Giants' Kenny Golladay responds to benching | Are the playoffs a real conversation?

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Alex and Anthony dive into Kenny Golladay’s reaction to being benched and the playoff picture for the Giants!

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    Giants' Kenny Golladay responds to benching | Are the playoffs a real conversation?

    Alex and Anthony dive into Kenny Golladay's reaction to being benched and the playoff picture for the Giants!

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    Jim Gillis says:

    But let me say this. I respect Kenny Golladay more than 99% of the commenters on threads like this. I’d expect u guys to feel the same about me and I respect that too. Who are we. I know this for sure about KG. He doesn’t ever, EVER throw anyone under the bus when facing scrutiny. I respect him as a person. As a player he is a major liability paid like a game changer. So I can kinda sorta understand where the peeps throwing super mad shade on him right now are coming from. Stay positive. Feels good to be where we are. Won more games than any season in years with still 8 to go and decently good schedule remaining.. win 3 more games and we’re in.

    Scott Smith says:

    He needs to catch the BALL!! He’s definitely gone after this year, no doubt!!

    Dour Bailey says:

    I can’t believe we all had faith in KG coming into this week . Like we all literally gave him a 2nd chance & he failed us tremendously 🥴 the door has closed on that comeback 👎🏾

    michael cerrone says:

    get rid of him !!!!!!

    Jim Gillis says:

    Clearly he drops passes but the real problem is he just doesn’t understand the play book

    Thomas Mullin says:

    KG makes $1 million a game. He can’t drop those passes!

    Nado says:

    I think we need a wide receiver 1 that plays like a wide receiver 1 . Because he would open up space for other players to get open because he taking all the attention away from them 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    J M says:

    I like Leo and he’s a cool team guy but the fact Dex is playing this good is gonna make it easier to move on from Leo and that ridiculous contract. Plus… if it’s possible to trade him, we can get something nice in return. Not a 1st but maybe a 2 or multiple picks.

    J M says:

    You can’t say ( KG that is ) that you have a “ Dog “ mentality and that you’re happy to be out there for your teammates and no one else and then drop 2 passes . The first one was a stretch play, and he could’ve extended but he didn’t. Which he’s done this in the past. Where he doesn’t jump for high balls, or reach out for balls. I mean… my goodness make an effort play !! There’s no extra effort. The 2nd drop was flat out ridiculous. So I love the benching and honestly there’s no reason to put him back in the games. Other guys getting less money simply care more. Also, no one in their right mind is gonna trade for him, so it’s not even worth “ showcasing “ him to other teams because they see what we as fans see. You don’t have to be a scout to SEE he’s not playing with effort.

    YoloBob says:

    We have to win these easy games bc that final stretch is gonna be brutal. Eagles twice, Vikings, cowboys and Washington twice who are better than their record and play gritty. I think we’ll end up 10-7

    Flipindistical Productions says:

    Anthony reminds me of Al Pacino meets Bobby DeNiro. He is a great listener. Alex is a good listener too, and his intros are radibonzical. Another great video. Thanks from London Town.

    Michael Fishman says:

    Did youtube remove that video don't sleep on giants

    Michael Fishman says:

    Don't understand why Holliday is so bad I don't think he wants newyork still no excuse.

    Dominick Fiorille says:

    Shame to see when DJ has to stand up (after Texans game) and over the years during press conferences, and take the blame for his teammates crappy play— Engram, Gollabust, Solder, Hernandez, etc. Jones yesterday had the highest QB rating this season at 153, even with Gollabusts no-effort drops. Daniel has only two interceptions this year in 9 games. Really only one- Sills fell at end of Dallas game. If Jones had the turnovers Bills Josh Allen had the last 2 weeks he would be getting ripped by the fans and media. Jones and Barkley are the reasons Giants are 7-2. Kenny G has been a huge disappointment.

    wilbert Aponte says:

    fucking toney playing already make me sick feel bad feel bad kenny dammit he need be deep sorry got trow set deep not using him right we ball 20 yards consatily

    Michael Fishman says:

    It's only fair if he is dropping passes like that he has no excuses. He's making to much money.

    Don S says:

    thanks fellas for the Analysis and Commentary

    michael clancy says:

    Hey Guys, Great conversation. OBJ…………….. No Way. Don't want him back for some of the reasons Alex mentioned. Let's stick with what we have and try to improve in the 2023 draft. I think we will make the playoffs with a 10-7 record or best at 11-6. But if we make the playoffs, don't sell this team short. The Giants were not great teams in the 2007-08 and 2011-12 Super Bowl runs and looked what happen. We will be getting a number of guys back in the next several weeks. Keep our fingers crossed.

    James Stiepan says:

    The first pass was not in the breadbasket, but Golladay made no effort to stretch out for it. Good receivers make those catches all the time. Golladay gave up a long time ago.

    GBG Capo says:

    Our defense is gonna have to pressure Goff this whole game if we’re gonna win this game

    GBG Capo says:

    Everyone had faith he was going to have a good game too it’s really not funny anymore it’s sickening someone is getting paid that much money to drop east catches. Then when cager scored and celebrated he walked up didn’t celebrate barely acknowledged him

    Margaret Jiantonio says:

    Benched!?! He should have been thrown out of the stadium. He dropped passes that any decent receiver could catch.

    Weatherford Chadwick says:

    I’m glad I found Fireside Giants right before this season started!! High Quality Giants Analysis and Commentary + This turnaround season is just what this Giants Lifer needed!!! #BigBlue #NYG #1925

    Hundo Mo says:

    Trade Galloday for a waterboy. Would be more useful than he is on the field.

    TalkingEco says:

    It’s a shame for KG. I do think he wants to be out there, but I just think he needs a sports psychologist at this point. The noise seems to be getting to him. Maybe he can bounce back, but I don’t know.

    Antwain Stanley says:

    Everybody can be calm and positive the G-Man will make the playoffs at 11 and 6

    Mike says:

    I think his confidence is shot, gotta keep trotting him out there

    David Adams says:

    He is done …nothing against him as a person but physically he is not an NFL player

    Vladdy says:

    What about Antonio Brown……can we not go and get him for the rest of the year?

    The Heavyweight Champion Of The World says:


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