    Soooo are we supposed to be shocked.???.🤷‍♂️ it's no difference from America supplying Ukraine.. hope you're not wanting people to pick sides..because I know I'm no…

    wyatt Phillps says:

    Why is this a big deal while the US has given Billions Of Equipment to Ukraine?

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