Dem, GOP make final push in battleground states

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With just three days until the mid-term elections, both Democrats and Republicans are calling on “heavyweights” in their party in the battleground states.

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  • #midtermelections #democrats #republicans #battlegroundstates #abcnews

    Dem, GOP make final push in battleground states

    With just three days until the mid-term elections, both Democrats and Republicans are calling on "heavyweights" in their party in the battleground states.

    #midtermelections #democrats #republicans #battlegroundstates #abcnews


    Mike Graham says:

    I don't know how a Christian, or anyone would vote for the godless Democrats. They support abortion up to time of birth. They support sex change surgery on children without the parents knowing, and if the parents find out and try to stop it, the Dems will have them arrested. I think the Dems are satanic, and worship's moloch.

    Satguy141 says:

    What matters to voters this election. The direction of the country, 72% feel under Biden the country is headed in the wrong direction. 70% disapprove of his handling of the Border, 66% of Voters feel his job performance as president has been unsatisfactory and 66% feel the same about his foreign policy. 63% fuel the Democrat Party has lost all credibility when it comes to crime, and 54% disapprove of his handling of the economy. The only question now come Tuesday how big of a chillacking is it going to be?

    Shirley Mclean says:

    Dr. Oz got this. Let's Go, Brandon!

    Keep the faith says:

    Vote ❤️ mi jente …Rojo.. I am not famous or Rich like Oprah ..I am a simple Latino. I work 50 hours per week and am tired of giving my money for Ukraine Bidens War ) and high crime . And inflation, please jente ( people)
    Vote Red …. porfavor jente !. .
    I am CHICANO 4th Generation Democrat, grandfather fought WW2 and mi (apa) father front lines in Korea all the Rest of my Familia including my sons have worn a Uniform.. and now will vote Republican first time …orale.
    Damn straight cabrone VIVA ❤️ Nuevo Mexico( New Mexico)..

    Mercedes White says:

    This is scary republicans in power people get out n vote !

    Thomas Rivers says:


    Mike N. Idaho says:

    How is polling conducted? Land lines. Senior citizens only. Seriously. Then the media is making a point of saying the economy is bad. It's booming. Corporations didn't buy ABC as a toy. They bought it to control the output. Silence the truth.

    C.R.N says:

    When democrats talk about a threat to democracy they really mean a threat to their power. American democracy works when we use our vote to elect the people we think are best to lead us and if they don’t meet our expectations we can vote them out in the next election and last I checked we still have that right. There isn’t a threat to democracy never has been it’s just democrats trying to instill fear and anger into the voters because they know they’re on the losing end of this election. Fear and anger are powerful emotions that can easily be manipulated

    Susan Coolidge says:

    Still lying ABC just like CNN Oz is six points ahead of FEDDERMAN.. OBAMA and RACIST WINFREY coming out didn't do anything but show the AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT OBAMA and WINFREY ARE for LEGALIZING HEROIN and COCAINE..🖕 you're a bunch of scumbags and you're not going to win

    Lisa Yuan says:

    Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy 😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $9,000 investment every 21days.

    Mike Diotte says:

    Democracy is when people can choose who to vote for. Mainstream media, big tech even the DOJ and FBI want to influence your vote. SEE PAST THE CLUTTER OF B. S.

    EXTREME MAGA says:

    Vote fetterneck to release 1/3 of the prison population… also, he may or may not support fracking, and cheered the overturning of roe…. hello, good night everyone

    John Q’Public says:

    If anyone has any questions about how Biden and the democrats have destroyed America. Just remember the following.

    Southern border = Failure
    Afghanistan = Failure
    Covid = Failure
    Energy independence = Failure
    Cost of gasoline = Failure
    Cost of food = Failure
    Cost of building materials = Failure
    Crime and public safety = Failure
    Safety and education of our children = Failure
    Transparency = Failure
    Unity = Failure
    Ukraine = Failure
    Biden/Harris. The Democrats = Failure
    Inflation and spending = failure
    Crime and illegal drugs = failure

    Face it. The democrats are no longer the working persons party. They are the party of the elites, Hollywood, big tech, billionaires. The democrats are not working for us. They are working for themselves. We are paying for it.

    Jerry Mullins says:

    We know you people at Abc are rooting for George the animal Steel. 😂

    drumtwo4seven says:



    Justhereforthememe says:


    Satguy141 says:

    11-5-2022. Daily US covid cases 41k, hospitalized 27k in ICU, 3k, ☠️ 318.
    Do people realize there is no license covid vaccine in the US? The day the FDA licensed Comirnaty on August 23, 2021, Pfizer withdrew it from the market, why?
    Biden versus Trump same days in office, Biden 44% Trump 51%
    Biden polls. CNN, 58% disapprove of the job he's doing. Direction of country Politico, wrong direction 69%. Congress, YouGov, 61% disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

    occamselectricrazor says:

    there are still a lot of violent criminals locked up in prison. vote fetterman so he can get them back on the street

    Серж Шуляченко says:

    11 reasons to #impeach #Biden that #Pelosi ignored:

    1. lying on the situation with covid. Obamaker!!!

    2. Corruption!!!

    3. #Bitcoins are financial fraud !!!

    4. #Afghanistan.

    5. #Drug trade in the #USA!!!

    6. Israel. betrayal of a US ally.

    7. Election fraud.

    8. The son works for Chinese intelligence.

    9. The collapsed American economy.

    10. He went against the Emperor of #Ukraine.

    11. Sleeps during performances.

    Special agent's report.

    El Ingles says:

    If this election is a blood bath, then we need to go after the liberal elite. There are just to many unanswered questions, and to many secrets these progressives are hiding. You just cannot have a 2 tier system, period !! We want answers on Corvid19, the Ukraine war, and who planned what in the 2020 election !! We have to take the Cartel down, imagine….70 years of massive bullying, playing one race against the other. ENOUGH !!!

    33princesslily says:

    How come no politician in these close races wants to be seen with Biden? Why is Obama doing most of the work?🤔🤔🤔

    Zion Pineapple Hutz says:

    Share Please: Christ would have voted Republic (Public). Remember The PEOPLE=REPUBLIC. Don't be fooled by the Believers who vote Democrat, they are not reading the scriptures. Democrat in Gemetria=Satan/Samael.

    (Gemetria is The Hebrew Numerical Value Of Each Letter)

    Read Luke 18;9-14. Christ=Republic.

    Don't be fooled by celebrities endorsing Politicians remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood but wickedness in high places.

    Without being taught we will be voting for devils (DEMOnic=DEMOcrat) and praising GOD. #TheHouseOfJudahIsAboutToRise..

    Shannon says:

    The Attacking on us Trumpers…Is Turning this into the Tsunami of the Century….Stop the Lies and maybe the Democratic could win….But when we are getting the Latino Vote..We must be doing something right as a Republican party…

    Garett says:

    How are you be able to heat your homes if Biden gets rid of coal fired plants the sun doesn’t always shine and wind does not always blow

    Falcon says:

    Just curious Democrats, about the covid vaccine. should I get the 4th jab . or give it to my kids . Remember the hell you put us thru Democrats

    Galen fett says:

    The new nazi party the Democrats will cheat and please nazi defenders i am not a Republican or a a trumpster so you can kick rocks.

    Maxine West says:

    Interesting news coverage very informative.

    ItTrolls4Thee says:

    C'mon patriots! Let's scoot these stupid Democrats out the door! They ain't worth a damn!

    Robert Winter says:

    It’s kinda hard for me to believe that fat neck fetterman is actually still trying. Good luck to you gimpster..

    Jan Kristen says:

    Vote all red for your children's future the American dream is fast becoming a Democrat nightmare

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