Imperial State Crown, orb and sceptre removed from Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin | ABC News


The items will be passed onto the dean of Windsor, and will be placed on an altar, where they'll remain until King Charles' coronation in 2023.

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    Douglas says:

    This was the saddest part because it means she’s no longer Queen. It means her work is officially done.

    JoeS says:

    Yeah she’s been dead 10 days. I think it was official way before today. Cant do much dead.

    RA28 says:

    @JoeS feel better ?

    Emmanuel Bediako says:

    Yeeep,where she’s going no Queen but the mighty King ,real Kingdom where all are equal,no servants ,material wealth not needed Wish she could’ve have condemed that brutal oppressive apartheid regime in S Africa She kept quiet,God will ask her why

    Ashley C says:

    I watched the processions and both services and this is what got me emotional, seeing her majesty’s crown removed and then lowered down into the vault. Made me realize we would never see her again😢

    Hatchet Face says:

    @#JohnnyDeppIsRacist no she didn’t , Andrew and the queen wanted a jury trial , but at no point has that woman walked into a police station and filed charges . The queen’s devotion to this country would of ensured he stood trial . For his association with unsavoury people she stripped him of his titles and military honours hence him not wearing uniform at the funeral , and he will not be at any royal events , he basically has no life now . To say the queen shielded him is untrue she has handed out her own punishment she has humiliated him publicly

    anna wofford says:

    None of us today are responsible for hundreds of years ago. Each person answers for themselves to God. And it’s tiring to hear from generations ago someone today wanting to be paid for something they or us have no part in in any country

    avakin zoey 101 says:

    @Danielle Singleton ik its dumb how she didnt get it but it has to be passed on i guess to more queens id never respect any king or queen like her because i grew up knowing omggg shes the queen when she was getting lowered down thats so emtional

    Kristin Wolf says:

    The lone bagpiper was so perfect. It seemed like it was her soul leaving the chapel to go onto her next journey. Hopefully with Philip and her parents and sister.

    ekrupa2010 says:

    On the day she passed it was rainy and cloudy in London, and a short while after the news of her death broke, a rainbow appeared. I felt like that was her saying goodbye to the country she loved, and letting everyone know she’d be watching over it.

    Gabe more says:

    @ekrupa2010 not everyday there’s a rainbow especially on specific days

    Mystery Man says:

    Do you know the definition of perfect pitch? You throw an accordion in a dumpster and it land on an bagpipes.

    Lisa Hulit says:

    @Angela Cooper she is going to need it!

    j says:

    This aptly demonstrates as nothing else would that, “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.”

    Keith Lightminder says:

    And what a boon to her subjects if she were to pay inheritance tax….

    Sabrina R. Purnell says:

    Amen 🙏🏾

    ross avena says:

    We come to this world with nothing, we go with nothing indeed! Rich or poor go in the same box! Riches can not be brought when we go! Not a penny!

    Melo says:


    FromMisstoMrs says:

    Reality of Life. Just be Humble 🙏

    Apara says:

    This whole ceremony was beautiful poetic; such a moving experience to watch. I feel honored to have witnessed it.

    t dow says:

    -Come over and see, Queen Elizabeth shielded
    Prince Andrew from the US Police

    TiltonRoad Birmingham says:

    @t dow Jog on.

    Douglas says:

    @t dow Prince Andrew didn’t do anything wrong. If that happened in the UK he would have been fine because the legal age of consent is 16.

    T Pf says:

    watching Her Majesty’s coffin slowly descending is one of the saddest moments. She gave new definitions of how noble families should serve.

    Bobby D says:

    @Strawberry MoonWoman you’re absolutely right. She victimized and held control over many countries alike. That’s why you’re the only ones grieving her death.

    Nimsaj D says:

    @Strawberry MoonWoman 🤢🤢🤢🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ash bash 8717 says:

    Okay,….. so I had no idea coffins descended like that,…. It’s the first time I’ve seen that and it scared the living crap outta me,….. it descended so slowly, it was disappearing a little at a time,….. made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I didn’t know her coffin was gonna descend like that.

    Sean Smith says:

    The descending of the coffin made it final.

    Rush B says:

    Truly an honour to have lived during the time of this historical figure. Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth II

    Nimsaj D says:

    @Beast of Barrow 21st century…? 🥵🥵🥵🥵🤢🤢🤢🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hatchet Face says:

    @Nimsaj D thank us for the billions in financial aid , covid Jabs and clean water .

    Mark Simpson says:

    They’re are scores of woman who’ve done far more for the world than her. and they did it with almost nothing, you worship pretty jewels and power people haven’t earned.

    LiNDA STEINER says:

    I remember watching her Coronation on tv when I was 11 years old. I was so enthralled with her then and am still. I live in the US but somehow she always held a special place in my heart. Her graciousness was always marveled me. RIP your Majesty. I will miss your face.

    Helen Grim says:

    Linda Steiner. What a lovely tribute in the words “I will miss your face .”

    Peter Whitehead says:

    @Janet Browning I was 9

    not a meat puppet says:

    Are you a trump supporter? It seems a lot of trump supporters really liked this queen

    Ann Merley says:

    I was 11 and live in the US also. Before her coronation I followed her and her sister and read all about their lives as little princesses. As I grew up I began to appreciate her sense of humor, her kindness to those who worked for her, her love of horses and dogs which I share, and her devotion to her country and to God. I pray that there is an afterlife and she is happily there with the loved ones who preceded her and her dogs and horses too. She has earned happiness everlasting.

    Janet Browning says:

    @not a meat puppet who are you asking & that’s really a rude question…I sure am not a Trump supporter though & don’t mind saying so, publicly!

    L G says:

    Even though the Queens Imperial State Crown, Orb and Sceptre are now officially removed from her coffin, as she lays to rest until Gods fleet of angels descend to take our Queen Elizabeth towards the heavens, Queen Elizabeth will always be Queen in my heart. RIP Queen Elizabeth, your in Gods hands now. Amen 🙏🏻

    terror gaming says:

    May allah bless the commonwealth

    1chish says:

    She is and always will be Queen Elizabeth its just she is no longer Sovereign as that passed to Charles on her death.
    What a wonderful woman who took on so much at such a young age and delivered her oath in every way possible. I was 5 when the King died and she became Queen.

    Carol McC says:

    Well done! Everyone was so respectful… refreshing to see and I have to believe the Queen would have been so proud. RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

    mightybmx says:

    @Iowa Dark Ride it’s not as simple as that, many people feel sadness because it brings back memories from their lifetimes, for example for me it reminds me of my childhood and random moments where I learned about the queen, read something about her in school, or for my love of collecting coins from which her portrait started it all. Everyone has a different memory attached to the queen

    Merry's Sphere Facts says:

    Watch Queen Consort Camilla’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth 🥺 👇

    The Amber Heard Playlist!! says:

    Come over and see, Queen Elizabeth shielded
    Prince Andrew from the US Police

    John Kepa says:

    @The Amber Heard Playlist!! Ooh Amber are you still hurting from Johnny’s win lol.

    Mark Simpson says:

    Refreshing ??? 😂😂😂 this circus of tradition is hundreds of years out of date.

    Charity says:

    I was glad to see Princess Diana’s brother Charles, Earl Spencer in the congregation. He looked extremely sad. His father served as the queen’s equerry.

    imho says:

    He’s the next king’s uncle.

    Proud Magpie says:

    I believe the Queen was his Godmother

    C Richards says:

    The removal of the Crown and the Orb followed by the lone Piper truly broke my heart.
    An incredible funeral for one remarkable woman who we will never see the likes of again. RIP Elizabeth II.

    notbraindead says:

    @Donna Seabright Her selfless devotion to the United Kingdom, her love of the people, her rock-solid class and dignity will never be equaled.

    notbraindead says:

    @D Ara Her selfless devotion to the United Kingdom, her love of the people, her rock-solid class and dignity will never be equaled.

    John Cronin says:

    @notbraindead She also had incredible discretion— she knew how to be silent. Her role didn’t permit her to express her opinions, politically speaking, and she showed remarkable strength and self-discipline. One thing I noticed from comments made by former Prime Ministers, from both sides of the political aisle, was that they all knew they could speak candidly with her in their weekly meetings, because they knew those conversations (always one on one) would NEVER be leaked. And they never were.

    Shivaprakash Hn says:


    Donna Seabright says:

    @D Ara she was a remarkable woman ,selfless,we will never see the likes of her again ,I was honoured to be under her reign 🫅

    mc Mac says:

    i was sobbing when they removed the crown away…her majesty reigned with humility n graciousness..that is why this scene really gets me..kindness will always be remembered…

    JayBones says:

    Lmmfao!! Yeah ok!

    Jerome Lombardo says:

    Seeing her majesty’s crown removed did me in. RIP Queen Elizabeth.

    Mary Jones says:

    @not a meat puppet Not many at all, so I suggest African politicians started taking care of their own.

    deMartin says:

    Soooooo does Charles get a brand new crown? Does he get her old one? Or does he get pick-sies from all the previous ones? How exactly does that work?

    Marvalous Marva says:

    @Pamela Perkins Do the items get passed to KC III?

    Pukersia Bit-og says:

    I thought I was the only one thinking this….while I prepare my family’s simple meal, watching the pageantry, the affluence, the wordly things…how many billions of people to benefit from those jewels… it made me sick just watching the richness of this ceremony

    Anita Lloyd says:

    Oh how sad and filled with sorrow we are to watch the formalities. I am South-African and I have LOVED the Beloved Queen all my life. What an anchor, what a ruler, oh my God we shall miss her every day.
    Dear King Charles, we shall love you too.

    Hatchet Face says:

    Thank you Anita ❤️

    Funlola Oni says:

    Very colorful but emotional ceremony for the world’s most deserving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. We thank you for your decades of selfless service to the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and your subjects worldwide. Now, rest peacefully in the bosom of your Creator. You deserve it. We shall never forget you. May the reign of King Charles be peaceful, progressive and healthy for all, in Jesus’ name.

    Shivaprakash Hn says:

    Of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 may be maybe not don’t bring rest of world in to this

    producer SOF says:

    ​@Shivaprakash Hn lm a

    LB says:

    I’ve known no other Queen, she’s been there my whole life and now I feel lost. I’ve cried buckets. So much respect was paid to the Queen by both dignitaries and by her subjects, we’ll miss you so much. May a fleet of angels guide you to your rest. x

    Joda says:

    @avakin zoey 101 and LOVE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 my gosh your sick obsession

    Tim Iosefa says:


    yac tse says:

    By her subjects🤣🤪

    Xara says:

    Seeing comments from around the world for our beloved Queen is so touching. Honestly, Thank you. Thank you for your love and respect for Her Majesty, the Queen. In the last few years people have tried to tarnish her name and the monarchy, so seeing so much love for her is so reassuring. We are really feeling it here. The last 10 days have been surreal and we still cannot fathom what’s happened. We’ve lost our sovereign, the nation’s grandmother, and security blanket. This will NEVER be replicated. No monarch will ever be able to attain this sort of legacy. This is a huge loss. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, from a friendly Londoner (and historian). Love and peace to you all.

    Hextraordinary13 says:

    Queen Elizabeth II took on a job for 70 years that she never expected to have requested of her & did it with grace, dignity, & a good touch of humour.
    I send my condolences from Chicago, IL USA to all her family, the citizens of the UK & the Commonwealth, & all persons around the world who admired & cherished her.

    May Her Majesty rest in eternal peace.

    Lo🍒e says:

    @LCPL Apiata No one cares what you think. Billions have mourned and celebrated the life and legacy of this Queen. You are just a mere troll.

    stephlaw72 says:

    My she rest in peace and know that the whole world is hurting at this time what a beautiful Queen the world has lost! Prayers sent to all feeling her loss God rest her soul! 🙏🙏 From Colorado USA!

    Wild flower says:

    My great grandparents lived through there wars. Some of my great uncles are dead not to mention the stolen Aboriginal generation.You not much of a historian my great grandmother mourned my uncle her whole life.I detest the royal family Also black slavery wasn’t outlawed to 1970 her visit in 1954 the Aboriginal people couldn’t visit her because they had no shoes or socks even though they weren’t allowed them. Hope we become a REPUBLIC 🙏

    Hannah Williams says:

    I think a lot of people missed the breaking of the stick over the coffin and its symbolism. very touching

    hugebudz says:

    What’s the symbolism

    Owl Man says:

    @Keith Lightminder ​ @hugebudz That is her Chamberlain, the head servant. He carries the Wand of Service. Him breaking it shows he’s no longer her employee. Both his service to the Queen, and the Queen’s service to the nation are over. He is now retired, and she is laid to rest.

    Marvalous Marva says:

    @Owl Man So the Chamberlain is kind of like her butler? Does he choose to retire or just knows KC III is going to let him go anyway??

    Jakey Jake. says:

    @Marvalous Marva they must retire at the end of the sovereigns reign. King Charles will get his own one for his reign.

    Jody Campbell says:

    Thank you for explaining the meaning of it.

    1chish says:

    The significance of the small flag the King draped on her coffin is that it is from the Queen’s Company Grenadier Guards whose Regimental Colours are always where the Monarch is and so where the Monarch can be found.
    The breaking of the thin white stick is signifying the official end of the Lord Chamberlain’s service to the King or Queen and is the last act before burial.

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