CNN analyst: Here's what DeSantis' projected victory could mean for the GOP

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Gov. Ron DeSantis will win a second term leading Florida, CNN projects. CNN’s political panel breaks down his message to the GOP with his resounding victory. #CNN #News

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  • CNN analyst: Here's what DeSantis' projected victory could mean for the GOP

    Gov. Ron DeSantis will win a second term leading Florida, CNN projects. CNN's political panel breaks down his message to the GOP with his resounding victory. #CNN #News


    Do Nothing says:

    Happening tonight.
    Illegal Electioneering
    Project Veritas Action Channel

    Peter Tesla says:

    How many times do I have to say nigger to get banned from this platform

    WPAtostay says:

    Since Florida doesn’t like the federal government, let them take care or their own weather damage

    Ron Taylor says:

    It’s like cnn has this story ready to be sent out before they even knew what the results were…: It’s so weird to me ….. democrats had a good night considering even I thought there was zero way people would vote for more of the last two years but what do I know ? Lol seriously I’m not a republican but I don’t even know what to say on how people are this nuts ! But rather than our media speak about any races. They go to this guy and then tie it into nonsense.

    I really thought cnn was going to stop being a democrat blow job channel ??? Didn’t they get bought ?

    Jay Yoo says:

    DeSantis is anti-Russian? Why?
    At least he is not an Anglosaxon,😀

    firebearfl says:

    Well Bless His Heart, Gov. Ron DeathSantis the evil monster created by Donald J. Trump.

    Pooh Fisher says:

    Everyone will be shocked 24 elections. People know inflation since Bush War just never left. Then Obama then Trump ended by more concern on a Wall wasn’t bringing factory back. Lost 20 election. All that’s water under the bridge. American never.walk the same walk once you loose your second term. Trump will never arrive after 1/6 he did self inflicted wounds. People died for this country it was disrespected 1/6. Then LGBT, women rights poor all races want Biden. Watch 24 turn out. DeSantis won Florida Governor not the USA voters.

    Vincenzo says:

    Desantis Won because he stands against everything liberals have prioritized over the well-being of the American people

    crisiskingful says:

    Prepare for crazy lake to go on a tangent

    killbot_factory says:

    Red wave lol

    Alex Anthony says:

    Red wave, we’re tired of your talking and less doing. People want jobs, they don’t want to be taxed ridiculous amounts. We don’t want gas to be $5 a gallon, we don’t want to be held accountable financially for every free loading junkie in California.

    Mark ronald says:

    Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.

    Justin B says:

    I support Desantis!!! I don't support Trump!

    Pete Grusky says:

    A woman, who would not have debate with her opponent is purely a chicken. Scared and inarticulate like hobbs is (no capital letter intended), is good enough to lead her "Chicken People" to the chicken house. Voters who vote for her, should let the real people lead US!

    Havanorange says:

    I'm embarrassed for Florida. 😔

    Jonathan DT says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Kanye 2024😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

    mohyor says:

    Good to see CNN doing actual journalism.

    Real2Real says:

    So this segment was about two Republicans licking the feet of Rhonda Santos thanks CNN

    I I I I says:

    A lot of weird shit has happened in the vote counting in three states… All of the other 47 states vote counts seemed/were fine, but in PA, GA and AZ – some really strange things happened… Like Warnock jumping by 120K+ votes in a few seconds, which put him over the edge against Walker… That was f-ing weird. And how their red candidates were "losing by proxy" – like every time they would get a decent gain ahead of the blue candidate in one of those three states, a huge dump of votes would come out of nowhere and take out the lead of the Rep. candidate….These people have resulted to pulling the same shit from 2020.

    Dave Bohnen says:

    I'm a liberal but this guy is good. He's cool hes everything you'd want in a leader. Republicans should get behind him and dump Trump ASAP

    Kimberly 🏳️‍🌈 says:

    This is the most boring panel ever

    Dragon Kloop says:

    If hobbs and fetterwoman wins this election is rigged and corrupted as fuck

    YOSEF LEVI says:

    Oh for once CNN is not being partisan I’m a Democrat my voice went to Rubio’s errand did desantis

    Shawn Hodgkin says:

    CNN being unbiased? This is the best day ever.

    Kahe Tiger says:

    He ran all over the state handing out money while taking credit for where that money really came from. The government and I call bull💩 that he never made it about himself, yeah riiiiiiigt. He handed the money out on oversized checks in front of the press. They were conveniently there to air it out for all the Floridians to see. And, not once did he say thank you to Biden any time after Ian hit.

    He is extremely critical on how Washington doling out money, but he’s the first one there to get it or to oppose it if it’s not his agenda. He’s a whole different kind of narcissist who uses vengeance politics. He is a bigot and two faced and uses ‘woke’ ideology to be racist. There is no way he could be a good president unless he learns how to at least be humble when needed and not always the bully. That describes him to a tee, a BULLY!

    William Tell says:

    Trump loses control of the golden potty seat.

    DT Maxx says:

    I'm not Desantis fan, but loving it because it will drive drumpf mad as hell !!!

    Introverts Rock says:

    If Trump & desatan runs
    Wonder how T. Will attack desatan? Will he go after his family like he did 2016 opponents…….cruz

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