Google is silencing conservative critics: Brent Bozell

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Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell joined ‘Fox News @ Night’ to discuss a study that found Google is allegedly ‘punishing Republicans’ who speak out against Big Tech. #foxnews #fox

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    Censor this Puerto Rican says:

    Google comment section. 49 comments, only 2 are visible.

    Kremlin News Network says:

    Дорогой товарищ, российское правительство хотело бы выразить свою благодарность за вашу поддержку.

    Matias Väisänen says:

    Yes and YouTube is removing right wing users… Deleting without no reason.. Only is that watching right leaning videos and commented on them..

    George Smiley says:

    Fox News is all opinion too. I am to the right of Vlad the Impaler. A Paléo-Ultramontaigne absolute Monarchist Bourbon-Stewart Chalamangnist. Fox is the only commie-pinko-left-wing-blurb-box I can stand. Long live Emperor Louis of France-Spain-and Austro-Hungarian Empire! And the British Isles and Nordic vassals.

    White Male says:

    If only this report cane with something more than:"look you are being censored and treated unfairly and there is illegal election inyerference going on"… perhaps like asking some gov entity what they will do about this.., but nooo, we dont do that on faux news.

    Matias Väisänen says:

    Yes, Democrat propaganda is like no other in YouTube today.. Forced succested videos where these Democrat propaganda propaganda in succested videos and in short videos… I have never watched that type of videos, still I have full of those videos… Left wing propaganda, YouTube is Democrat and its disgusting!

    Korgis says:

    Going to Heaven is easy!

    We have all sinned and therefore need to be saved from hell. Believe that Jesus Christ is God and that he died for your sins, was buried, and rose again to have your sins forgiven. Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone without any of our good works.

    “Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.” Romans 4:4-5

    Moonjumper Reviews: Who Cares What I Think!? says:

    Only yesterday, I made a comment on YouTube (owned by Google) praising a fifty year old movie from 1976, in which Peter Fonda played a journalist, who unlike many journalists of today, actually did his job as a journalist, having some healthy skepticism regarding a big tech oligarchy—thus uncovering a scandal of global proportions. It was as milquetoast of a comment as one could make. It was polite; it had no hateful words; it was a film review with the mildest, thinly veiled criticism of big tech and modern journalism in the context of a fifty year old movie, starring liberal icon Peter Fonda, of all people. An excellent film. Moments later, that comment, mildly critical of big tech and modern journalism, was deleted. Interesting. I wonder if this comment (which is similar and no less polite than what I said there) will remain or not. Let’s see.

    lowlife says:

    I call bull$hit, youtube (owned by google) always puts conservative stuff in my feed.

    Al Bundick says:

    Does the left even bring this issue up? Nope, their DC influences are reflective in this silencing/trample on the first amendment against their political opposition and against the truth.

    Sioux says:

    I believe that today, Radio Commentator, Paul Harvey, ~ "…and now for the Rest of the Story," wouldn't be allowed to SPEAK either!
    Q. Why?
    Because News Papers don't want you to have the rest of the story or Dissenting Opinions.
    Example: The Break-in at the Pelosi Home.

    Kevin Withers says:

    The demon-crat party biased by the mainstream media and social media platforms is blatantly obvious and should be against the law !! Obama weaponized the FBI and the media !!

    The Detectorist says:


    Autumn Pastime says:

    Shouldn't be allowed to do that on any

    hans-galaxy leser says:

    Why is your head position downward. Your health is important

    Patricia Weber says:

    We have to hold them accountable Google next

    English Terry says:

    Don’t use google , use other search engines , you’ll get used to it and soon forget Google ….

    Jonathan Smith says:

    All news outlets are leaning more and more to the left. Including your Fox news. You have started accepting transgender and other moral degenerate guests on your show.
    I honestly don't care what Kaitlyn Jenner's thoughts are, He makes up maybe .05% of the people of this country. He was completely irrelevant until he put on a dress and makeup.
    I don't hate them (They are people, and deserve love and respect) but I don't have to accept it either.

    Larry says:

    Republikans need to understand the party is not greater than the constitution. These horses pattuti are outing the party ahead of the country. They would vote for Mussolini if he said he was a republikans..

    Just sayin says:

    All media platforms should report from a neutral position
    Putting all sides of a coin
    Letting the people have full
    Knowledge of what is the truth.
    Any media outlet that misleads,fake reports,Sway elections etc
    Should be heavenly fined
    Fined and ceo’s put in jail

    Anderson Mendonça says:

    It's not just Google, it's our supreme court. They are censuring everything!

    genius2005 says:

    Unbelievable! Google is propaganda and fake news like CNN and the rest of them.

    Robin Deatherage says:

    Googles YouTube is setting everyone to see only their parties things based on preferences in views. In other words if you normally view fox then they limit you to see everything however if you are left then they block right viewed things. Not only that but they also add catchy images to draw hits from right leaning viewers so they can bait them into a specifically locked out group. This will be difficult to prove but easy to program.

    ScantsRants says:

    Good job Google!!

    nHzImDz says:

    True. They are at it again. I get censored.

    AFBM says:

    We know but we found reoubkxqms in 2020

    daily laugh dose says:

    Google is woke pope

    AFBM says:

    They need to be in Fisa court cluss swabs not from America Covid 19 China virus

    Fanomapage says:

    Yes, Google Is Editing Search Results, Type Just Kerri Lake In & Find Me 1 Good Article About Her, Spoiler Alert, You Won’t, Because Google Supports Joe Biden & The Democrats

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