Arizona Governor-elect Katie Hobbs sits down with 12 News

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Governor-elect Katie Hobbs sat down with 12 News’ Political Insider Brahm Resnik to discuss amongst other things, the closely fought race for governor.

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  • Arizona Governor-elect Katie Hobbs sits down with 12 News

    Governor-elect Katie Hobbs sat down with 12 News' Political Insider Brahm Resnik to discuss amongst other things, the closely fought race for governor.


    No Red Wave LOL says:

    Eat crow Kari. You talked so much trash and you lost. Life lesson…. Wait until you win before you talk

    No Red Wave LOL says:

    Governor Elect Hobbs!!!

    Angel says:

    Now she sits down with the news after coming out of basement! Smh

    Robert James says:

    Kari Lake is a winner , eat your cake 🍾 🍰 and celebrate 💌🥳 the voters that didn't vote for you, are probably the ones living in Democratic , Arizona cities homeless tent various villages.,with free rent, no cents, or common sense, to pick up their feet and find a job. And hobby Hobbs ain't going to bail you out, too soon, so get out the peanut butter 🥜and bread 🍞 and jam jar 🍓 cause your going to live like the gypys., from a foreign far away land.,that wished that they had never came to America, the Promise Land of Liberty, wealth, success and fame, such a shame, and who's to blame but, but hobo Hobbs – the new American Miss Piggy, 🐷 that might find the time to toss you a chunk of raw cattle corn👩‍🌾 🌽 from her farm piggy trough.,after she is done finished.,stepping on the poor and destitute homeless street people., living on the skids, of the Democratic run cities of the state of Arizona.🗽🇺🇲

    steven teoh says:

    You win and you can take her call? Prior to that, you keep dodging for any debates.

    Kelly App says:

    If she wants the faith of Arizona citizens then there needs to be a new election where she refuses herself

    Hilda Gonzalez says:

    They need to do that all over again what a mess

    jtlbz says:


    John Martin says:

    Hobbs is a thief, joke, and idiot, way too passive, anyone else catch the glitch in the power ball lottery system and when the glitch happened ? How about the other glitches in other states such as Michigan, isn't it unnatural how the glitches are occurring in the states where a democratic candidate wins by a small margin ? COMMON PEOPLE ! Are you ALL that retarded ! Democratic voters, raise your hands if you think or believe that everything since biden entered office has been a good thing, rising gas prices, America being invaded by illegal immigrants and killer drugs, American peoples money being handed over to the Ukraine to support the civil war going on over there that is none of Our business, the north versus the south, I don't remember other countries getting involved, you see, a dispute amongst family members is personal and nobody else's business, but look at how the Ukraine fired missiles at Poland accusing Russia so that the Ukraine can have another allied against Russia, ironic, Ukraine fires Russian missiles at Poland so Poland will help the Ukraine against Russia, if that is not a political tactic I don't know what one is.

    𝟲𝟵𝗫𝗫𝗫.𝗙𝗨𝗡 says:


    Mizael Montijo Duarte says:

    This lady is fraud

    Paul Casarez says:

    The news guy should have asked how you fill for fox 10 phoenix posting you the winner 12 days early 3 weeks ago on live TV pathetic bastards

    Roger Out says:

    Nothing was rigged, you're just losers!!

    Roger Out says:

    Here for all the maga tears!! 😭😭🪣🪣

    MikeSharonBaker says:

    She didn't have to debate, she had it fixed from the get go.

    Cousin vinny says:

    She tried to debate you, and you didn’t. Yet you would absolutely take her call? You guys fall for her deception? And the corny cadence from this reporter. As a young man, I’m glad I can see past this bs unlike a lot of others.

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