Ghana protesters say Akufo-Addo ‘must go’ as inflation worsens

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  • Protesters in Ghana are calling for President Nana Akufo-Addo to step down as the country faces a worsening economic crisis.
    Rising fuel prices and soaring inflation have angered people already struggling to get by.

    Al Jazeera's @Ahmed Idris reports from Accra, Ghana.

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    Ghana protesters say Akufo-Addo ‘must go’ as inflation worsens

    Protesters in Ghana are calling for President Nana Akufo-Addo to step down as the country faces a worsening economic crisis.
    Rising fuel prices and soaring inflation have angered people already struggling to get by.

    Al Jazeera's @Ahmed Idris reports from Accra, Ghana.

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    Aspa Ragus says:

    Times are hard everywhere not Ghana only. I think he’s a good leader, I saw him advocating for Ghana and other African countries to become manufacturers so that our raw materials can benefit us more than the colonizers and their corporations.

    MaximusPrimus says:

    This comment section has become a pathetic show of the political rhetoric spewed by party supporters. Who cares if he has done a bunch of roads. The current problem is inflation and he needs to find a way to keep it down! If he can’t do that he should just resign and let someone else do it. Roads and bridges won’t help us eat if our currency is becoming useless. Impeachment is there for a reason,why isn’t it being used??

    Curt says:

    @Brent GoFF Niche chocolate has nothing to do with Nana Addo please. A private company is expanding it’s business, stop making it political

    Curt says:

    @MaximusPrimus the requirements for impeachment are vague. Moreover it can only be initiated by parliament which is why we are still here. MPs from both sides enjoy outrageous benefits so they won’t do anything to disrupt that

    Edmond Jones says:

    @Aspa Ragus its left with two years to go so, which time are you talking about Mr. NPP supporter.

    flavors of the continent says:

    @Augustine Manga he has done alot for ghana . We ve free education now , national health insurance, transforming our railway systems, build a new dam, building infrastructure. Ghanaians don’t want to pay taxes but expect the government to doeverything. Inflation is high because we import most of our goods. He could raise interest rate to save our currency, but our own Ghanaians will attack him. We are hypocrites

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    Lucas Amelia says:

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    Gerard Smith says:

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    Wini Oyoo says:

    We have to be careful with this Crypto investment,most of them are scammers after investment within one month they will run with the money

    Charlz D says:

    It’s a SCAM. Don’t fall for it. I know them very well

    eli vegba says:

    Sia fuc

    Jeff Itachi says:

    Akufo is a very good talker but when it comes to action is where we draw the line.Typical African leader

    Brent GoFF says:

    Yeah on some issues but generally a very good president

    MaximusPrimus says:

    @Brent GoFF you are in every comment section defending your dear Akuffo Addo. People like you are the reason why Ghana will never become better. Blind following of an incompetent leader who has ruined the economy. No one is saying Mahama is better. But whether we like it or not, there are 2 parties in Ghana who always win elections and right now Mahama is the lesser of 2 evils. Rolling blackouts and a useless currency. Which one do u prefer?

    Jonas Okyekyeku says:

    The problem is not the government only some Ghanaians are creating their own rules and pricing which make no sense and government should take it seriously and take some action on that matter

    Curt says:

    If you buy goods for $100 today (at $1 = ¢10) and you know by the time you go back to purchase again the dollar will be selling at $1 = ¢15, why won’t you raise the selling price as an intelligent trader?

    Ron D says:

    @Curt exactly. Fuel and Gas stations do it all the time. The government borrowed so much and we all have to pay for it.

    MallamAbiba comedy says:

    Yeah that is what wecall mismanagement, prices should be controlled by the government

    Curt says:

    @MallamAbiba comedy this govt? Same government that has refused to increase salaries while the cost of living has doubled? Exchange rate has double? Inflation is over 100%?

    flavors of the continent says:


    kwaku tagor says:

    The most wicked corporation government ever in Ghana we are tired

    Count SadistO. III says:

    Are u from ghana?


    Are u too also from Ghana?

    Ron D says:

    100% Agreed.

    Brent GoFF says:

    If you say that then your a huge hypocrite

    kABI FEST says:

    Ghanaian are suffering, ghana economy has collapsed because of excess borrowing and corruption

    Kweku Baboni says:

    China has refused to lend the Nigerian government loans because of the government inability to pay, it is number 5 on the highly indebted countries in the world with 33% unemployment rate
    Insecurities in 34 states , 50% of its oil revenue missing(stolen)
    The Chinese government recently built a fully furnished police station in one of the state in Nigeria which will be operated by Chinese policemen who were employed by the Nigerian government,
    Civil servants has been on indefinite strike and it been over a year and still counting.
    Over 20 million children have dropped out of school because their parents cannot afford it. ☝️🤝

    kABI FEST says:

    @Kweku Baboni Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa, as small as Ghana their debt to gdp ratio is 120%, now without the IMF CLEANUP ghana economy will never recover, ghana redenominate currency is the worst in the whole world, minimum wage in ghana is still below 1$, ghana is the only country in the world where a litre of petrol is higher than daily minimum wage .. Ghana is poor accept it and move on

    Kweku Baboni says:

    @kABI FEST ghana is poor but Nigeria is poorer, inflation is affecting every country in the world and let me correct you “the ghana cedi is the worst performing currency against the dollar “ it doesn’t mean your Naira is better , have you checked your rate ?
    Ghana is the 2nd most developed country in west Africa after Cape Verde , number 8 most innovative country in Africa
    With Nigeria producing over 1.2m barrels of oil a day cannot even enjoy 24/7 electricity atleast in ghana civil servants are paid.
    Package that country and throw it in a 🗑

    Luze Box says:

    @Kweku Baboni make una dey lie small small na🤣..34 states..u can lie for Africa…Most indebted..we are not even on the list🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️… Chinese government opened police station also in… Australia..south African…etc ..u know big countries they do business with…to control their Chinese citizens in those countries..learn to read before u open your mouth.. same goes to your president

    W. A. says:

    Most of all, Akufo is a sellout…

    The Sound of Accra Podcast says:


    Kwame George says:

    Sakawa mafia president so visionless

    Kwame George says:

    Akuffo Addo admistration simple useless

    Thompson Nyce says:

    Total useless..

    Brent GoFF says:

    Then mahama ndc is dead goat😄😄😄😄

    BenInHouse says:

    He was flying ~ £14,000 an hour rented private jet and sharing GHC 100,000 COVID monies to party faithfuls, spending $25 Million of states funds on building a stupid National Cathedral (during his second term). Indeed times are hard but the wise managed their economies well prior to COVID hence things aren’t so bad as we having it in Ghana.
    He must step down!

    Sir Blay says:

    So you believe those lies?

    Ron D says:

    Exactly. And he was borrowing at an alarming rate. Now we all have to pay for his mistakes.

    Aging prince says:

    stupid comment from stupid been

    Ron D says:

    @Aging prince learn to speak and write acurate English. It’s “being” not “been”

    flavors of the continent says:

    Stop lieing. He is not great but I can’t stand people who lie on him . 35million of state fund to build a cathedral? Clown. They haven’t started any cathedral. This is the same president who brought the national health insurance scheme, free education nd now transforming our railway systems . Do u think those a free.meanwhile Ghanaians don’t want to pay taxes

    Thompson Nyce says:

    So called Nana addo should step down, his government is soo corrupt, they are only amassing worth 😂

    P Awurama Kay says:

    Times are hard everywhere you’re telling the story of economies worldwide.

    Hamdia Lukman says:

    Yes he should step down. Ghanaians are suffering too much

    Raggydoll 01 says:

    If this is how the people feel, then how did he win an election and get re-elected for a second term?

    Sanou Joachim says:

    This problem have started after Rawlings live power gradually gradually and now getting worst and Nana have finished All.

    Jacob Owusu says:

    My problem with Akufo Addo is the blatant disrespect of the late, great Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah

    zaid khazzou says:

    It is the balance to weigh the French new-colonialism by the African popular mass.
    Let’s see who weighs more, Guandhi to the tare.

    flavors of the continent says:

    The president has no control on what is going on globally. Before the pandemic, ghanas economy was the fastest growing economy nd it seems people ve forgotten. Everyone is suffering globally. Our main issue in ghana is that we import most of our goods. Am glad atleast he has banned most goods. Buy made in ghana. 3rd nobody wants to pay taxes in ghana but expect the government to do everything for us nd cry when our government go nd borrow. We need to look at ourselves as citizens too. We are also the problem. Most of the youth wants fast money now.

    Isiah Jean-Baptiste says:

    Inflation is a global issue, not a Ghana issue. African nations have to become more self-reliant so that they‘re less dependent on the international market for things like oil and food

    kelvin adu says:

    Ghana faces a twin problem

    Depreciation of its currency and sky rocketing inflation.

    Isiah Jean-Baptiste says:

    @kelvin adu Many nations are facing the same thing. When the US dollar appreciates, every other currency goes down. The oil and food prices are set in the international market, which Ghana doesn’t control

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