Haberman reveals Trump's private reaction to election

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New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman says Trump is privately “very angry” after a disappointing performance for Republicans in the midterm elections. #CNN #News

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  • Haberman reveals Trump's private reaction to election

    New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman says Trump is privately "very angry" after a disappointing performance for Republicans in the midterm elections. #CNN #News


    Pvt TJ says:

    Arrest Bonespurs Moscow Mitch Enabaler

    Paul Holterhaus says:

    Weary of Trump……..Can't He just go away…………..Paul

    Twisted Pixel says:

    Walker will lose regardless, that's a certainty.

    Pvt TJ says:

    Clarence says. Ginny’s crotch. Smells. Like. Proud. Boys. Nut. Sweet. And. Sushi. And. Cigarettes. 😛🐠🐟

    Roman o Garza Sr. says:

    The Democratic voters, dirtbags, that are voting against Kerry Lake are criminals. Either that or their homosexuals and lesbians abominations to God. No pun intended, no disrespect intended. Simply stating biblical scripture. We have two types of people in this life in this world Satanist, and God-fearing, God loving, Christian. Note!!! Every person, and or countries that have gone against God have been completely destroyed, decimated, literally vaporize like Saddam and Gomorrah. With that being said when Moses came down off Mount Sinai with the 10 Commandments the people had melted all their gold and molded a bowl which represents strength and fertility. That is Satan and all his utter damnation for humanity. Moses screamed out all those of you who wish to praise the Lord, worship God our creator stand over here with me. All of you who want to continue worshiping the bull, Satan’s hells fire stand aside. The ground opened up folks and swallowed every last one of those heathens. I’m not a very good Christian but I am a Christian I do believe God exists and I do believe he is my creator. If Kerry Lake wins in Arizona that will be gods hand. With that being said let’s go Brandon let’s go Brandon let’s go Brandon.

    ruth depew says:

    Just Remember that Loser Trump was only a wanna be Mussolini, whereas Ron DeSantis is a real deal Adolph Hitler.

    LordZontar says:

    The ketchup splattered the walls at Mar-a-Lago on election night.

    Shari Johnson says:

    Pence put getting richer by selling his book ahead of doing what is best for our country. That is extremely narcissistic…and disqualifies him for the presidency.

    Jerome Taperman says:

    Candidate quality. When the top of the ticket is of such poor quality as Trump, what can you expect down ballot?

    David Jones says:

    Bow down to the Great Deceiver! Trump666 loves you…. What do you have to lose?

    Catherine Gearhart says:

    I think Donald should announce his candidacy ASAP. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Michael Mitchell says:

    Right on Don! I agree 100%! I believe we need to hold our elected officials to higher standards.

    Spinning Back Kick says:

    Is somebody playing roulette in the background. 😂😂

    Amanda Ross says:

    Exactly! 07:18

    B. Andresen says:

    Does Republican party not rule with a vote? 51% out he goes….. simple

    DoraDuncan says:

    DeSantis is scarier than t***

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