ASEAN summit: US president meets bloc’s leaders in Cambodia

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  • US President Joe Biden has met leaders of Southeast Asian countries in Cambodia.
    Joe Biden's visit is aimed at countering China's influence in the region and showing US support for ASEAN nations.
    Al Jazeera's Tony Cheng reports from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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    ASEAN summit: US president meets bloc's leaders in Cambodia

    US President Joe Biden has met leaders of Southeast Asian countries in Cambodia.
    Joe Biden's visit is aimed at countering China's influence in the region and showing US support for ASEAN nations.
    Al Jazeera's Tony Cheng reports from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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    Angelo Supsup says:

    Before ASEANS mostly poorest countries but now fastest growing economies…
    Go ASEANs, soar higher….
    What if East Asian and South East Asian will United?

    Joe Bi-den says:

    @Prita F. S 🇮🇩 you mean like in the 18th century when Indonesia mainly exporters although low-value goods like spices, since it was competitive region and all regional kings compete each other? You mean the era where VOC as private entity trade with other “private” kings? you mean the era where there is no centralized govt like it has to extract natural resource from mineral-rich island and supply the over-grown island? You mean the era before heavy centralized planning, but corrupt.

    Prita F. S 🇮🇩 says:

    @Joe Bi-den ah the dark ages of Nusantara, no not that but between 0 – 1600 when the colonizers still where they supposedly belong

    Joe Bi-den says:

    @Prita F. S 🇮🇩 oh. You mean before human discovered modern agriculture and its science. Indonesia only started agriculture 3000BCE, South America, Africa and part of Middle East began way earlier 8000-9000BC.

    Joe Bi-den says:

    @Prita F. S 🇮🇩 but look at Egypt now. I guess that’s if you look too much into history, instead of learning (from) it

    Joe Bi-den says:

    @Prita F. S 🇮🇩 even some/good number of native Americans refused to use wheel and agriculture and refused adopting modern agriculture and keep attacking their own tribes. Until one of them “collaborate” with Spain to use modern weaponry against the other “tribes”

    salomie pieterse says:

    Did grandpa said he is in Colombia. I am also confuse.

    Kaing ChhayLong says:

    Yes he is

    Pustaka Rileks says:

    Yes, he got wrong airplane ✈️

    C P says:

    Did you notice the look on the PM of Thailand’s face? Classic. Trouble arrived, can’t fool everyone Joe.

    s c says:

    Almost all nations of ASEAN are neutral. Most leaders of ASEAN deep down NOT leaned on USA.

    L D says:


    Ram rai says:


    Lorenzber De Leon says:

    Last meet before he defeat in next election.

    Kuda Jingkrak says:

    The US commited what in this region…??
    i’m worried.

    Naz. Tanzeem says:

    Who invited a non asian president to asean summit,yes he is going to bless this summit so you can challenge the dollar.😁🇧🇩

    Loraine Jones says:

    Biden should apologize to Cambodia rather than acting like a tough guy to the Cambodian people. Someday we will have a humble foreign policy not a bully foreign policy. God knows what he says about them behind closed doors, Trump used to say it to your face.

    shooter9 says:

    Failed Myanmar? It just so happens you can’t bully Myanmar. They’re not into picking sides but their own. They’re saying ” this is Myanmar..this is how we run things here..if you feel it’s not to your be it. Take it or leave it.” But you can bully the Philippines now though.

    Срб says:

    He didn’t fall down the stairs this time? 😹 He was holding it strong!

    Jarrod Yuki says:

    japan will retake the kurils sakhalin and vladivostok south korea will take north korea.

    HaboobGroup says:

    I thought he said he met them in Colombia?

    s c says:

    All appeared this ASEAN 2022 Summit in Cambodia is going very well.
    Congratulations to Cambodia and President Hun Sen.

    Ian The Siow says:

    US called it “Liberation” instead of “Invasion”. That was what US call it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and the list goes on… Why the double standard? Confused… Please enlighten. Genuine question…

    Instances of the United States “liberated” or overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    China 1949 to early 1960s
    Albania 1949-53
    East Germany 1950s
    Iran 1953 *
    Guatemala 1954 *
    Costa Rica mid-1950s
    Syria 1956-7
    Egypt 1957
    Indonesia 1957-8
    British Guiana 1953-64 *
    Iraq 1963 *
    North Vietnam 1945-73
    Cambodia 1955-70 *
    Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
    Ecuador 1960-63 *
    Congo 1960 *
    France 1965
    Brazil 1962-64 *
    Dominican Republic 1963 *
    Cuba 1959 to present
    Bolivia 1964 *
    Indonesia 1965 *
    Ghana 1966 *
    Chile 1964-73 *
    Greece 1967 *
    Costa Rica 1970-71
    Bolivia 1971 *
    Australia 1973-75 *
    Angola 1975, 1980s
    Zaire 1975
    Portugal 1974-76 *
    Jamaica 1976-80 *
    Seychelles 1979-81
    Chad 1981-82 *
    Grenada 1983 *
    South Yemen 1982-84
    Suriname 1982-84
    Fiji 1987 *
    Libya 1980s
    Nicaragua 1981-90 *
    Panama 1989 *
    Bulgaria 1990 *
    Albania 1991 *
    Iraq 1991
    Afghanistan 1980s *
    Somalia 1993
    Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
    Ecuador 2000 *
    Afghanistan 2001 *
    Venezuela 2002 *
    Iraq 2003 *
    Haiti 2004 *
    Somalia 2007 to present
    Honduras 2009 *
    Libya 2011 *
    Syria 2012
    Ukraine 2014 *
    Hong Kong 2019
    2014 – 2022 – 6 countries yet to verify.
    Pakistan 2022 *
    Haiti 2022 *
    Serbia 2022

    Yè Htet Naing says:

    The world ignored the people of Myanmar. Don’t do that anymore. Help us.

    Hamz Padale says:

    “My Lord, forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my house a believer and the believing men and believing women. And do not increase the wrongdoers except in destruction.” – Noah (71:28) Ameen..

    Petrus Romanus says:

    Nations must connect China by building freight train rail to enable rail freight transport. Rail freight transport reduce cost of transport, reduce inflation, shorten transport time as land transport is faster than shipping and make many new businesses possible because of shorter transport time and new trade route.

    Janice Lee Ripley says:

    Waving from Bali. Waiting for Joe and Jokowi to meet again.

    jarosław bielski says:

    Wealth attracts more and more friends,
    even a friend leaves the poor.

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