Analysis: Trump will never take the blame for anything. This election isn’t any different

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Donald Trump made a characteristically Donald Trump comment about the midterm elections. On today’s episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza breaks down what the results mean for the former president’s political future.

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  • Trump’s tendency to blame everyone but himself

    Donald Trump made a characteristically Donald Trump comment about the midterm elections. On today's episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza breaks down what the results mean for the former president's political future. After this video published, CNN projected Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly will win reelection in the Arizona Senate race.


    CNN says:

    How do you think the midterms went for Trump? – Chris

    Sourcing Sailor says:

    Happy Veterans Day to may brothers/sisters-in-arms, who like I, filled that gap, stood on that line and protected America's democracy and the right of its citizen to express their free opinions and thought, even those of Trump supporters, who are programmed what to say and think!

    Ken Mosburg says:

    That statement is confirmation of his DEFICIENT GENE'S THAT CONTROL "RESPONSIBILITY"! Donny da looosa DOESN'T understand responsibility, or even willing to take responsibility. That is what we get when big picture worshippers choose a NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH WITH GOD/KING DELUSIONS.

    K Brooks says:

    Wizard of Oz

    Paris Rembare says:

    Shut up Chris and cnn fire this guy already

    midnighfairy says:

    No one makes more money than cnn using the trump name … bunch of crooks

    Kenneth F. Thornton II says:


    kare more says:

    tRUmp's clinically insane.

    Sourcing Sailor says:

    Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, Democracy, Truth, Honesty, Morals are on the ballot.

    It's up to you to save this country from Right-wingers!

    Steve says:

    Nothing is ever a narcissists fault.

    Manuel says:

    Exit polls have been wrong for years you moron.

    Sourcing Sailor says:

    Remember the movie, "Remember The Titans"?

    I want, wait, i demand each of you remember each and every Republican, including our two Democrat Senators, who voted for or sided with Trump on most of his legislation, especially those who refused to vote for Trump to be impeached!

    Remember them, as the tide against Trump is finally starting to turn against Trump within the Republican Party and many of those elected-Republicans will attempt to act as if they were against Trump from the start!

    Don't let them lie to you and hold them accountable!

    Manuel says:

    We love the greatest President of all time, President Trump!

    Joe withers III says:

    i wonder if his own father would take the blame for raising a total idiot, jack-asshole, never to grown up person?

    iAmGhost says:

    Actually thie midterms is going his way.

    More reasons to throw tantrums! 😂

    WATCHMEN says:

    The mainstream media is trying to normalize voting by mail which enables them to rig the system.. they spend days and weeks counting votes and when they come in they can say they came from anywhere.. the voting system Integrity is eradicated

    jerry says:

    gee trump even blame his wife n family for all his bull chit

    metasubversive says:

    Will the Jews take the blame for controlling the media? Or will they throw a tantrum anytime someone points it out?

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