Hope returns to Ukrainian city of Kherson after Russian forces leave – BBC News

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  • The city of Kherson in Ukraine remains largely without power or mains water following the withdrawal of Russian troops ten days ago.

    The port city was captured by Russia in March, just days after forces invaded Ukraine.

    It was the only regional capital Russia managed to seize since February, but its military was forced to withdraw last week.

    Now, since occupation, the city has started a long process of healing.

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    tricky says:

    Seeing the unbridled emotion of the Ukrainians standing up for their freedom and against outright tyranny makes a young Brit like me to feel proud to have contributed to Ukraine’s freedom. Human beings have a natural instinct to be free and Ukrainians like any other human beings on this planet have that right if they so choose and to determine their own future. Tricky 🇬🇧 🇺🇦

    John Adam says:

    What did you contribute to Ukraine ? You are responsible for enticing them with the promise of NATO, and then you were too cowardly to send troops.

    jeck jeck says:

    @John Adam
    No one enticed anything:/ Ukraine wanted to join NATO, but didn’t meet the requirements.

    Santa’s Mocha says:

    @John Adam
    🙄🙄🙄 such a terrible narrative! NATO doesn’t “invite”members. Countries ask if they can join , then they have to pass a barrage of criteria and then be accepted by every single other member. If one rejects them , they don’t get in.
    That’s a very rough outline but you can look it up for yourself.

    Wait… did you just admit that Russia isn’t currently fighting NATO in Ukraine? 🥲

    John Adam says:

    @Santa’s Mocha The US is NATO. The US pressurises and the rest of the subordinates accept. Sooner or later, the US would have inducted Ukraine into NATO. The US did not spend 5 billion to stage a coup in 2014 to implant a government.

    But now you know the result. Ukraine will not join NATO, and the US will have to fight a nuclear war to get a base in Ukraine. It ain’t on. Sir Putin has ended all that.

    NATO is fighting Russia through its proxy. NATO does not have the courage to send troops to Ukraine after pumping up the Ukranians with false hopes.

    John Adam says:

    @jeck jeck Look, the US spent $ 5 billion to stage the coup of 2014 to bring a in pro-US government. Ukraine ditched the neutrality clause in its constitution and decided to put NATO entry as an objective, in its constitution. It started persecuting the Russian minority.

    The scheming Jewess and Zionist neocon Victoria Nuland was the US ambassador in Kiev during Obamas period and she organised the coup in 2014 in which Ukro Nazi groups like Right Sector and Azov Batallion took part. Nuland is wife of Robert Kagan, an architect of the Iraq war. In 2008, Merkel and Sarkozy opposed expansion to Ukraine fearing it will bring war, but their hands were twisted by the US.

    Hence, cut out your pretence that Ukraine wanting to join NATO was a right, and its own decision (there were US inducements for its corrupt politicians), and there were various natural bars before joining (the US can decide to bend the rules and the Europeans will bend), so Russia need not have feared and taken pre-emptive action. Russia took the correct action in time. Putin said ‘if we don’t stop the US now, later it will be even more costly for us as we shall have to fight a nuclear war to evict the US from Ukraine.’

    Ukraine was receiving NATO training near the Polish border. Ukraine even sent 5000 troops to Iraq. Ukraine was already a de facto NATO member dying for America – without the Article 5 protection !

    So Ukrainians are not so innocent as you make out, nor is the US and the west. Russia gave Ukraine independence on the understanding it will not join any military alliance against Russia. The Ukranians back stabbed Russia by plotting with the US and NATO, so they brought it upon themselves.

    Denise Davies says:

    The smile on that child’s face is what freedom is all about. Oppressed people don’t smile. Slava Ukraine ❤️❤️🇺🇦🇬🇧❤️❤️

    Сергей Монин says:

    Using children in news is a pure propaganda. I can put a smiling kid at the end of every Putin’s video. Does not mean anything. Smiling kid is just a smiling kid. It does not mean “freedom”.

    Denise Davies says:

    @Сергей Монин are you Russian? Are you pro Russian? Most probably. Slava Ukraine

    Сергей Монин says:

    @Denise Davies dude, slava ukraine is getting more repetitive than “allah akbar”. Maybe enrich your vocabulary…

    Ellen Faulkner says:

    @Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o bs

    based zeus says:

    @Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o Cope Z-tard. Russia is losing

    Billy Bob Wombat says:

    That little kid at the end showed their strength and optimism 🇺🇦🦘

    Billy Bob Wombat says:

    @Gearóid T some folks can see things others can’t 🤙

    Santa’s Mocha says:

    @Gearóid T
    Idiots like you are a part of life.
    Gives the rest of us something to laugh at .

    Gearóid T says:

    @Santa’s Mocha Are you projecting? Well, you know what they say, it takes one to know one 😂🤡

    Pablo del Segundo says:

    And that’s beautiful. It’s his generation that will carry the day in the long term.

    Bonnie says:

    @Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o Russian troll back again

    Anna Morris says:

    I’m thankful to the brave men and women who fight Putin! The USA has sent 400B in place of having to spend 10X more fighting him with the UN forces. It is my hope that all Ukrainian people may enjoy their freedom and peace in their own country!

    G says:

    The resilience is incredible. Respect!

    Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o says:

    The resilience to squeeze money from your pockets. Yes, I’m.good at that 😉

    Kenneth Ng says:

    Bravo, Ukraine. I would like too say hats off to people of Ukraine. Slava Ukraine.

    Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o says:

    I give them food on condition they tell on their fellow citizens who had accepted food from Russians before.
    That’s where I get material for my body bags

    Wusong Liao says:

    u cun, why don’t you fuc go and fight Russia

    Kenneth Ng says:

    @Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o Good job, man. Just provide more assistance and show them solidarity. Pray for Ukraine as well.

    Rolinda Fara-on says:

    Bless you Ukrainian. 🙏 ♥️. Important you have a shelter and food. Ukraine can recover. God bless Ukrainian 🙏

    Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o says:

    Blessings are not enough. I need all your tax money! My oligarchs have needs!

    Hmmmmm 🤔 says:

    and our f***** tax money!

    Alex Naismith says:

    Who else waved to the young boy at the end of the video? Hope everything goes well for his future. Victory to Ukraine.

    Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o says:

    Young boy is a paid actor. I’m glad you enjoy my show !

    Yellow 45 says:

    @Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o haha your poor quality troll is a GREAT show

    Santa’s Mocha says:

    Awww! Watching a middle aged man choke back tears …. Pulls the heart strings. 🥺
    Looking forward to more reports of liberation from more occupied towns and cities as Ukraine Army continues its inevitable path to victory ✌🏻 🎉
    Heroyam Slava 🇺🇦❤️‍🔥🇺🇦💪🏻

    Zelenskyy-the-Blackmailer here o_________________o says:

    Oh you want to send heroyn to Ukraine? Thank you so much!

    Reasoner Enlightened says:

    Children not going to school is called freedom?

    Santa’s Mocha says:

    @Reasoner Enlightened
    Oh gosh ! You are so far from logic . Understanding this war between two ancient nations is simply not your forte.

    Reasoner Enlightened says:

    @Santa’s Mocha I understand that the Nazi must be exterminated.

    Santa’s Mocha says:

    @Reasoner Enlightened
    Can you come get rid of ours?
    Got about 3000 of them across the whole country. I believe my neighbours have some too. Maybe you could start a new Nazi Extermination business globally?
    I hear Russia and USA have the highest numbers of Nazi vermin. 👀😂

    ThatDog Barkz says:

    The man offering his “beautiful” pickled egg plant gave me ALL the feels 😊

    Gluteus Maximus says:

    The happiness and celebration of the people of Kherson reminds me of the liberation of Paris in the 1940ies. Slava Ukraine!

    MoosterGG says:

    stop the cap😂

    soco says:

    What the invaders dont understand…is that freedom is vital to the health of a country and its people. Such resiience to be admired and respected.

    jeck jeck says:

    How could Russians understand something they never had, or deserve to have?

    Kes says:


    Joanne Bottcher says:

    God bless the citizens of Kherson!

    Reasoner Enlightened says:

    A political stunt.

    Nicola Jacobs says:

    If Ukraine 🇺🇦 keep relaxing in a war zone I can’t help but think something bad, horrific and sadness 😢 will happen. Ukraine 🇺🇦 need to move, fight, stay strong, be brave. Just fight dam it. I’m worried about this it’s not looking good. In old war time they never stop fighting because if they did they knew what would happen if they relaxed to long. I fear that for Ukraine 🇺🇦. Come on Ukraine 🇺🇦. Victory for Ukraine 🇺🇦. Fight dam it and wake up.

    Ellen Faulkner says:

    They never stopped fighting what are you talking about

    Rosario Dumangon says:

    God bless Ukraine, God will be there always to guide and provide food for your family and people 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    block with a glock says:

    Don’t let religion get in the way of congratulating the people who really did it

    LMB222 says:

    Russian speaking citizens of Kherson are happy that Russians have left.

    That speaks of Russia.

    Alexander Pepkin says:

    110k left to Russia. That is half of the population. Indeed that speaks for itself

    Naveed Ahmed says:

    Seeing this quite emotional.
    People have gone through a lot due to insane past world power decisions.
    Ruassia is clearly not winning. In fact no one wins in wars.

    Dale Bergman says:

    This is a war of good vs. evil. Good will prevail. There’s a light @ the end of the tunnel. Kherson is liberated. “no power & water. It’s freedom”. Even though the tunnel is long & dark, there is light @ the end of this war. Long live Ukraine !!! Long live freedom!!! It’s worth fighting for. K Bergman

    Gilliam Limon says:

    Unity Ukrainian in kherson work together you are Ukrainians . who are the most United people I have ever seen stick together you will be the strongest country in Europe the devil has brought closer to each other strength is in number’s..world unity for Ukraine 🌎 🇺🇦 💙

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