How could real and virtual people connect in the metaverse? – BBC News

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  • Digital people have become part of the latest developments for the so-called metaverse, which is made up of online virtual realms.

    Real humans could be sharing the metaverse with digital people, according to Greg Cross, co-founder and CEO of Soul Machines, which specialises in AI.

    “One of the most interesting things we have learnt about deploying digital people in health and education, is people often prefer to interact with digital people because it removes the fear of human judgement,” he said.

    Roblox chief business officer, Craig Donato, said for younger users who have grown up with interactive online gaming, the metaverse was “already here”.

    This film is from Click – the BBC’s weekly technology show.

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    Matt Ghostly says:

    I wonder how much they paid for this. They’re done.

    psilocybinsoughtme says:

    The people have voted 🗳 we like reality much better…😁

    Richard says:

    Seing Real trees, breathing fresh air, and going on walks will always top it for me.

    Joe O'Neill says:

    They should connect with great caution. You guys should be pointing out the dangers these virtual worlds pose, instead of carrying Big Tech’s water with free promotions.

    Retraction Podcast says:

    This looks like a prison of the mind for the commons while the elite experience a pristine reality.

    First name says:

    @Zioptis no it’s not. Go touch grass and see.

    Zioptis says:

    @First name yes it is. I dont know what you mean by touch grass but i walk a minimum of 8 miles outside every day. The world is collapsing, what are you, asleep?

    First name says:

    @Zioptis nope but again we see you let the tv tell you how things are..

    philip formby says:

    Absolutely 💯 agree

    Robert Skolimowski says:

    @Zioptis U can’t be possibly walking 8miles a day outside and think the world is collapsing✌

    Your Quirk says:

    I have never wanted to defund public service news before … but dude this could have covered a couple of energy bills for the winter for people who won’t afford to pay them now.

    Knocked Out Loaded says:

    Welcome to the increasingly bizarre world of the BBC

    Mike Nixon says:

    Well @rlp230 you already posted basically what I was going to write, and did so very well. I am ready for people to get back to real life with real people. If those you describe do not paarticipate it is their loss. Too bad.

    Zk Motivation says:

    “Tough times don’t last; tough people do.”

    – Gregory Peck

    SteveXNYCPerformance says:

    Not a indian

    Chicken Nuggets says:

    tough times don’t last, only tough people last 😛

    Not Just For Hackers says:

    You do know the “metaverse” is dead on arrival BBC right? You should be talking about the explosion in the use of open source operating systems and software, controlled by the user and not this doomed to failure rubbish. Detached from reality as usual.

    Callum says:

    God bless the fallen hero soldiers on remembrance day be greatly for the life we have and respect the land fought for

    Semechki for Putin says:

    this used to be called second life, and it failed like 10 years ago.

    John Anders says:

    lol – remember getting paid for camping (just sitting in chairs) – I made £30 a week with 12 bots

    First name says:

    @John Anders Damn man, should have ran a d2 site. Can make more daily.

    JDL Gaming says:

    @John Anders WOW £30 a week?!?!?!? Barely coveres electric fee 😂

    John Anders says:

    @JDL Gaming – it was free money and £30 was enough to buy beer and cigs back then

    Hava Guday says:

    Speaking with a random seat mate on a random bus / train / plane is infinitely more appealing. And rewarding.

    David Deacon says:

    At least the attractive people will have the real world to themselves.

    Maya says:


    Aelius Romanus says:

    I prefer to interact live with the ones of my kind.

    Conner Kelly says:

    The meta verse ignores one of the most fundamental instincts humans have, which is movement. Just in this video the presenter was waving his hands about and pacing the stage. If you can’t reproduce genuine movement like a traversable pad, no one is going to lock in for 3, 4, or 8 hours for a gaming session/workday; no mainstream person or business is going to adopt not moving for hours

    Nebye Elda says:

    What are you talking about. I don’t even wanna get off my bed let alone walk on a treadmill

    Chris McKellar says:

    Technology is a tool and a lifestyle. If this happens, the human race is stuffed.. We are already seeing increasing social and inter-personal relationship and interactions issues with Gen Z and Gen A and these are going to be the future of human race. These two generations and lessor extent Gen Y can handle minor upsets like local and global health and economic inconsistencies that we are experiencing now.

    Journey Texan says:

    No mention of Second Life as a virtual world? By summer of 2023, it will be 20 years old, outlasting many other start-up virtual worlds. Meta and other platforms should take a good, hard look at why it has been the success it is, if they want to even entertain a success of their own.

    Hammer Ology says:

    I’d rather wait for the brain chip where you can live in a virtual world for a hundred years but have it actually last only a few minutes. Imagine what you can learn in a hundred lifetimes a year.

    Clinton Jake says:

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    Stokes Shaun says:

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    Taylor Wilfred says:

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    Lydia Desmond says:

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    Alisha Peters says:

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    kh says:

    The “metaverse” would have been a “cool” video game 15 or 20 years ago. A glorified “virtual reality” sideshow..

    Gift Cuba says:

    Already, increasing numbers of people dealing with anxiety particularly social anxiety since the beginning of the pandemic. We keep seeing the results of lack of human interaction rising in real life before and after lockdown. This will also produce a future generation with lazy people with limited or less movement paying less attention to their physical and mental health. I feel sorry for the future generation that will never experience what it means to live a real life more than living in this Metaverse.

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