Huge blow for Russia as it abandons key Ukrainian city of Kherson – BBC News

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  • Russia has ordered its troops to withdraw from the key Ukrainian city of Kherson, the highly prized regional capital that it captured soon after its invasion of Ukraine.

    For weeks, Ukrainian forces have been advancing on the city. Now the Russian commander in Ukraine has said it is no longer possible to supply troops in the city.

    Reeta Chakrabarti present BBC News at Ten reporting from the frontline, by Jeremy Bowen, Fred Scott and Kathy Long and from Steve Rosenberg in Moscow.

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    Xiannv 🧚‍♀️ says:

    Be careful, be resilient, be strong!!
    Glory to the brave Ukrainian people!!🇺🇦🇺🇦

    Patrick Fitzgerald says:

    Crimea by next year . . . Slava Ukraini!

    Andrew Boilson says:

    This is a Russian evil ploy ! They want to regroup ! Fxxk Russia 🇷🇺!

    Rocky Morningstar says:

    No glory for Nazi Ukraine

    ellen says:

    Here is the recommended clip that say it : !!

    Ken Swanston says:

    Slava Ukraini!!!

    Patrícia Santos says:

    Never before Ukraine/Ukrainians were so positively popular and highly rated worldwide. Now, finally, the world knows this great People. I’m very happy and proud that this amazing Nation is part of the European Continent.
    Glory to Ukraine!!

    Лучший Капер says:

    @Beautiful People Я не пойму, зачем ты прислал эту ссылку? Чтобы я посмотрел короткое видео о ГУЛАГ? 😄Я русский, я изучал это в школе на уроках истории. Я смотрел много фильмов об этом, в том числе фильм по книге Солженицына, который сам был в ГУЛАГ. По мимо всего прочего я потомок ссыльных, которых выслали в 1928 году на Дальний восток в мороз – 60° по Цельсию и жили они в деревянном бараке у которого толщена стен была доска толщенной 25 см.
    Я знаю о ГУЛАГ гораздо больше, чем кто-либо из вас!

    MrDosonhai says:

    @Татьяна Органова Oh sure, oh sure. Wait for the total collapse of the Russian army? Yeah, I’ll wait. Unless Putin uses nukes or blows the dam upstream, he can never win this stupid war of his. This is why the Ukrainian army has been cautious these past few weeks. But hey, you’re the Internet expert.

    Unnamed says:

    not really a great people but ok

    Hardtack & Beans says:

    @Josef Jusufssob If I understand your disjointed thinking here, you are saying the russian bear will use Poseidon of the Seas? Poseidon is a US missile. And the world has been poking the bear for quite sometime now. I doubt the bear has much to threaten with anymore. To assume they could mount some sort of nuclear strike is assuming a great deal.

    Hardtack & Beans says:

    @JP Pierre There are ways for russia to wriggle out of the stigma in a decade or maybe even less. I tend to agree with you the way it is going. But it is possible.

    Howard Phillips says:

    It’s not a retreat, it’s a “special military relocation”

    Jay says:

    ​@Void yes for Kiev

    Joseph Y.K.W says:

    No, it’s a *Special Holiday Retreat* for Russian fought hard in Ukraine.

    ArticleSand says:

    russia is a joke lmao

    morewi says:

    @LCPL Apiata no claims that bakhmut has been captured by the Russians. Your telegram offensive failed

    Just Tech says:

    Glory to Ukraine from Finland 🇺🇦🇫🇮

    Geschütze says:

    @Ruthless truth Ыы Glory to peaceful Russia! 😂😂😂

    Orang Adil says:

    GOD BLESS YOU…GOOD GUY !!!🇮🇩🇮🇩🇺🇦🇺🇦

    Ruthless truth Ыы says:

    @Harja Talonen I listed the facts

    Ruthless truth Ыы says:

    @Aina Valmiina we had two possibilities to occupy Finland. But we didn’t. But the Finns deserved it, they were allies of Hitler and were engaged in genocide.

    Harja Talonen says:

    @Ruthless truth Ыы bots have different lists

    Jay Shechtman says:

    From USA: keep up the fight Ukraine! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    MarktWatney says:

    No no! Not American thoughts and prayers you used for your schoolchildren!

    Pepi Kyum says:

    Thank you to American people for your support to Ukraine🇺🇸

    restezlameme says:

    The only time you really need to worry about “thoughts and prayers” is when they‘re from a staunch Republican legislator. Or some qAnon basketcase.

    The rest of us hate feeling powerless about it and wish we could change it… both for Ukraine and our children.

    IDCL says:


    Asher says:

    As we say in Chinese: 兵不厌诈, meaning that we should still be vigilant despite an apparent victory. Hopefully the Ukrainians can successfully retake the city!

    Nick Squires says:

    Exactly, lets not be too confident just yet as you can never trust the Russians. Victory Ukraine

    AJ says:

    Keep your mouth shut

    Julia says:

    That is exactly what Zelenskiy said today. He knows to be cautious. I’m sure he knows better than most people how devious Russians are.

    C1 says:

    Patience in moments like this, is important. Im sure in the “Art of War” book the word patience is mentioned a lot.

    Khusi Rana says:

    God bless Ukraine 🇺🇦

    bbc is aids says:

    God doesn’t bless tyrants

    Mor Ho says:

    what’s “ukraine”?

    TheSecondBeef says:

    @Mor Ho The smaller country kicking the big dummy one right in the face, battling for survival…
    Seeing Russia collapse ain’t nothing new, let’s be honest

    Kemo says:

    @TheSecondBeef You mean a russian satellite state US tax payers are unwillingly donating courtesy to bidens dealings bc US gov is a broke desperate failing empire and russia is saving us on behalf of putin

    TheSecondBeef says:

    @Kemo Lmaoooo must be fun to think like you, I’m sure it’s pretty magical.
    Come down whenever you wanna talk with the adults

    Aziz Abdullah says:

    My utmost respects to my ukrainian brothers and sisters. Glory to ukraine!

    Damian Paniagua says:

    Very lame, have you not seen that Ukraine is scared that its a trap by Russia, Ukrainian officiañs have said it already

    che bu says:

    @MercuriallyStatic yes they do. It’s literally slava ukraini in English

    Li F says:

    How did he get it in his head that “glory to” isn’t something people say? Lol

    Karl Schmidt says:

    @Li F More blatant excuses, shows how desperate they want Russia to win (we’ll NOT allow Russia to win).

    Grinning Pinhead says:

    @MercuriallyStatic yes they do. I’m a real person and….. glory to ukraine. See it’s easy.

    Margaret Lamb says:

    Awesome news Soldiers 👏 Keep up your fierce fight and stay safe and strong and God bless you and all of Ukraine. 🙏🇺🇦💙💛💕❤️

    Jack Reacher says:

    Ukraine is already pretty broken, with almost 50% of the population either fleeing or dead and dying or under Moscow’s rule since pre-2014. That’s pretty broken to me.
    To me, Ukraine looks like a patient who received chemotherapy, and after that he recovered well, his blood was replaced, he also received enhanced blood isolates, there are also injections of corticosteroids and steroids.
    But we all know what it means when onco genes are reactivated and the immune system is no longer able to destroy them.
    Ukraine will not emerge from this war as a whole, be sure of that, the rest will be devastated, without perspective.
    The victory of Ukr in Kherson (if there is one) will be their last, already at the end of December or in January we can expect fierce blows on the Ukr lines and in depth.
    The fortune of war is changeable!!

    Beautiful People says:

    The horrors of the USSR’s ‘Road of Bones’. The ruins of deadly Gulag Prison are still visible today.

    Kent Hanna says:

    Wow, Russia really really cares for their soldiers. Such a loving and caring country.

    explore life says:

    What ifthey are withdrawing so they can use a nuke..

    Lisa Pagerao says:


    C1 says:

    now THAT is funny!

    Paul Tyson says:

    Exactly! They can always be replaced by new cannon fodder from the vast herd of brainwashed sheep back in the Motherland.

    Leontina Leal says:

    Yes they care 😂😂😂😂

    martin montes says:

    God bless Ukraine and the countries supporting them!

    Paul Emboy says:

    What a remarkable victory for Ukraine and its heroes!
    Great job Ukraine 🇺🇦

    Salt Tea says:

    Hahaha… They destroy it and now they leave…

    David Hynd says:

    From Australia – Success and victory to Ukraine. Humiliating and rapid defeat to Russia. Our heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. Many blessings on you.

    Craig Steddy says:

    @Ashley Mukarali let’s go with the former interpretation. Sean is good hearted if ham-fisted. I remember him in his speedboat in New Orleans after Katrina.

    Craig Steddy says:

    @Brock I wish that we could get the old gang back together and land on the right beach this time 😉 Maybe an ANZAC amphibious assault on Sevastapol? 🙂

    Zeus says:

    Bmw lol you gotta use that car for student delivery service 🤣 The reason Ukraine won the war is Ford just like that 80 billion aid Americans gave us in Ukraine which is literally 80 times more than aid the whole Europe gave us ,just like America Europe liberation from Nazi and Soviets and reconstruction with WW2 intervention

    Beautiful People says:

    The horrors of the USSR’s ‘Road of Bones’. The ruins of deadly Gulag Prison are still visible today.

    Beautiful People says:

    The horrors of the USSR’s ‘Road of Bones’. The ruins of deadly Gulag Prison are still visible today.

    Mini Max, Mia and me. says:

    I so respect the Ukrainian people, glad they are on our side. Brave, brave, tough people.

    Nathan Appleby says:

    There is no glory in war. But, congratulations to Ukraine on it’s success. Been waiting a long time to hear this news. They have won this battle, but the war is far from over.

    Blue Flash says:

    This will make it into every history book. A small country, almost overrun, defending against a Goliath.

    The Ukrainians can be so proud of themselves achieving one of the greatest achievements in war of the modern age!

    Rajesh Singh says:

    We feel elated at Ukraine’s successes but don’t realize the amount of pain and suffering experienced by them. After the war documentaries need to be made to highlight this so that the world sees the horrors of war.

    xjaskix says:

    yep. thousands and thousands have seen their friends and families being torn in half, splattered on walls, rotting in ruins.

    Russia’s terror war is a sick, demented crime. madness without almost any limits.

    Charles Duru says:

    The whole world is with you. Fight on guys.

    Lubomír Dohnal says:

    What the Ukrainians have accomplished against all possible odds so far is just unbelievable and already legendary!
    This war of brutal, disgusting, plain evil yet absolutely ineffective and unsuccessful russian aggression will be remembered, studied and looked up to for centuries to come.
    Ukraine – the land of the people of unbreakable spirit, the land of living legends! Absolute, total respect and support for the Ukrainians! 💌

    Joong So Min says:

    Well, Russia isn’t in a war against Ukraine, but rather NATO. 🤣 Ukrainian meat + NATO equipment

    b0de says:

    War that russia started and can end any time by just leaving Ukraine, US is just helping Ukraine self defense

    Z.X. SPEX says:

    @Joong So Min Yeah and it’s working wonderfully! Determined soldiers fighting for their land using superior NATO equipment! The drunk Russians have no answer and getting owned with the world watching! And the world laughing! 😂

    Beautiful People says:

    The horrors of the USSR’s ‘Road of Bones’. The ruins of deadly Gulag Prison are still visible today.
    ……….. ..

    J. Michael says:


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