‘Green’ tech can’t save us from climate change | All Hail The Planet

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  • “Earth’s resources are limited – but human ingenuity is infinite!” That's the belief at the heart of the techno-optimist view that technology and innovation can provide solutions to the ecological breakdown. But are tech innovations actually delaying the most crucial climate action of all – slashing emissions?

    Join Ali in the second episode of #AllHailThePlanet – a series delving into the social, economic and political forces undermining meaningful global action on climate change.

    In this episode, Ali Rae speaks with Professor of Energy and Climate Change, Kevin Anderson, environmentalist and co-founder of 350.org, Bill McKibben, writer and energy analyst Ketan Joshi and Åsa Larsson Blind, Vice President of the Saami Council in Finland.

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    Vice.Nor.Virtue says:

    0:27 Tell us you’re Dutch without telling us you’re Dutch lmao

    BCSTS says:

    Well Done !!

    Vice.Nor.Virtue says:

    Can’t we do geo-engineering and work on reducing emissions at the same time?! They don’t seem like mutually exclusive plans of action.

    Adrian De Abreu says:

    Well, problem with geo engineering is : What if we mess up trying to explicitly geo engineer our planet on a large scale then we set into chain of events that’s makes our current scenario seem like a fairytale?

    Thing is, There are soo many variables (some we know and some we don’t) that need to be taken into account. Let’s just say that we can try this when we cna perfectly predict all occurrences on Earth so that we can produce prefect models to simulate a world where such geo-engineered solutions are deployed

    Nature girl says:

    Beautiful program

    Midnattsol says:

    Excellent video. The fight against denial of climate change is won, the fight against green growth and other forms of unwillingness to eliminate root causes is not.

    In all this opposing, it still remains important and a task for media to showcase the complete concepts how these root causes can get eliminated. There isn’t just electricity producion which relies on fossil fuels, but also heating and traffic. Renewables don’t just have to replace non-renewable electricity production, but also non-renewable heat and fuels.
    How does a hydrogen economy function?
    How is the storage problem of green electricity generation dampened by hydrogen production?
    How do we prevent solutions to climate change from worsening the other ecological problems like biodiversity loss and pollution?
    How to reduce the energy demand of traffic?
    How to reduce the energy demand of heating? Do we have labour and production capacity to install heat pumps in all buildings until 2029?
    How much capacity for renewable electrcicity is added every year and how much would be needed to also replace fossil demand for heat, mobility?

    Explaining why something is the wrong path is important, but nothing prevents the next distraction better than presenting a comprehensive outline for a sustainable adaptation strategy.

    Gig27 says:

    One thing you could learn from the techno optimists is the importance of a vision. The vision may never materialize, but the important thing is to gather people behind a goal.
    In this film, half the time could have been spent explaining the problem, the other half could have been spent trying to describe what the alternative to techno-optimism could be. After 25 minutes you are completely mentally exhausted.
    I am fully aware that formulating a vision is not easy but this focus on what is wrong will drive away more people than they catch.

    Nasir says:

    You have created an amazing Climate movement here on digital media 🙏. The content is intriguing and the way you present it is simply awesome. Looking forward to more engaging programs on the subject. 👍

    Sion Barzad says:

    2 things; one, we keep multiplying with no end on sight and two, as the covid showed, many among us are irrational and if a little virus couldnt be understood and properly reacted to, neither will a gigantic all encompassing catastrophe.

    Yes we are toasted.

    Ivan says:

    “There is the problem with the assumption that technology equals salvation. This is becoming a modern religion in many cultures in the world. Developed nations increasingly believe that technology really is their salvation now. There is a problem? Well, technology will solve it. There is something we cannot understand? Well, technology will overcome it. There is a situation that could arise for which we are unprepared? Well, technology will meet the challenge.

    “We will meet the challenge with our technology in the eleventh hour.” There is a sort of unquestioned belief that technology is going to save you, regardless of what might happen—technology mixed with human ingenuity, that is. And no matter how overwhelming a situation might be, well, ingenuity plus technology will win the day in the final moments.

    Can you see that this is all part of the denial? Wishful thinking is what it is.”

    A quote from a book by Marshall Vian Summers. I highly recommend checking out his two books on the subject – *_The New World_* and *_The Great Waves of Change_* – which are free online along with all his other work.

    Jay Kanta says:

    Anyone familiar with Bjørn Lomborg can see this is what he uses for his denialism. He keeps claiming that the technology isn’t here yet, but technological advances will save us with the addition of “if climate change is real” spoken or unspoken.

    Leland Wilson says:

    This was an excellent piece of work! Thank you

    Joseph Prezioso says:

    yes….. I can see a worldwide movement of people cutting their consumption…. not gonna happen

    Heil Seitan says:

    As long as the elephant in the room (human overpopulation) is ignored, the argument about climate change is moot. Human population growth correlates a whole lot with acceleration of species extinction, topsoil loss, lack of clean air, clean water, deforestation, etc. As long as people want to keep the blame solely on big corporations (who are really only in business because their business never stops booming) the argument is moot.

    Kurt Niznik says:

    Remember it’s the original big technological breakthrough–agriculture–that got us into this mess. Subsequent ones (Haber-Bosch ammonia synthesis, computing revolution, fossil fuel mining and exploitation) have only accelerated ecological collapse and climate change, despite being hailed at the time as the solutions to humanity’s problems. More tech is seductively attractive, but history shows it won’t get us out of this jam.

    Julian Martín says:

    I liked the video, but it doesn’t really tackle the fundamental bottom line questions the video itself is almost suggesting, (but it doesn’t) so it end up being a bit shallow and a bit more of the same surface analysis that doesn’t really say much, good intentions but not much critical thinking.
    The main difficulty towards avoiding the use of fossil fuels is the entanglement of the economic and political systems, which are one and the same, they‘re all unsustainable.
    It is quite clear that the winners of the current economic and political system are the ones molding and directing the policies all around the globe, also the ones that don’t what anything to be changed, also the ones that (apparently have the solutions). So the discussion is about changing the political and economical system, not so much about technologies or individual consumption. What we need is collective action at a scale never seen before, and that in other words is called a revolution. The capitalist class will never give up their throne even if that means the destruction of everyone else, cos apparently they ‘re shooting themselves to mars.

    Chris says:

    Fabulous work! Should be required viewing

    Jez O'Hare says:

    Thank you for another great film, but reminds me of a previous documentary on AJ “the dark side of green energy”, showing how renewables & electric vehicles also have a huge carbon & waste footprint to deal with. Please include about this and how circular design is so essential to reduce emissions & waste in your next videos.

    psikeyhackr says:

    How does planned obsolescence affect CO2 production?

    Ask economists about the depreciation of durable consumer goods and Net Domestic Product.

    mike kunnecke says:

    imagine we do block enough sunlight to hold steady the rate of warming (already causing a reduction in global food production) now let’s add in a largish volcano eruption. How many 12 month winters do you think the human race would survive? & if some make it, how many plant & animal species will they have left to work with?


    Thank-you all involved for this excellent episode. With so much misinformation in the MSM, it’s so heartening to find these snippets of truth and sanity.

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